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  1. April 18th 2005

    That was the day we lost a our undersized, overlooked, legendary linebacker Sam Mills. This man who embodied everything the Panthers stood for and what they would become. 5 days later we drafted a man named Thomas Davis, who was also overlooked as a linebacker due to his size. ACL tear #1, kept pounding. ACL tear #2, kept pounding. ACL tear #3, kept pounding. Broken arm, 12 screws and a plate, kept pounding. I hope each and everyone of you realize the importance of this man in these rough times as a fan. He won't make the Hall of Fame and he won't get the recognition he deserves, but please realize you're watching the living version of what Keep Pounding means. Rather you regard this as a poo post or not, lets all Keep Pounding.
  2. Hornets Are Trash!

    Stop slandering the team Chuck, seriously.
  3. Your mind blowing thought for the day...

    Jeremy Igo is an anagram for Regime Joy and Carolina Huddle is an anagram for Lucid Anal Horde. Stay woke, people.
  4. Who did this?! No Chill!

  5. One Carolina

    Alright boys. Time to shame Clemson until they do it!
  6. One Carolina

    fuging seriously? Gad damn..
  7. One Carolina

    Pro tip to NCST: Literally fug off.
  8. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    The Larrinalds?
  9. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    I've been browsing their forum since Monday morning and 9 out of 10 posters seem reasonable, but I don't know why everyone is saying the Camthers? I feel like it's the most lighthearted insult ever, or just an attempt to be funny? I have no idea.. Also, has a single Cardinals fan registered on the huddle yet?
  10. How They Responded

    All I've heard since Sunday evening is the sky is falling because we gave up such a huge lead. While that's 100% accurate, lets take a look at how we responded after giving up huge leads..   After allowing huge leads to Green Bay and the Colts we responded by giving up 10 points and 242 total yards to the Titans. After giving up two sizable leads to the Saints we responded with a 38-ZERO win over the Falcons, 230 yards to the Falcons. After nearly blowing a perfect season again against the Giants our defense responded with a 20-13 loss and 373 yard to the division rival Falcons. Point being, 66.7% of the time our defense comes out swinging like the '85 Bears. (I throw division statistics and scores out the window in rivalry games.)   I know this is common stats I'm throwing out, but I feel like a lot of people need to realize this before they go off the deep end. When you've got a gigantic lead and your team goes into prevent mode, it's really hard not to give up points. This has been the traits of many great/high scoring teams. We never would've been in that situation if it was 13-3 at halftime. B-E-L-I-E-V-E Go Panthers & Keep Pounding.  
  11. Finnegan and McClain looked very serviceable in the first half, yet looked like complete liabilities in the second half. Should this be a serious concern or show this be attributed to our relaxed defense and lack of pressure on Wilson in the second half? McClain in limited minutes and Finnegan in the past few games had looked decent until that second half.. I just don't know how to feel, Huddle. Tell me your thoughts? 
  12. All this turf talk is nonsense.

    I agree that it didn't provide any advantage, but it looked like the field went through a damn blender.
  13. How fuging lonely must you be to come trash talk on an opposing teams forum. Seriously...what the fug?
  14. Marshawn Lynch ruled OUT for Sunday

    So, what are you going to do with your Friday evening? Oh, me? I'm just going to post on a Panthers forum about my Seahawks.  
  15. Marshawn Lynch ruled OUT for Sunday

    I did, but the Patriots intercepted it on the two yard line.