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  1. Over or Under | GREG OLSEN

    Point being Panthers valued him aka you are a fake fan
  2. Over or Under | GREG OLSEN

    He got incentives that was merited on production. FAKE FAN He will get that extension but you will see his value in the playoffs. FAKE FAN
  3. We played plenty of 3-4 defense and especiallly the packers past cpl of years
  4. We already have good CBs, need to target a Safety
  5. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    Moton / Amini should start at RG
  6. He lost of his top end speed & sudden burst. You can see the drop from 08 to now like day & night. https://youtu.be/HwQ4_imGpL0
  7. Have to beat the best to be the best, challenge accepted.
  8. Who made the decision?

    Dude it was Rivera , the man is the best coach panthers had in franchise history. The players never quit on Rivera no matter the record speaks volume for itself.
  9. Cams 62 Yard Run Gif

    Cam probably runs a 4.5 after gaining steam. The most iconic is Auburn run vs LSU when he accelerates aways from Patrick Peterson. https://youtu.be/awArqOfxiNA
  10. Eagles at Rams

    Dilly Dilly
  11. Eagles at Rams

    Matter of fact fug the entire NFL
  12. Eagles at Rams

    fug the Steers , Patriots, Jaguars & Chiefs