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  1. The answer is simple OP. 1. We have the best QB in the game 2. The best owner in the game 3. The best mascot in the game 4. The best uniforms in the game 5. The best team in the game When you have that people will always hate. And people hate what they can't have.
  2. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Keep hating on Philly while he grinds and continues to get better. He's the exact type Brady and Belicheat would turn into a stud. He's a great compliment to KB and Funchess. Along with Ginn we have all we need atWR.
  3. It's almost time again! So stoked...

    Ducks Donuts are the best in Charlotte for sure. Their donuts have a funnel cake quality to them. Just delicious. Dunkin and Ducks are my favorites. Never had Britts. Krispy Kreme is last for me. But their chocolate cake donut is the best .
  4. Let's play pick two running backs

    CAP has some decent moves and is a patient runner. Wegher can bowl people over and is more a true back up Stewart. So I'd probably go with those two. Although Fozzy is dangerous in the screen game.
  5. I'm sort of delusionally hoping that I am secretly related to Mr. Richardson and I end up getting the team like Mr. Deeds.
  6. Gettleman eating

    KB's like " I know you ain't cutting my ass."
  7. A Funchess Reminder

    I think Philly gets a bad rap because he was UDFA. Thus people automatically question his talent and ceiling. But he is a fast player and a hell of a route runner. He still has room to grow and showed up big in the playoffs, where he needed to most. I don't believe WR is much of a need at all.
  8. A Funchess Reminder

    Yup. And I don't get why everyone is so quick to get rid of Philly. That sumbitch is slowly becoming a pretty good WR.
  9. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Because we now have the best interior line in the game without a doubt. And I hate to say it... But we now have trade ammo. If Gentleman really wanted to use it.
  10. Don't Sleep on Dean Marlowe

    I thought he displayed some good shiftyness in his few carries. He hardly played with the starting line. Wegher needs a shot though.
  11. The off season isn't over yet. DG might makes some moves for offense later. Never know.
  12. Defensive staff

    I'm just concerned that the double dip at corner was one of two things. 1. Let's draft two and hope one becomes a starter. 2. Bene isn't healing as well as planned. We did sign Boykin. So corner is a pretty crowded position for us now.
  13. Current WR's vs Potential Rookies

    Pretty sure Philly is a lock unless we got our hearts set on a WR.
  14. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Our defensive line should be truly dominant for 4 qtrs every game now.
  15. He only let the people down that have the audacity to actually give a damn about this. He shouldn't have had to give an interview after the biggest loss of his career anyway. The only argument is that he let little kids down.