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  1. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Eagles game may have just gotten interesting   

    Seriously shut the fug up and leave your fan card at the door.
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  2. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Josh Norman Moving Around   

    Right on cue.
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  3. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Since we are on the subject of stupid ideas and thoughts...   

    I think a dynasty is definitely possible if we can stay healthy this year.  KB s loss hurts us bad but we should be a contender for a long time.
    We've got a solid o line. Plus KB will be back with Funchess next year. We'll probably retain Ginn and Philly will have another year of experience.
    We've got the best MLB in the game with probably the best NT/UT combo in the league when healthy. Plus Davis and Thompson.
    The biggest questions in the next off-season will be; Retaining Norman, Releasing Stewart, restructuring CJ. We'll probably need to take a DE in the top of the draft next year. And we need to continue giving Cam weapons.
    We have the best young core in the game though no doubt.
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  4. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Ted Ginn Jr. Appreciation Thread   

    Well put explaination but I don't see how anybody would see it any other way. He's just audibling within the playbook. But as Cam continues I do see him making this offense his own. Not on a Manning level but Cams game is on point right now.
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  5. OneBadCat added a post in a topic So here we go, time to get ready for Seattle. Will we finally get the win?   

    If we had KB we would could dominate the Seahawks. Without him I'm not sure. I most definitely believe it's our time and can beat them.
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  6. OneBadCat added a post in a topic A little contrast...   

    Haha Jon Fox sucks.
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  7. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Training Masks....   

    So how do these help exactly?
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  8. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Who Will Earn a Starting Spot by Wk 17   

    I think it'll be Funchess and Boston.
    I want Williams to play but Remmers is playing out of his mind right now. He deserves to start.
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  9. OneBadCat added a post in a topic The Bucs are a TRAP game for the Panthers   

    I'd say because we are so beat up we will not take this game lightly. We still have enough talent to beat them. 
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  10. OneBadCat added a post in a topic The Panthers are a TRAP game for Seahawks   

    But we kept it close for most of the game despite being the more flawed team.
    If we had Kelvin Benjamin I'd say we would dominate this game. A win by 2 TD's would be possible. But without him everyone will have to be on point against them. Plus the refs will have to be neutral which is hard to ask for.
    This would be a good game for Funchess to make his mark.
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  11. OneBadCat added a post in a topic How freaking ironic would it be if...   

  12. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Upfront no but this defense can overall be better as the secondary is much more balanced. Plus Shaq is starting to come into his own. 
    This is a great low risk trade and I don't think it necessarily indicates that CJ will be out a long time. We needed help regardless of CJ's health. CJ's game is built on strength and work ethic. He's tearing himself apart to be on the field for us right now. Hopefully he'll see less double teams with this move down the road.
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  13. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Does ANYONE have a video of the late hit on Cam?   

    That's a late hit if I ever saw one in today's league.
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  14. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Haha no bullsht win for you Saints.
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