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  1. OneBadCat

    E3 Recap

    I haven't played video games really since my 360 crashed years ago. Thinking of getting the xbox onex to get back into it. Seems like a good time to do so.
  2. OneBadCat

    Luke comes in at #..

    LMAO Funchess was like, "One time he was telling me what route I needed to run."
  3. How did he humiliate him if you dont mind me asking?
  4. OneBadCat

    WTF have we become

    Yes. Obviously something is wrong with the law then.
  5. Jesus. Cam is at least and 86. Olsen as well.
  6. OneBadCat

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Can't really make out what was said. Did Cam say, "Don't talk poo to me boy?"
  7. Yeah that quote you took is exactly why Cam is the way he is. That's why his ratings and such hover around average. Because he believes he can make any play happen at any moment. If I was as talented as Cam I might believe I could too lol.
  8. OneBadCat

    CAP vs Barner

    Can't blame the FO for picking up one of the best FA backs available. I do feel for CAP though because he has displayed some real talent on the field and I hope Ron was serious about giving him a fair shot.
  9. If it was indeed true kudos for Cam for putting the team first and trying to win games with Smith for those couple of years. Never made a peep of it I guess. However I have a hard time believing the bullying was severe. They didn't see him to have a ton of problems on the sideline and Smith spoke well of Cam in post game interviews. Plus as much as I think Smith is a badass, Cam Newton would murder him if he got in the mood. I imagine his o-line would step in the way as well if it was that bad.
  10. He was a one trick pony but his trick was pretty damn good. He’s probably your hailmary bet in the league.
  11. He shouldn't have been a #1 but he was a tough loss because no other WR in the league right now has his ability to win pretty much every deep ball and jump pass like he can. Funchess looks like a better WR though.
  12. I actually like the players listed. However I think Peppers and Luke are above Greg Olsen. If we’re talking on the field dominance. Michael Bates was the man Hard not seeing J Stew on there though. But it’s arguable that Deangelo had more talent. He had HOF skills. Lousy teammate compared to Stew though.
  13. OneBadCat

    Where are you from?

    I'm mostly Irish, with some Dutch and English. I have a fairly large amount of cousins in North Ireland in Armagh and in London and Dublin. My last name can be traced from a guy who traveled to the states from Amsterdam in the 1700's I believe.
  14. Cam will likely never get the recognition he deserves for his passing ability and it's a shame. Hopefully with all our weapons he's gonna be dropping bombs on the league this year. I expect a 30 TD season out of the air from him.