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  1. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    Awesome read. Thanks
  2. Victory Monday - Titans Cheerleaders

    Much appreciated.
  3. Dear new Panther bandwagon fans,

    I welcome all bandwagon fans. A certain percentage will become the diehard fans that the organization needs long term. If you think about it, how could you pull for the Panthers even for a short time, and not fall in love with some of the players? The Panthers absolutely have some transcendent type players and a culture that attracts true sports fans. On top of that, the organization stands for "Doing the Right Thing". In reality, unless you are younger than 25 years of age and raised as a Panther fan, the majority of us started as bandwagon fans. I consider myself to be a Panther fan from the beginning, (Late 80's when the expansion organizing started), but to be honest, I had teams I pulled for prior to the late 80"s. In essence I started as a bandwagon fan as well, even before the franchise was awarded and the expansion draft took place. I know there are fans who started as Panther fans and have always been Panther fans. I have grandkids which fit into that category, and frankly I'm a little jealous. In summary, I could care less how you became a Panther fan, I'm happy that you are, and hope you stay long enough to realize how special the Panthers are. Go Panthers!
  4. Focused. Locked. Destiny.