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  1. Awesome video. Great work. Thanks
  2. Does your Lab go by the name "Lucky"?
  3. Another Panther who's improved significantly

    Well written and I totally agree. I am proud to have Richardson as the owner. I honestly think he does try to do the "Right" thing regardless of the situation. He decision to ask for help in filling the GM position was a great one, and then the ability to step back and trust G-man had to be difficult. I'd say it's worked out fairly well so far. Go Panthers!
  4. Last Hype Vid...

    Great job as always. Thanks
  5. I seriously hate all of you.

    I'm really ok with you hating me. Go Panthers!
  6. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    Nice gesture, regardless of whom you decide deserves them. I think one the most important things we can do as Panther fans, is to mold and build our future fan base. Hopefully you select a post where the pictures will end up with a young person. Personally, if I were to receive the pictures, I would have them nicely framed and give them to my 8 year old grandson. He is a fine young man with a big heart, and he loves the Panthers. I grew up and lived in Charlotte for over 30 years, but now reside in Bryson City. (Western NC) I was able to take Andruw to his first Panther game last season, (Tampa Bay), and both the weather and game was perfect. We had a fantastic time. He lives next door to me now, and he’s right here on my couch every game, yelling for the Panthers. I am truly blessed.
  7. I met Cam Newton last night......

    Thanks. Much appreciated.
  8. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    Awesome read. Thanks
  9. Victory Monday - Titans Cheerleaders

    Much appreciated.
  10. Dear new Panther bandwagon fans,

    I welcome all bandwagon fans. A certain percentage will become the diehard fans that the organization needs long term. If you think about it, how could you pull for the Panthers even for a short time, and not fall in love with some of the players? The Panthers absolutely have some transcendent type players and a culture that attracts true sports fans. On top of that, the organization stands for "Doing the Right Thing". In reality, unless you are younger than 25 years of age and raised as a Panther fan, the majority of us started as bandwagon fans. I consider myself to be a Panther fan from the beginning, (Late 80's when the expansion organizing started), but to be honest, I had teams I pulled for prior to the late 80"s. In essence I started as a bandwagon fan as well, even before the franchise was awarded and the expansion draft took place. I know there are fans who started as Panther fans and have always been Panther fans. I have grandkids which fit into that category, and frankly I'm a little jealous. In summary, I could care less how you became a Panther fan, I'm happy that you are, and hope you stay long enough to realize how special the Panthers are. Go Panthers!
  11. Focused. Locked. Destiny. 
  12. I understand we have additional support due to winning, but the fan base is growing because young people who've been around the Panthers all their lives, are becoming of age. I've also worked hard like many others making sure my grandkids are being raised properly as diehard Panther fans. It's actually not work it's fun.   Go Panthers
  13. What Colts Fans Are Saying

    I agree. Overall I was impressed with their football knowledge. Even in the Cam Verses Luck thread, most actually gave Cam credit for being special.
  14. What do you think of bandwagon fans?

    It's unbelievable how many new Panther fans have suddenly emerged where I work. I absolutely want the fan base to grow, and work very hard pointing 5 grandkids in the proper direction. (They love Cam and Luke) Honestly I would rather be around a new excited fan that may turn into a diehard, than deal with some of those that claim to be a fan but don't really have a clue. It's amazing how they can watch the game and see something completely different than what actually transpired.