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  1. Newton’s accuracy (or lack there of) is costly.
  2. What time will you break the cellophane off the cheese?
  3. Yeah, that goes for everyone, especially when it’s the QB position. That’s pretty much a deal breaker for every team in the league.... We were missing Vacarro today, but didn’t matter much. Ingram would be a huge loss but they could probably manage. Cam Jordan would be a bad one.... etc. one other thing I’d add: im glad the organization realized sooner, than later, the the Peterson experiment was a bad move, and they ended it when they did instead of hanging on, not wanting to admit it was a mistake.
  4. Have been really happy with the Oline. Armstead was actually out when we played Carolina, and some guys were playing out of normal position to fill in for the Strief and Armstead injuries. Look at the numbers over the last several years when Brees was getting lit up by opposing defenses...he was still putting up massive numbers. Bottom line, is that 1. We actually have a viable defense. 2. We can run effectively, the balance is incredible. They are just now getting past the ridiculous raping that was bounty gate.
  5. Hornets @ Celtics

    I don’t get really upset very often at Hornet losses, because it’s a long season and poo happens in the NBA, but that was just ridiculous
  6. Hornets @ Celtics

  7. Hornets @ Celtics

    That was horrible. Given a life...and shat it away
  8. Hornets @ Celtics

    Hell yes!
  9. Hornets @ Celtics

    Come on boys...!!! We got this! Shitty day for me...make it better! Being selfish
  10. Hornets @ Celtics

    Pretty much if Walker is off, we ain’t winning. ed: I think it was 18
  11. Hornets @ Celtics

    Hah... what the foog happens the last 5 mins of the 4th? I know the home team is always going to make a run...but it’s like we are playing football with a bat.
  12. Hornets @ Celtics

    Another dumb shot by lamb
  13. Hornets @ Celtics

    It’s a nightmare.
  14. Hornets @ Celtics

    Are we really getting out coached? Looks like we are getting out played with missed shots and stupid fouls
  15. Hornets @ Celtics

    Dominate for 3 1/2 quarters then poo the bed....hard to watch. We cannot finish.