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  1. NFL Honors #CAMVP

    Usually not. Neither Riverboat or Ace Boogie plan to be there. Hopefully, they'll record a video or appear via satellite, instead of just having someone accept it for them.
  2. Unity, Individualism, Mavericks; Champions!?????.....

    Way to keep it loose guys, if you can do this on your official Super Bowl 50 photo (which NFL Network said this was)!
  3. Unity, Individualism, Mavericks; Champions!?????.....

    Way to crash the party guys. Really hope you win (being modest now)!?
  4. Panther Superbowl Photo (via Courtney Rivera's twittr). Nuff said^tfw
  5. Newton and Olsen Share a Strong Bond

    It will be utterly beautiful (if the Panthers win/no jinx), to see JR, Gettlemagic, Riverboat Ron, Cam, Olsen, TD, Keuchly, and Kalil celebrate with each other after all they've been through.
  6. Newton and Olsen Share a Strong Bond

    Yeah. I love how people always talk about Archie Manning, or Oliver Luck, and their influence on their sons success in the NFL. Meanwhile, Cecil Newton has a football pedigree himself (along with his two oldest sons), though limited. But some how that, and his level of aspirations, discipline, suggestion and cadre of advisors for Cam go almost unnoticed by those who love to tout Luck's and the Mannings background. It's obvious, between Warren Moon, George Whitfield (who Moon successfully recommended to Oliver and his son), along with many others,  that Cecil set a great example for Cam; both by his upbringing, and football/life lesson.
  7. Newton and Olsen Share a Strong Bond

    Beautiful, great article. Thanks
  8. Move Over Cam! This Guy Has The Whole Versace Outfit!

    And hat! LOL
  9. Move Over Cam! This Guy Has The Whole Versace Outfit!

    Wonder if he ordered it after seeing Cam wearing it, or is it something already in his wardrobe (gasp)?
  10. If the Panthers go 18-1, defeating The Seahawks, Cardinals, and the currently fashionable "vaunted" Bronco defense, then they would have deserved one year all time status for sure.
  11. Move Over Cam! This Guy Has The Whole Versace Outfit!

    Oh Lawd/oh No!
  12. Getting Annoyed

    Seems like, more and more Panther fans are arriving this weekend. The folks you been seeing are TV, actually live out there. You would expect most people in the west would be Bronco fans. Now, you see more and more Panther fans are TV (if that's important to you), since Fri. Hell, even JR arrived yesterday. That should be good enough for most of us.
  13. ESPN writer Super Bowl picks are in *Surprise*

    I think most OF THOSE FOLKS PICKING MANNING (ESPECIALLY ON TV), know their picks are insane, but they don't care. They're just spitting in the face of the Panthers, cause they don't care, want Peyton to win. SMH But it's alright. Cause if/when they get smashed tomorrow, we'll see the mourning.
  14. I would like to think so. Part of the problem with many in the national media: 1) Many did not pick the Panthers to be a good team this season (especially after Benjamin was hurt), therefore some don't know, slow what to think now. 2) They did not watch many Panther games; therefore they have no idea how good this teams really been. See #1 above. LOL If the Panthers win by a blow out, they should definitely be one of the handful of Greatest Single Season Teams. Even if they "just win" by 6-7 pts, they should still qualify. However, let's win the game first, then wait for any potential laurels.