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  1. Just put it on the field already
  2. I think you can't just blanket statement the issue. I'm sure there are demented pedophiles out there and Im sure there are otherwise normal people out there who have urges they are struggling to control.
  3. You clearly didn't read a god damn thing she said. Even in the quote you posted.
  4. I think the line the will be fine. These guys have to stay healthy though and I applaud Daryl for making an attempt at a return. If Ryan can stay healthy then that will do a lot to maintain consistency for us. That lets Larsen float around the guard positions
  5. OneBadCat

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    This is a horrible idea. I don't understand why it is suggested.
  6. He jogged off though. Probably not that bad
  7. Lol of course KB was gonna ball
  8. It’s gonna bite him in the ass. Media will jump on that and expose his crybaby ass.
  9. Wow man KB’s a real POS.
  10. OneBadCat

    Patriots work out Brenton Bersin...

    Berson is a good player with a low ceiling. He busted his ass here and was very clever in getting open in crucial downs. If we weren’t absolutely stacked at WR this year he’d probably still be on the team.
  11. Kinda like if the refs didn’t screw Cam and we had Byrd in place of Clay then his ass would have sitting at home watching the Panthers stomp on the Vikings.
  12. Rivera: " You look like you hurt your leg son. Let's take you back to Charlotte for evaluation." Amini: " My leg? Oh no Coach I'm good I feel gr" Rivera: "Let's get you back to Charlotte for evaluation."
  13. OneBadCat

    Advice from Charlotte locals

    Its a great watering hole though.