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  1. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Jonathan Stewart's calves would not fit in the general Pics thread....   

    Good god. I remember Smitty's calves being ridiculous too.
    Do huge calves build speed or is that more change of direction?
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  2. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Does this defense have the potential to be the best Carolina has ever had?   

    I think Tre Boston is going to develop into a solid starter. I would take Norman over Ken Lucas. Bene looks like starter material out there. They may very well surpass that duo in time.
    This defensive line may end up being better than the 03 squad across the board.
    Jenkins> Short but KK is trending up. I'd take Star over Buckner in heart beat and CJ is better than Rucker. Ealy and Alexander can't touch Peppers but they could be a good rotation.
    The depth at DT is better now than it was in the 03 squad too.
    I also have Keuchly and Davis edging out Morgan/Fields.
    This defense could very well be the best in team history. It is potentially the most balanced we've ever had. Which is what we need because at some point the refs will allow holding on our beast d-line and we need the secondary to match up. Norman, Bene, and Tillman can do that.
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  3. OneBadCat added a post in a topic The Bucs official hype video   

    They should have kept the old uniforms
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  4. OneBadCat added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Yes. This game was bullsht too. It's like everyone knew that was Smitty's game and the Panthers let him have it. 2 fluke BS plays to inflate his stats didn't help with that either. Everyone thought he was prime Smitty all over again for 2 bogus plays.
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  5. OneBadCat added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Every game with the Cowboys since 05 has been complete BS. Hoping we stomp the piss out of them this year.
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  6. OneBadCat added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    The playoff game vs the 49ers
    We were cheated out of that game. I don't care that we didn't capitalize on opportunities. The sad fact was that the officials took away the intensity our of team that could have won us that game. It was like the 49ers were given the home turf in our stadium.
    See also every game vs Dallas since 2005
    Deangelo fumbling against the Seahawks was so fugging maddening it was comical
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  7. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Report says Junior Seau's family not allowed to speak at HOF enshrinement   

    In general I agree with you. But to be honest the players do not yet know the risk they take with head injuries. If guys are getting their brains scrambled and dealing with psychological effects from that then the game should be changed. No matter how awesome football is. Things like that need to be dealt with.
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  8. OneBadCat added a post in a topic 2015 Jersey Color Schedule   

    Gtfo now I know you aren't Batman
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  9. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Pro Football Weekly Panthers Preview   

    Bitch please
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  10. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Fun Fact: Panthers Receivers in the Playoffs   

    Just imagine if we had prime Smitty right now. We'd be unbeatable. 
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  11. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Tell me about your idiosyncrasies.   

    Never break $20 bills. The more large bills I save the more likely I will deposit them into savings, thus more savings.
    Always pay a full dollar amount at the gas station.
    Will avoid shitting at a girls place at all cost
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  12. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Norman contract talks described as "quiet...real quiet   

    Despite the mistakes he's made in the past I think some of that blame should be put on Rivera as well. Norman was in Rivera's dog house for far too long when he could been on field helping us win games and shutting down WR's. I don't think we have to worry about him playing in the scheme anymore. I think it's just a matter of what positions DG think are priority.
    Personally I want to lock him up now so he won't be out of reach when he hits FA. He is a baller.
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  13. OneBadCat added a post in a topic All-time Panthers duos   

    Gamble/Lucas for like two seasons Morgan/Will Witherspoon
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  14. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Seriously...What's the deal?   

    The fact is that Cam is an easy player to hate. People simply don't like his personality because he's confident and believes in his abilities. He's not the tow the line, say everything you want to hear in interview type of guy. Cam wants to dominate and put on a show. It makes the game fun which is what I love about him and I think his personality is good for this team. We need ego and we need pride. Cam has it.
    Of course then you have lazy critiques of Cam. Calling him a running QB. A guy that just relies on his arm and legs. Bunch of bullsht. Cam Newton is a pocket passer with the ability to run. He is actually really good under center and dropping back. Haters also don't like to take into account the adversity he has faced and the lack of talent that has surrounded him the majority of his career. It's a factor whether they like it or not.
    At least Cam is himself and not a fake mother fugger like Russell Wilson.
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  15. OneBadCat added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne a good fit for the Panthers?   

    Only vet WR I want on this team is Smitty for a one year run before he retires.
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