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  1. Sportsnation: Cam is MVP

    He had won the NFL Networks morning fan vote last week as well, till Brady tied him. Of course these things are ongoing and subject to change to say the least.
  2. Where were they all walking to, unless they were waiting for some sort of bus or transport? That's a Manhattan street, presumably outside of NFL Headquarters on Park Ave. Maybe, the fix was in, and Jerry and Roger were discussing it, and Jerry wanted no business with it? LOL
  3. Makes sense. Panthers have had great ratings their last few games. It's the Cowgirls, with Romo's return. And it's thanksgiving, against an undefeated team with everyone home! The ratings should be Boffo indeed (unless some people are eating, since it will be a 4:30 game)!
  4. Give Cam the MVP

    All back ups look good playing spot duty for one or two games. You just have to look at Anderson's overall record throughout his career to see how he reverts back to the mean with prolonged starts. Saying all that: If the Panther offense continues to pile up the points and wins, then Cam will/can be a shoe in. But we'll see?
  5. Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar Get's It/The Panthers

    I hate Bill Simmons. He's the biggest fraud on television.
  6. Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar Get's It/The Panthers

    Yeah. Just think about the amount of times Cam has near 200 yards by the first half throughout his career, but he usually ends up with less than 300 yards for the overall game? And you're right! You can't take any of Brees statistics seriously, cause they will keep him in the game during a 30 pt blowout just to amass more statistics. Sorry team and QB, really.
  7. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    Cincy scored too quick on that last possession. They should have at least ran once or twice (or went for a shorter throw on that incomplete on the pylon to AJ Green). Oh well. Though they squeaked one out at home, I'm sure we'll have to hear more Cardinals hype for 4 days since Cincy couldn't do their job. BTW: The Cardinals kicker dabbed after kicking that game winning FG.
  8. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    Come On Red BB Gun! Win this game please!!!!
  9. Cam's Hard Count

    Funny, you say that OP Cause both Charles Davis and his co-host kept blaming the Redskins for jumping Off Sides, never giving once any credit to Newton and his cadences.
  10. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    Come On Red BB Gun! Tie up and win this game please!!!
  11. Sportswriter of the year!!!!

    Bravo!! This one was classic IMO:   Haha! The writer was so on point.
  12. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    Funny how certain "MVP" type QB's shrivel under the bright lights. And those "stats" the national media were talking about, are getting mighty close as Cam now has 20 passing TD's 5 rushing (I think) with 9 INT's vs Palmer's 23 pass TD-9 INT's. Palmer has thrown 2 INT's in the first half already. Of course it's not close to being over and there's more football to play. Nonetheless national media, you can't flail a dead horse too long (Cam's stats), cause eventually it will/can catch up with you!? Seasons, have an ebb and flow, and that's what you guys were forgetting (especially when it concerns the Panthers and Cam). And if the currently touted "Best Team In The NFC" Cardinals lose tonight against the recently sensitive "Red BB Gun (courtesy of JJ WATT)", it will look even worse IMO. We'll see? There's more game to be played.
  13. Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar Get's It/The Panthers

    Besides what you said. What they fail to realize (since they don't watch the games), only looking at Cam's total yards, thinking the offense's not doing much. The Panthers usually rush out to leads (usually because of the offense), then basically try to run out the clock, and keep em honest here and there. So Cam rarely has to throw for 300-400 yards a game like most QB's  (knock on wood). If it was another QB or team, they would point that out. However, since it's the Panthers, they keep telling the Same Ole Story, while ignoring the 30ppg average. Go figure!
  14. Dough Farrar of SI get's it indeed. He Gets It, regarding Cam Newton. He gets it, regarding the Panther offense and receivers. And he get it, regarding the Panther defense and team. He's actually watched the games and payed attention-apparently (and not just recently by reading his article)? Who would have Thunk it!?... Here's the first paragraph of his article. Why can't more national media be this lucid? Panther Nation, doesn't necessarily ask for glowing comments or slurping by National Media. Of course not. All we ask is, if/when you're going to comment on the team, and/or make strident, inflammatory, dismissive, or demeaning remarks about them... How about actually knowing what you're talking about, or  watching a Panther game for a change!? I will tip my cap, and say "Thank You Mr. Farrar"..."A Lil Dab Will Do ya!" And to so many other national reporters out there (you know who you are) ...Face Palm!
  15. I really hope this is true, and/or stays this way. Cause if so, the Panthers are gonna wax that Jerry Jone, ROMO, Dez, Hardy, Irvington Texas Ass till it bleeds Panther Blue into the Rio Grande back to Carolina!!!