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  1. I'd love to say we will be back next year in the Super Bowl, but how many QBs have only made one appearance? Dan Marino, Donovan McNabb, Drew Bledsoe (as a starter, second time Brady had the reins), Rich Gannon, Matt Haselbeck - lost their only start, there might be more? I want to say Cam will get us back, but there have been enough QBs that have never returned. Heck, there are some great QBs that have never made a Super Bowl appearance; and some that have won their only appearance and never got back (Rodgers and Brees are standouts). So I don't think returning next year is guaranteed, especially with our division and conference. Winning our division isn't going to be easy. If the Saints sort out their defense they're going to be a threat, some say Brees has regressed, but if he hadn't missed that game this season he would have had his fourth or fifth 5,000 passing hard season. The Buccaneers look to have found their QB and have a talented offense, if they can sort out their defense they're going to push this team. And if the Falcons don't fall off the cliff again, they're going to push this team. I think our division is going to be tough to win next season, I think we'll win it if we get over this Super Bowl defeat, but it won't be a cakewalk. As for our conference the likes of Seattle, Arizona, and Green Bay will be back. Other fringe teams may rise, and a healthy Dallas Cowboys team with Romo, Dez and co could be a dark horse. So it's not going to be an easy ride back if we get into the play offs. My prediction for next season: 10-6, NFC South champs, loss in divisional round.
  2. I don't think it surprising that some of the media and neutral fans want to see the Broncos win a Super Bowl. They want to see the fairy tale ending for one of the greatest players to play the game - Peyton Manning. It is no slight on us, it is simply the case they want to see the old gun slinger win his last battle against the new generation and ride off into the sunset with his second Lombardi trophy. It would be no different if Peyton was our quarterback and Cam was the Broncos quarterback, they would want us to win the Super Bowl because it will likely be Peyton Manning's last game and they want to see him go out on top. Obviously for us Panthers fans we want to see our team win this game, but for neutrals and the media, I can totally understand why they want to see the Broncos win a Super Bowl.   
  3. Cam, Seriously Bro?

    Not many guys could pull off wearing a pair of those pants, but as usual Cam manages to pull it off. 
  4. They're scared

    Bills fans won't be happy this series is back. As long as the smoking man is alive the Buffalo Bills will never win a Super Bowl!
  5. Not sure I agree with the Packers being ranked that high. Only reason I can think for them being rated that high is name value, because even with Rodgers play this season, Lacy and Cobb have both been fairly pedestrian. When you look at the other triplets: Palmer is having a career year, CJ2K looks revived, and Fitzgerald is on pace for a career year; Dalton is having a big year, Gio is running well, and AJ Green is a stud; and Ryan is playing well, Freeman leads the league in rushing, and Julio is having a huge year. All three teams triplets should be ranked ahead of the Packers. And an argument could be made for our triplets to be ranked ahead of them on the basis that Cam v Rodgers is even, but Stewart and Olsen v Lacy and Cobb comes out in our favor.  For me, it should be 1. Pats, 2. Cards, 3. Bengals, 4. Falcons, 5. Panthers, 6. Packers. 
  6. Afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday would be fine with me. 
  7. Happy to take part if there's a spot.
  8. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    My mistake. Got into my head he was one of Gettleman's guys for some reason... [emoji15] But Gettleman does have a knack of finding contributors out of players who are dismissed by fans, analysts, and writers. So if he rates Martin and Oher enough to bring them in, I'll trust his decision over the likes of PFF.
  9. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    I think one thing to bare in mind is that Gettleman has managed to pull off a few hits from guys that we probably didn't think too much about when they were announced. The likes of Ted Ginn, Captain Munnerlyn etc weren't flashy signings, but they turned out to be contributors and landed themselves decent contracts in free agency. Perhaps one or both of Oher and Martin, two far from flashy tackles, could be the next guy that Gettleman hits on despite the lacklustre reaction they've received?
  10. I did say in my post as a unit with Cam we are stronger, yes. But my point when you compare our running backs to their running backs, in my opinion, Doug Martin is a better performing running back on his own than our combined unit of DeAngelo, Stewart and Tolbert. Last season DeAngelo put up 737 and 5 TDs; Stewart put up 336 and 1 TD; 183 yards and 7 TDs. As a running back unit they put up a total of: 1256 yards, and 13 TDs. Last season Doug Martin put up 1454 yards and 11 TDs on his own. LeGarrette Blount put up 151 and 2 TDs. As a running back unit they put up a total of: 1505 yards and 13 TDs. So when you compare our very well paid running back unit, they produced less yards than the Bucs, and the TDs were tied. So while I'd love to say that our unit is stronger than Martin, if that kid continues to push on, and ours continue to perform as they do, then he will easily surpass them. For me, if I was asked would I rather have Cam+DeAngelo and Stewart (I count Tolbert as a FB), or Cam+Doug Martin, I would take the latter. Now I like our running game, but it is hard to argue that DeAngelo and Stewart have performed since getting their contracts. Blame Cam's introduction, and our OC, but neither guy's form has been amazing. If they continue in that vain we may end up looking for another starting running back in the near future because their production for their contracts isn't really acceptable.
  11. If it was Stewart of 2009, and DeAngelo of 2008/9, then Martin is not better than them. But DeAngelo and Stewart over the past few years haven't hit those highs, and while Martin has only been in the league one year, his numbers were very impressive - over 1,400 rushing yards with 11 TDs, and almost 500 receiving yards as well.  I don't dispute that our guys are very talented, and when healthy and in form are excellent starters in the NFL. But the problem is neither guy has performed to a level worthy of their current contracts.    As a unit I agree that they are very good unit. But at this time if you said Martin vs DeAngelo, or Martin vs. Stewart, I see only one winner in both contests, that being the rookie Doug Martin. He may flop next year, but personally Martin looks to be the new star running back on the block. And our two guys need to start performing to a higher level because as it stands they aren't worth the money the team has been paying them. 
  12. Plus arguably Wilson and Kaepernick both started in two of the most complete teams in the NFL. For me it shows how good those teams supporting casts are if they can put two rookies in the starting position and do as well as they did. I think if you put Cam in either of those teams then we would have seen a similar result at least.    As for Luck, I think he did very well and helped the Colts in some comebacks and close our some games. It might have been for Chuck, but he did play well in his rookie year for the most part.    RG3 had an excellent rookie year.    But I do agree to an extent that Cam has had an excellent start to his career when he finished with 35 TDs. And for me, if he had been placed in that 49ers or Seahawks team of the past two seasons then he may well have had even more success than he has already done. 
  13. Going to be a tough season. At the minute the aim has to be to take a step forward and get to .500 or better this season. The play offs would be nice but I don't think we'll get there this year. This year is about continuing to develop, and become more competitive and consistent. I don't think Rivera and Cam are holding us back, I think we can still go forwards with both guys, or at least with Cam we can.   Anyway, as for us being the worst in the NFC South, well it is debatable. The Falcons are contenders, the Saints should improve, and we are the Bucs are quite similar in that we are young teams that are still developing. So as to how good we are has yet to be seen.   Can't say that our running backs are better. Doug Martin > DeAngelo and Stewart. Granted factor in Cam and as a three they are better, but in terms of a starting running back their RB wins hands down.  Other than that I agree with the other ratings.