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  1. Jeremy....would think you would make this readable in the cool black theme.
  2. Where's the Super Bowl this year?
  3. 1st day of offseason program

    Pep at Day 1.....leading by example.
  4. Worley Arrested

    Sorry to hear this but really dumb move by him. Glad he is no longer a Panther.
  5. Where is your confidence level?

    Last year's team needed a redzone offense. Too many field goals. If the offense improves...and I am sure it will, and the opponent is playing from behind, better for the defense. I am expecting good things for this team. Staying healthy will determine how far this teams goes this year. (Also should add..better play calls on 1st down. )
  6. David Newton profiles Ben Navarro

    I've thought about that. Not sure Richardson would be feeling that generous to the league these days. (Although...he created the mess). I think Navarro would work out better for Panther fans. Do not want the Steelers South. I like the guy's style...hire good people, rely on experts, and not a big ego. Football background with his dad. Involvement in the community. And he likes football on grass. Plus...sounds like he does not just want to own an NFL team...he wants to own the Panthers!
  7. Good read. I am on board.
  8. Sabates officially drops out

    That may tip things in Navarro's favor with Richardson, if there is not a big difference in money. He owes a lot to the PSL owners and hopefully he would support them. I know the stadium will not last forever...but new stadium talk does not need to be in the near future, IMO. There would be a huge backlash that I think would take a long time to recover from if the new owner abandoned the current loyal fans. Charlotte is not Dallas or LA.
  9. Sabates officially drops out

    They spent the last 3 years doing upgrades. What the heck does it need?
  10. Interesting Mock Draft via NFL.COM

    I am just not sold on Ridley. Hope he gets snagged before we pick. But, if he falls to us and Hurney pulls the trigger, I am going to believe that Norv likes him. My mantra right now is "In Norv I trust." It is my best hope for the season. We (fans) have been waiting a long time for him to be the OC. Now,...work some magic!
  11. Masters week.

    That sucks.
  12. Yep...they gave up a 1st last year to get him. Got it back and moved up 9 spots. Win.
  13. Word is that the Rams are going all in because they need to sell PSLs for their new stadium.
  14. Masters week.

    Love it. Has anyone ever been? I am going to start putting in for the ticket lottery. Maybe one day.....
  15. Big Brothers of the Huddle

    Very nice thing to consider doing. It will be a big commitment and important to the kid. Good luck and let us know how it goes.