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  1. Enter Sandland

    oh being compared to a perennial pro bowler isn't a bad comparison lol
  2. Enter Sandland

    That and Bojangles were my first initial thoughts... Mmmmmh. Bojangles and Metallica I like. Napster bad!
  3. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    I can DG making a move like this but with rosters being set I wouldnt see it happening until training camp starts for teams. I also wouldnt mind seeing us also add Cortez Allen
  4. Coples visiting, taking physical

    I agree that Jared Allen inhibited Kony Ealy but maybe he also taught Kony something knowing that it was his last year. Still Im not a fan of this restructure Charles Johnson for longer, I know he is not old but his production value is horrible. Factor in his salary Id rather spend it on a veteran or draft pick to be used in a rotation with the rest of the guys there.
  5. Rookie Camp Notes

    Sad to hear Foucault didnt look well against poor competition. Hope he still shows enough promise to warrant a spot on the practice squad.