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  1. Lou Young CB..a closer look

  2. Lou Young CB..a closer look

    He also made it in Denver but there wasn't much room for him there. Young reminds me a lot of Dockery.
  3. Lou Young CB..a closer look

    I thought he was part of our roster heading into January but was likely a last resort? I could have sworn we promoted him.
  4. Does anywhere online have decent hats?

    I don't wear hats. I like beanies though. Too bad I'm not enticed to buy a Panther one yet. They all look generic.
  5. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    You guys keep saying that but yet Ginn is viewed as a lock to make the toster. I suggest to lower your expectations. We've been here countless times before (Bryant, Green, etc).
  6. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Point? Look, I get it. You guys are trying to build up Garrett with hyperbole but there's a reason why we brought in Hill last year, and why we brought him back despite tearing his ACL. Size + Speed Igo, himself, referred to him as an x-factor or wildcard. Garrett, no matter how hard you try to counter point, doesn't possess Hill's ability to go from 0-60 in such a short time. For the 100th time, Hill > Garrett (in regards to speed). Long strides don't count. Benji has a long stride too but he's never gonna burn any DB the way Ginn and Hill can.
  7. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I never saw the need for 4 TEs. Olsen plays virtually every snap. Unless there are multiple injuries...
  8. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    McGee and Bonnett never stood a chance. Sandland was a draft pick.
  9. Mike Tolbert's dog is lost in uptown Charlotte

    Time for The Huddle to put aside its differences and unite for Tugboat's dog.
  10. Bonnet and McGee gone

    Unfortunately, if your starting tackle gets hurt, your offensive line is compromised regardless. That goes for 95% of teams out there. Not everybody can be Dallas in terms of OL wealth. We'll stick with Foucault for continuity and hope he blossoms into something solid. That's the reality.
  11. Bonnet and McGee gone

    No, it's not. Our OTs are decent. Oher had a good season (perhaps even great) and Remmers was beyond serviceable. Then we got Daryl waiting in the wings to take over for somebody. At any rate, what the fug is the point in trading in a serviceable OT for a potential lemon (which are copious in the market)? This can't be stressed enough, chemistry is extremely important. That is why Luck, Wilson and Cam suffered each at one point. We're not gonna find an upgrade with whoever is left out there. No. Just no.
  12. Huddle was down for an hour this morning.

    He started off sounding like a reasonable guy... until he jumped the Alien Shark.
  13. From what I read, she waived them away. She was determined to finish.
  14. At first, we drafted him thinking he would be our slot CB but he actually ended up being a better outside corner. Benwikere isn't a stud per se, but he's smart and he's physical.
  15. Sporting News most hated NFL players of all time

    Greg Hardy could be #1??? WTF. Ray Lewis committed murder. He killed somebody. And got away with it like OJ. How does that beat out Domestic Violence? Ray/ OJ should be #1 and Vick should be #2. Then you got someone like Burfict who is looking to hurt anybody on the field all the time and Pacman who put some poor guy in a wheelchair for life. And Hardy is still ranked higher? This list is wack.