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  1. ladypanther added a post in a topic Anybody familiar with the Hickory area?   

    I live in the area.  If you end up going to school me.   Seems like a decent school from what I hear.
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  2. ladypanther added a post in a topic YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!   

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  3. ladypanther added a post in a topic UNC vs. Duke (Round 2)   

    Just heard them announce senior  Jackson Simmons from Webster, NC. (the walk on who got a scholarship).  Webster...population about 200 (maybe) in rural very western NC (Jackson County).  Good for him!!!
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  4. ladypanther added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    What They Are Saying In New Orleans....
    Love to look at local newspaper links.

    Here is a rational statement.
    Of course there are differing opinions.
    Should be interesting at next years SB.
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