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  1. TD aside Rodgers is just mad the Panthers beat him and NFL storymode.
  2. We're going to the PLAYOFFS!!!!

    Proud of our team today. Successfully defeated The Aaron Rodgers inspirational bullsht season saving playoff Cinderella NFL storymode
  3. Refs cheating us out if the game. That’s intentional grounding
  4. Here’s come Aaron Rodgers inspirational bullsht drive
  5. What I wonder is how this effects the team moving forward. How ugly does this get and what if we make it or win the Super Bowl? The league isn’t going to want that look for the NFL. Not only that but I’m sure many of the players will no doubt play for each other but I wonder if they want to play for a guy like JR. On the other hand though. If these allegations have been settled and papers signed just how much punishment should he receive? Transfer of power/ relief of ownership?
  6. Yep. He caught the ball with both hands, both feet in and he turned up field. That should be a TD
  7. If he catches the ball and both feet tap the ground and he turns isn’t that an instant touchdown?