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  1. 48hrs since my last cigarette...

  2. Ron's presser today is not making me happy

    + acupunture STAT! Would help Cam too.
  3. Noone here seems to want to be happy. Wilks is our DC right now. He said this defense will get better and I believe him. I for one, am going to enjoy watching that.
  4. Changing the Launch Point

    I think there was 1 designed roll out against Buffalo and Cam completed the pass. I was surprised we did not see it again. With all these sacks...offense needs to mix things up a bit. Also I would like to see more no huddle...it seems to do Cam well to have time to see the D and make adjustments. He gets in a good rhythm. Where has that been?
  5. Called in to Late Hits on my way home tonight. I love Gil. I wanted to know his thoughts on the Panther offense. He said these things... Bills are a lot better than most people think. McDermott's knowledge of our offense a big factor last week. Need to get more out of CMC. Benjamin has improved...Funchess has to keep improving. Of course tough to replace Greg. At the end said need to see better play "out of my friend" (Cam) I did not ask but he said that he believes the Panthers are a playoff team this year. Alex Marvez agrees.
  6. https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/WebLink.aspx?name=hsc&id=129 Just ordered mine. I appreciate the Rivera's support for the Humane Society. Found out about this year's calendar from a Stephanie Rivera tweet.
  7. Cute kid! Sounds like your wife is a great teacher and is making a positive difference in the world....1 child at a time. I voted for her. Good luck.
  8. # of snaps would be good to know there also
  9. That was amazing...if you have not watched it...you should. Love his approach. So much good stuff in there. "Nobody runs to the ball like we do." "Defense is under construction." Loved how he gave his position coaches credit. Said Pep did not play well week 1..had some things to correct with technique...Washington worked with him this week and Pep corrected and had a great game. Gave Pep props for being a 1st ballot HOF vet who is coachable. Damn...there is nothing not to like about Wilks. If this D improves....wow.
  10. Armah promoted to the team

    We are saved. 40 points this week!
  11. 2-0 baby! Woooo!

    Thanks for the positive thread.
  12. In my seat, ready for a great game! Can will rock today.