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  1. Romo GM 2018

    I would bring him in as the O.C.
  2. Curtis Samuel can play similar role, just need to give him the snaps!
  3. So that stupid neck collar can be thrown in garbage can. I think it migh have actually amplified the concussion symptoms.
  4. Kelvin expected to play

    "Hey there it's deal with it, just reminding you too deal with it, bye."
  5. Kelvin expected to play

    Good, Funchess and KB don’t need to be on the field at the same time , need to get Samuel more involved and stop force feeding Funchess.
  6. Let him smoke some dammmnn weeeed and he will fine!!!!
  7. Samuel definitely can be if the coaches gives him opportunities,but they are 2 busy force feeding to Funchess trying to justify his pick
  8. Big deal , players need to get over it and learn out to move on. Be the bigger person!
  9. Panthers 27 Bears 10 Keep Pounding!!!! 100 yds rushing (non-QB)
  10. ISO to right side for gain of 4yds or Pass to Manhertz for 20 yds!
  11. Lions claim Brad Kaaya

    I foresee you hating on Rivera/Hurney after the SB W claiming that Ron played 2 conservative.
  12. Underneath drag or slant to one of the 2 TEs or dump off to McCaffrey
  13. Cam Newton now ranked 4th all time.

    I rather see him break passing records any day. Karate Chop it!
  14. We are taking Nick Chubbs in 2018