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  1. I am now a Blake Bortles fan

    He and my entire family have been wearing keep pounding bracelets for a year.
  2. My brother in law who lives in TN is dying of pancreatic cancer. It could happen anytime. I am with him now, it is not good. Yesterday my sister found this in the mail from the Jacksonville Jaguars...He and my sister had been to a couple of the games in the past. She has no idea who initiated this. In the midst of the playoffs, for Blake and the team to honor the request to send this.... I am impressed. GO JAGS!!!
  3. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article195461649.html LaDainian Tomlinson just made my day. I am excited to see this offense. And for those who say Cam does not fit what Turner does....
  4. Updates on the team sale

    http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article195474309.html It would be pretty dumb to alienate that many fans. If Sabates thinks the fans he screwed are going to follow him to a new stadium I think he is very wrong. Charlotte is not Dallas or Atlanta. I think this type of greed would backfire on new ownership.
  5. Updates on the team sale

    Agree. Would think they would have the inside track. At this point I want any group that does not include Sabates. Do not want to have to listen to him for years to come.
  6. Looks like it was his decision. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article195478254.html
  7. Here is a write up from a Titan perspective: https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/1/18/16904606/getting-to-know-titans-head-coach-candidate-steve-wilks
  8. GL to Wilkes. Hope he gets the job he wants. I bet he makes a very good HC.
  9. Dale Jr Center Cuts a Tree

  10. Haley fired

    Kicks an ill advised onside kick because he can't trust his defense and fires the OC. Makes perfect sense.
  11. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    A FB who can't block. No thanks.
  12. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Holy fug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. RIP Keith Jackson

    Absolutely a great one. They do not make them like Jackson and Enberg anymore.
  15. Now would be a great time to throw a pic Matty.