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  1. Jesus we can't run the ball
  2. cmc still doing nothing lol

    They are still figuring out how to get him going on the ground but he's been great in the passing game.
  3. We have no offense right now. Prime Smith for sure. All around deep threat. He'd also get pissed at Shula and make him change the play calls.
  4. American Vandal

    I thought it was pretty damn funny for what it was. It definitely went flat in certain moments but overall it's a welcomed show to Netflix to me.
  5. I think Cam is to blame for alot of these problems. And Shula and Rivera. However as fans guys it's out of our hands. We can be in Cams corner all we want. But at the end of the day if Cam is as good as we think he is and can be. Then he will turn the corner. Same goes for coach Ron and KB and Funchess. Shula will adapt or be canned. This was the ugliest game we've seen in a long time. But hey we are still 2-1.
  6. Cam's Reads and Pocket Awareness

    I do believe the shoulder has been a big issue in getting reps and getting comfortable but he is definitely off his game. He looks like he's checked out a bit and not playing loose. He played better as a rookie than he is right now. Seems hesitant and intimidated to throw. He's locking on to receivers at the moment. I don't care if Cam is throwing picks as long as he's playing the way Cam should play. That's coming out guns blazing, balls to the walls down field throwing. Not this stuff that's going on right now. He utimately needs to step up to elevate his teammates. We sure as hell haven't done him any favors but he can't keep leaving plays on the field. Olsen is out but we still have Funchess, CMC, Samuel(why are we not letting this dude fly), Shepard and hopefully KB. If these guys are as good as the FO thinks then Shula has the tools to work this out. Or it's his job.
  7. Yes because the Golden calf of Bristol was kneeling to an imaginary man in the sky thanking him for his successes as the Lord cares so much about Americas God given game called football and projecting his Bible logic on the masses vs a man trying to take a stand and bring awareness(As naive as it may have been) to a screwed up situation in our country that actually has tangible weight bearing on society.
  8. We just started our back up center. We have a new LT that we don't know if he is good or not yet. We watched our QB get head hunted the past year and a half. Norwell is one of the better guards in the game. He protects Cam. He stays. I say keep both
  9. iPhone X/iPhone 8

    I've never had an iPhone before but I am debating on getting the iPhone 8 plus. Not really a fan of the iPhone x. Seems like most reviews say the 8 isn't worth upgrading to from the iPhone 7 as it is just an upgraded version of the same phone. But if I've never had one before would you guys say the 8 is worth a shot? I've always been an Android guy. Had an htc m8 and Moto x pure. Both started shitting on me 1.5-2 years of use. My Moto x hardly charges anymore.
  10. I mean I thought he did alright against SF. Some here were singing his praises. Also it's been two games and he just went up against one if the best d-lines in football. There were moments where Cam had all day to throw. He isn't the problem at this point to me. Better than fuggin Remmers.