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  1. So he’s cut his foot? Can it really be that bad that we aren’t going to sign him? Sounds a little ridiculous.
  2. The potential is there. I think Funchess is a #1 WR. Byrd and or Samuel will stay healthy enough to be effective. Smith will make some big down field grabs. CMC picks up where he left off and we grab a fresh bruiser in the draft. This should be one of the fastest Panther offenses we’ve seen in a long time.
  3. Oh please. Olsen’s got one more year in him at least. He wouldn’t do that to Cam. Not when we’re gearing up to have one of the most complete rosters in the RR era.
  4. In my honest opinion I think the age thing gets thrown around here a little too often. People here think once a dude turns 28 he suddenly becomes shtty and slow and can’t play. I think in today’s game most can play to a peak level to 31 barring injury and then you see a drop off. Excluding RBs. Personally, I’d like to see guys play as long as they can contribute in a meaningful way and aren’t strictly padding stats. The way Peppers is going about it would be ideal but he is also an exception. I’d still want Smitty back for one more go with us in the slot but he would arguably be too far gone now. Then you got candyass Drew Brees playing for money and stat padding in the dome. He can kiss my ass. Barry was classy. He dominated and left you wondering what if at the end. Great way to be remembered honestly.
  5. Yes definitely. Just need to draft a DE early to keep Peppers rotational and get a safety.
  6. I imagine they have to be playing Butler at DE sometimes. The dude is never gonna see the field.
  7. I don’t get the hype around Crabtree. He isn’t any better than Fuchess.
  8. He looks like he has talent. His lack of production is surprising though. Wonder if time with Olsen would do him good.
  9. Don't forget about Daeshon Hall

    Hopefully the staff is excited about Halls progress. We desperately need a DE to step up and be an every down end.
  10. Byrd owns the sht out of Clay lmao. He should be guaranteed a roster spot at this point. Only reason we didn’t send New Orleans home was because both Byrd and Samuel got hurt in a two game span. If healthy those guys are the future. That’s why we traded for Smith so in case something does happen we still have the speed to stay a competitive and quick striking offense.
  11. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    As much as Crabtree would be a good depth signing I don’t think he would be that great of a move. Funchess is superior to him.
  12. Glad to see some respect put on his name