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  1. ShrewdNewt added a post in a topic Is Norwood the 6th WR or will he replace Bersin/Boykin?   

    Hes definitely worth a look with his size and speed
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  2. ShrewdNewt added a post in a topic Panthers appear to be looking for WR help   

    Yeah Im surprised Welker hasnt hung up his cleats yet with the amount of head injuries hes had. I could see the Colts cutting Griff Whalen or Duron Carter and could see Panthers bring either of them in more than a old vet like Wayne if/when hes cut
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  3. ShrewdNewt added a post in a topic Panthers appear to be looking for WR help   

    Gettlesmans Nipple Shorts. Funniest thing Ive read in awhile. Something I notice every training camp is those ultra hiked up shorts.  But yeah there's going to be some interesting possible pickups come once everyone has their next round of cuts
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  4. ShrewdNewt added a post in a topic If You're Watching BUF v. CLE Right Now, You Should Feel Even Better About Our OL   

    lol that was my exact thought watching Manziel run around in the pocket. He put together a descent drive just now
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  5. ShrewdNewt added a post in a topic Buffalo- The land the economy forgot (and where butter is a vegetable)   

    Thats the funniest reply Ive read all year. Yeah I stayed the night there once and ugly town.  This mushy extremely overly salted bun with roast beef shows up for dinner that was supposed to be the local delicacy and anyone stupid enough to live in a town like that during their infamous winters could only be a Bills fan.
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  6. ShrewdNewt added a post in a topic Why did Bill Polian leave us so quickly?   

    Yeah Ive lived in Indiana for most of my life and flipping a coin on Manning over Leaf (Though Manning was viewed by many as better) but for every great pick (Bob Sanders 2nd Round, Robert Mathis 5th Round, Antoine Bethea 6th Round, Pierre Garcon 6th Round) there was a (Anthony Gonzales or Donald Brown or Rob Morris, Jerome Pathon, Tony Ugoh (Really the 2007 Draft). He had a great run in Indy but Tony Dungy was a great coach as well. But thanks for the information on why he left Carolina because I never understood it either. I wonder if he left the Bills in 92' for the same reason.
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  7. ShrewdNewt added a post in a topic VIDEO - Cameron Artis-Payne vs David Mayo take 2 (OUCH)   

    That was very ugly. Talk about getting blown up
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