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  1. Luke Bryan

    We didn't see Luke Bryan. We were at the bar at halftime
  2. Phil Sims All-Iron Awards

    Great interview. Happy to see Coleman having so much success on this team. 
  3. Dallas Tailgate - Bad News/Good News

    Nice meeting you buddy. Thanks for the beers and for stopping by. Wish the weather was better.
  4. You're Welcome

    This whole thing started because we saw her man texting another girl. He was legitimately trying to score while sitting next to her. So when she was texting we were hoping to catch her texting another guy. Instead we got this gem. The rest is history. 
  5. Another Cam ROARING RIOT mention

    I can't get the video to play.
  6. You're Welcome

    This is the girl sitting in front of me. True story. 
  7. And this is just on the screen in the stadium. 
  8. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    You're not going to to believe this....every Cowboys fan I spoke to last night who if actually from Dallas was super nice. I was in total shock. 
  9. Happy Thanksgiving

    I woke up at the tailgate (camped here). It's a thrilling experience TBH.     
  10. Giants game

    Best seats are the closest to other panthers fans. Fail. 
  11. I know who doesn't rememer that moment.....PhillyB
  12. Giants game

    If you're coming Saturday then I would take the Amtrack from 30th street station to Penn station and come meet up with us at Amity Hall. if you're going straight to the game then 30th street station to somewhere like Trenton and then hop the NJ transit to the stadium would be the cheapest but would have the most stops.  Or take the Amtrack to Newark and take the Jersey transit or a cab from there.
  13. Giants game

    AC is God awful. Don't do it. 
  14. Giants game

    I think I have one left in our group of 8. They're $145 face value and in section 332. Your Girlfriend's Fav Huddler just booked his flight to come up there too. 
  15. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Sorry I would have but I'm already in Louisiana and heading to Dallas in the morning so I don't have anything with me.