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  1. I always thought FSU should have suspended him. Lost all respect for that program when they let him play.
  2. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/football/bucs/Fennelly-If-this-is-true-Jameis-Winston-is-done-in-this-town_162755461 Won't let me copy any content. Might be my browser at work..it sucks.
  3. Anyone in the Tampa/St Pete area

    Will be in Tampa for work in mid Jan...would like to extend my trip a few days at the beach. Need economical suggestions. Will not have a car....so geography somewhat limited.
  4. Curtis Samuel earned his Panther card

    Yes. I was a fan of this team from the beginning because they are local. But one thing now I really love is the character of this team. It seems to mean something to be a Panther.....not just about football. This is a group of men we can be proud of. They are making a difference and I was very impressed by Curtis Samuel. Even as a young player...he gets it. I hope he is a Panther for life....and a very prolific wide receiver.
  5. For the People With Deep Pockets

    Who want to go to Minn in the middle of winter???
  6. Well done Curtis. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article184590443.html
  7. Kalil is trusting the wrong person to run his business it appears.
  8. Alex Armah

    I like seeing him get more reps. Looks like he has tons of potential...just needs to get some experience. I see him making a big difference out there. How long before he gets to catch his 1st pass?
  9. Good stuff...thanks for the link.
  10. Tailgate starting around 1230.
  11. I bet TD and Luke have a chat with the young lad.
  12. Got a job offer..

  13. Got a job offer..

    So, what is happening here?
  14. I would think that over the years he has turned people off enough that they no longer pull for the team. He is so arrogant, loud, and attention seeking it would be difficult to want to see his team be successful, IMO. I hope Goodell gets a new contract just because JJ opposes it....lol.. That guys (Jones) really turns me off.