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  1. Panther's should fear Bucs

    The question was actually about 'which teams could knock the Panthers off in the Playoff's'. I turned the TV at that point. Cause the Panthers hadn't even made the playoffs yet, and now we're talking about who can knock them off!? Yes, they did it for the Patriots to. But the whole thing seemed silly IMO.
  2. Dab Like No One’s Watching

    Yes! So many of us wanted him gone, including me. And though JR let Ronnie Dangle in the wind after the 2012 season, before bringing him back. It was the best decision (or non decision) for the Franchise from that point on, along with the pick up of Dave Gettleman, JR made. Yes, JR's patience, actually worked in his favor this time with Rivera!
  3. Panther's should fear Bucs

    This is true/What I was thinking. But whatever, right!? LOL
  4. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Yeah. But whether right or wrong; I have so forgotten about Jameis and all that stuff now, it appears irrelevant to me. Plus, the thread is about the Bucs vs Carolina. Not Jameis vs Cam. And I wouldn't be so afraid of the Bucs, I would start referring to his previous Rap Sheet. But to each his own, I guess?
  5. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Not nice! If that was someones first response concerning Cam; we wouldn't like it. So why should we like this one? No biggie. But just saying. LOL
  6. This is also because (as I said earlier) the Panthers usually have leads/big leads, and are fine with mostly running then, such as on Thanksgiving. However, it's not like the run game mostly got them those leads to begin with. The Panthers just aren't a "pile it on" team, once they have a 2TD lead, regardless of how early. This is why I feel it's deceiving to people who only look at stats and see more rushes at the end of a game.  
  7. James vs. Newton

    Yup (though, I guess it depends on ones perspective)! If Lebron's 6'8", then Cam's 6'6" as many believe, since he's supposed to be technically 6'5" 3/4 And weight wise, it's clear they both in the 260's as most believe (particularly Cam, who's also has tree trunk legs and calves to go along with his upper body).
  8. The key takeaway on the earlier post (which you seemed to miss), was "National media who don't watch the team look at stats and think it's a featured run game like an Adrian Peterson. But it's not". The Panther passing game actually moves the ball up the field early in games for scores (regardless of what the runs games doing many times). However, once the Panthers have a lead, they mix in a lot more run which skews the overall numbers towards higher carry total. That's all they see and look at. However, the passing game's much more integral than many lazy national media types realize. That's they key take away/was my main point. Nothing else. In other words, this is not a Russell Wilson situation, where the passing game has to work off the run in order to move up field. Many times, the Panther drop back consecutive times in games on key scoring drives to pass the ball (unlike those Seattle or 49er teams with Craepernick or Wilson), but will throw in the run for balance like most well run offenses. As I said: It's a balanced attack. However, you can argue, the run games, needs the pass game more than vice versa, as the run game had a hard time establishing itself earlier this year (which had many believing the Panther OL were poor run blockers) when the Panther pass game was doing fine. This is not to put either unit above the other, as they're both doing well now. But you get the gist?
  9. This doesn't change the fact: 1) The Panther running game hasn't really been much with out Cam (though we hope that's changing). 2) The Panther running game has been inconsistent this year (with out Cam), and Stewart in general. 3) That the passing game, and/or a balanced attack usually moves the ball up the field early in games. 4) Regardless of the philosophy, the passing games been working. You take away "The Cam Effect", and/or his rushing yards, and how good really is this running game? So in other words, you may have a philosophy, but if it's not working So what! Who cares? I hope I don't come off as harsh. But the Panther run game has not been world beaters outside of "The Newton Effect" most of his Carolina career. God bless them, they're running now. But it's not for a high per rush avg. Like I said earlier; it's to add balance or run out the clock. But the Panthers don't have a featured back, such as Adrian Peterson to rely on. That person on offense, is Cam Newton.
  10. The run game's a bit overrated IMO. And not just for their pedestrian yards per rush. This comes from national reporters who don't watch the team. Most of the Panthers rush attempts come when they already have the lead, and are basically just running the clock out. That's why they may have more rushing than passing attempts (not sure what the number is now). . The Panther passing game has a much bigger effect than people realize. We see this all the time. Cam, has 150-200 passing yds by the half, but ends the game with only 50-60 more yards. That's because the Panthers usually have a sizeable lead by/after the half, then they're running more. It's a balanced attack. But it's never usually the running game that mostly marches up the field and scores TD's early in games. It's the passing attack or at worst a balance that jumps out to the early lead or scoring. As Cookie Lyon would say, "they say this (it's a running team/non passing team) to slight Cam".
  11. Devin Funchess Speed

    Yeah, I didn't notice any either. And though I did feel PI should have been called on that Funchess attempt. I agree with you, the officiating was consistent as it wasn't called on both sides (though I noticed a notable trip, and Eugene on the radio felt the same way). But yes, I wound say it was one of the better crews this year.
  12. Devin Funchess Speed

    Expect even more from Funchess as the season progresses mates!!
  13. Ahhh He still wants to come back (in his mind), cause he can see "The Gig May Be Up" in Dallas/Irvington!
  14. Cam dabbing it up tnite in charlotte

    Look at Riverboat smiling like a proud papa, watching the two Lovebird/Lost Twins of their respective sports!!