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  1. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Our defensive line should be truly dominant for 4 qtrs every game now.
  2. He only let the people down that have the audacity to actually give a damn about this. He shouldn't have had to give an interview after the biggest loss of his career anyway. The only argument is that he let little kids down.
  3. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I'm fine with it as long as Gettleman thinks he can improve the pass rush in the rest of the draft.
  4. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    Steve's game against us was divine intervention. He racked up a ton of yards on fluke bullshit plays.
  5. I'll give him 7.5-8 sacks and 3 FF in an energized back up/part time starter role with Addison and the new DE we draft.
  6. Josh Norman - 6'0 FT 195 LBS 4.66 40

    A bad 40 time doesn't mean he's a bad athlete. His closing speed is great. That's how he baits QBs. He also is great at tracking the ball and batting it down. He jumps pretty high for his size. He's actually a pretty damn good athlete. Just not exceptionally fast.
  7. I think KB might dominate him. At least in the redzone. He's just too big for Norman.
  8. @Panthers and @Jaguars trade cat puns

    That just means the "Panthers" have the potential to be any cat with black fur. Jaguars, cougars, leopards, lions and tigers if they ever found any.
  9. I understand the move. We have to dowhat is best for the team. 15 million a year is just too much. However I'm not going to be one of those guys that knocks on his skills. Sure maybe he's not Revis. Maybe he's not a true shut down corner. But in this scheme he is basically a shutdown corner that has made plays to save the game on a number of occasions. You have to respect that.
  10. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    While you can say that. Gman has to set the tone with the rest of the roster. Star and KK are coming up for new contracts. Gman can't be bullied and he has to show it. The best thing we can do now is take that 13 millionand make this roster better than it was before.
  11. Josh's response to the AP

    I'm pretty skeptical of this move. Norman is the type you can't really let walk away. He made so many plays that contributed to wins. The only plus to this is that we have an extra 13 million or so to spend now. So we better make this team better than it was a few hoursago.
  12. It is blatantly obvious what the Broncos are doing

    Never seen a team so proud of winning a gift wrapped game. We will demolish them. We had an off night. Which we were due for being nearly undefeated. We had opportunities to come back on them. Some of which we screwed up. Some which the refs took away from us. We will murder them. Quote me on that.
  13. Bill Voth agrees, TE could be the pick at 30

    I would support the pick but I hope we play his ass with Olsen this year. I don't wanna see anymore B. Williams/ Michael Gaines/Waste of time bs.
  14. Derrick Henry Making Eddie Lacy Look Small

    I like Henry's ability I just feel like we need more speed on offense. Between RB and WR we need a homerun hitter. The thought of pummeling teams into submission is great though. And if in fact this is Stews last year with us then we need to find a replacement for him. I'm a little concerned about Henry's height though. Those long legs are scary. But he looks like Stewart meets Deshaun Foster.
  15. 2016 Panthers Schedule - Thoughts and Musings

    I take strength of schedule with a grain of salt. Seems like every year a team gets the "toughest" schedule only to find out their opponents poo the bed or are decimated by slumps and injury.