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  1. If you're the Atlanta Falcons, I'd agree. Their leading sacker had 4. We're the Carolina Panthers. Our sights are set higher than that.
  2. Honestly, Kyle Love isn't that significant, either. He's at his ceiling being a 29 year old diabetic that tops out at 4 sacks in a season and is our 5th best DT at a position where we normally carry 4 players on our 53. Now he's got yet another younger run-stuffer type DT competing for his tenuous roster spot.
  3. Kyle Love's chances at making our 53 keep getting worse every day. That's not a bad thing. Just a thing
  4. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Your first sentence I agree with. Remember how we led the league in rushing attempts vs. passing attempts? That tells me the rest of the league throws more than we do. By extension, Star, Soliai, and Love (primarily run-stoppers) see less snaps because they don't rush the passer as well as KK, or even half as well as KK. That was the purpose of rotating Kony inside on some passing downs, to create pressure from inside as well as outside. Now that Butler is here, we finally have another pass-rush DT like Dwan used to be before he got real old real quick last year. That's the method I see in Gettleman's "madness". As much as I like them, Star, Soliai, and Love just don't have natural pass-rush talent. With our opponents passing more than rushing, it makes sense to bring in Butler to play next to KK on the more numerous passing downs we will face, preventing KK from getting worn down in the 4th quarter by double-teams all game long.
  5. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    Pie for awesome smoke screen gif
  6. Quinn is cuckolding Dimitroff like Fox cuckolded Hurney. The power dynamic should be GM > Head Coach. Dimitroff should be picking pass rushers, not secondary from Quinn's college coaching days. This tells me Quinn wants what he is comfortable with, and building his secondary is his priority. That's fine with me. Keep ignoring the D-line and finish last in the league in sacks again. The saying in politics that, "If your opponent is committing career suicide, don't get in his way" applies here as well.
  7. Wonder if DeAngelo's mom would be proud of his Twitter account lately
  8. Remember it's smokescreen season. Every GM, coach, scout, and agent is playing the game now. Hard to tell what's truth and what's Falcant poo
  9. Your Draft Sleepers/Favorites

    My sleeper is DT Javon Hargrave-South Carolina State His big knocks are being 6'1", raw, and playing in the FCS level of college ball. Big pluses are his career stats of 37 sacks and 62.5 tackles for loss in 4 years of college. Was the best player at the Shrine game, which earned him a call to the Senior Bowl as a late injury replacement. Getting drafted by Carolina in the mid-rounds would be ideal for Javon. Not being expected to start right away gives him time to develop with coaching from Eric Washington and Sam Mills III. DTs like Star and Soliai that do more run-stopping and take on double-teams are easier to find than DTs who can pass-rush like KK. I'd like to see a better pass-rushing DT at back-up so the rush doesn't fall off as much when KK is taking a breather on the sideline
  10. way to early 2016 prediction thread

    Benji will win Comeback Player of the Year
  11. The schedule

    Looked at our opponent's schedules, and 2 teams will play us coming off their bye week. The Stains have a bye week 5, then come to Charlotte week 6. The other is the Lambs having a week 8 bye, then hosting us in the L.A. Coliseum week 9. Also, the grass field at the Coliseum is hosting a USC game (no, the left coast USC) the day before our game with the Lambs, so the field may resemble that game in Ericsson Stadium hosting the Packers that causedDan Morgan's broken leg
  12. The schedule

    Voodoo Donuts in Portland is worth the visit on the drive up when you need hangover carbs and sugar
  13. The schedule

    Don't think so. This season isawkward since we have both the NFC and AFC West divisions on our schedule. It's normally only 1 or neither, but the rotation lined up this year where we got both West divisions and have to suffer thru it In case you're wondering, we face the AFC East and NFC North teams next year
  14. The schedule

    Fwiw, Monotone Joe tweeted that we are likely to stay on the left coast that week between the Oakland and Seattle games.
  15. Monotone Joetweeted we will likely stay out west that week between games