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  1. Isn't the definition of stupidity is to keep making the same mistake over and over again. Yet again, Prisco gives the NFL Executive of the year a bad draft grade. Prisco is the one that deserves a bad grade.
  2. Charles Johnson came back so you never know. I like JNo but DG is being smart and showing these agents that if you want to play in Carolina they will give fair market value and not overpay. Leave your BS agent games at the door when time to negotiate. Steelers and Patriots are same way which helps them be competitive every year.
  3. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    I think Josh is more interested in gross pay over net pay. All about feeding the ego.
  4. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    New England and Pittsburgh never overpaid players and let them walk. Championship teams do to stay competitive every year. DG doing same thing. I applaud him not overpaying to keep the competitive for years to come.
  5. 49ers favorites to sign Josh Norman

    Why would any player that is chasing money sign with San Fran? Taxes will kill his him w/ a 12.3% state income tax rate. Throw in the fact they have a terrible defense. JNo will lose it mentally playing for Kelly and a terrible team. He will never play out his contract. This has ugliness all over it. San Fran is one of the worst landing spots for him as a player. he is also proving he wants money and not a ring.
  6. I would have thought such a move would have been better after the draft. DG must have a back up plan. DG knows talent and the value of that talent. He obviously thought there was too much of a gap between what he thought of JNo's value versus JNo's agent. I think JNo is an very good DB but the system and players in the system made him look much better. He will get his coin on some non-playoff team. DG will pay his own what they are worth and not more. DG wants guys that will want to win and not just want the coin. I love JNo but he was more interested in the pay day than compete for a championship.
  7. A good but overrated coach IMO. He is another coach that gets more credit than he deserves due to having a very good QB.
  8. RG3 in Carolina?

    Don't think RG3 is a team guy. Panthers wants team guys not individuals. Doubt it will ever happen.
  9. Fantastic Paul Soliai Quote...

    If you cant beat them join them. G Man is da man. Nothing fancy but results speak for themselves.
  10. The Broncos players are not at fault for doing anything illegal. The fault lies in the referees. They were there to call the game fairly yet game changing plays that Denver admits to breaking the rules were never called. We knew going in that Denver would get the calls. Panthers had to use up both challenges early yet Denver never had to challenge a play, Panthers have twice as many penalties as Broncos. Both teams had their defense show up. If the referees called a fair game the game would have been much closer and maybe the outcome would be different. The media may be talking about Kony Ealy as MVP and not Miller. However, can't blame the Broncos. They knew the NFL and refs were on their side so why not try and break the rules to win was their philosophy and it paid off.
  11. He averaged a paltry 3.5 ypc in 2014 and zero runs over 20 yards. With that kind of production what team would keep him even at half the salary? Its not a coincidence that this team came together after certain players were no longer on the team. DWill is one of those players.
  12. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    No doubt the Panthers made mistakes and it cost them dearly. I will blame their mistakes more than the officials. If they didnt make those mistakes the Panthers definitely would have won. However, I also truly feel if the officials were not so biased and called a fair game the Panthers would have won the game. We outgained them in every statistical category offensively yet. Barely over 100 yards passing and under 100 rushing. Whose defense was better if officials would have been fair? Amazing Broncos had half the penalties than Panthers. Broncos didn't have to challenge any official call yet Panthers had to use both challenges early in game due to bad officiating. One that everyone in America doesn't understand unless your a Broncos fan or work for NFL how it was not reversed. Listened to Mike and Mike yesterday and they had TO and Chad Johnson on. All four couldn't believe the incomplete catch was not overruled.
  13. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    I think the promos are a streaming thing and not if you listen on radio in your car. The promos are annoying and I have to turn down my iPhone when they play as well as when Progressive plays an ad with Flo. Damn that Flo is freaking annoying. How they think people like her annoying ads is beyond me.
  14. Its only a game and their are definitely bigger things in my life that are much more important such as family and their well being. I have moved on however, I do not feel fans truly get over such a loss until they win the title. Once the Panthers win their first Super Bowl the disappointment in the Super Bowl losses goes away. Until then their will always be disappointment.
  15. I am not saying the Panthers do not deserve some flack for their cockiness leading up to the Super Bowl or Cam's behavior during the post game press conference however, I do not get how nothing is said by the media about what but several Broncos tried to do some dirty hits during the game (i.e. Ware and Talib) with deliberate intent to injure and their classless post game comments. They truly do not show sportsmanship and class in their comments since the Super Bowl. I have a feeling the Panthers will show what they are capable of next year when they play them and really show them that this past Sunday was an anamoly and the Panthers are truly the better team. I believe the Panthers could beat the Broncos 4 out of 5 games. Nothing has changed either. It just so happen the one time out of five the Broncos won was last Sunday.