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  1. Prepare the feels

    We still have the best team in the NFL and are getting our #1 WR back. We have by far the best young core in the NFL. We'll be back.
  2. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    The sad thing is that the refs cheated us out of the game and we still should have won. If our WRs caught the fugging ball we would have won. Better team lost. No doubt about that though.
  3. I think he will probably make some mistakes as a first year full time starter. But he is a better player than Harper. He deserves a shot at starting in TC. The talent is there. I don't think he'll be an elite level player but he can be good.
  4. Getting Benji Back

    I'm curious to see what kind of weapons DG will bring in though. TE and another slot WR could be in our future.
  5. Tin foil hat time (Im starting to Believe it though)

    It's not the reason we lost but its incredibly disappointing that our team always has to beat the opponent and the refs. It's really sad that the NFL can't call a fair fuging game on the biggest stage of the year.
  6. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Yeah well it worked in Madden 
  7. Getting Benji Back

    I agree. It would be a nice signing but an unnecessary one. We win the super bowl if Cotchery and Ginn catch the football. Ironically Calvin would make those catches but with a hefty price tag.
  8. Getting Benji Back

    Well Cam also didn't have Ginn or a better developed Corey Brown when KB was playing.
  9. Getting Benji Back

    Funchess needs to take some leaps before he reaches KBs level. But I hope we have two studs for the next decade.
  10. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    Id like him to restructure and reduce his role but my fear is having him on the team and taking too many snaps because of his seniority and status. Ealy is a starter, Addison and Delaire should have spots. Allens probably gone. We definitely need to add a pass rusher. I think he can still be a good player but I'm concerned about his injuries.
  11. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Norman is going to tow the line. What else would you expect him to say? Especially if he wanted to play. We started poo CBs over him for years. I'm not saying he didn't free lance too much. But there were times where putting him in could have helped us win vs his liability to screw it up.
  12. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Yes I have been there for that conversation but I think it's overblown. Norman should have started earlier. Ron had a history of starting vets over fresher talent and to this day he still does to a lesser degree.  So Norman blew the Buffalo game. Big deal. You could also make the argument Ron blew that game too. He didn't become Riverboat until later that year. Refs also screwed us out of that game.  
  13. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    I agree Stewart will probably be here one more year but we really need a back with break away speed.
  14. "Show me a good loser... "

    I honestly would have loved it if Cam trolled the NFL and the media even more. By saying something like, " Its easy to win when the refs cheat your opponent out of the game."
  15. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Let's be real here. Rivera fugged that one up. Norman should have been starting a long time ago. He was too conservative to let him play.