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  1. Gettlemens Negotiation with Norman

    bro can you not post so many damn threads ,p.s. there is reason we have the font size so we can get the point acrossto huddlerslike you.
  2. Gettlemens Negotiation with Norman

    Who drafted and signed them?My argument is that all of this succes is notsoley based on Gettleman which a lot of ppl make it out to be. This upswing started in 2011 way before he got here credit goes to the team not one man. Gettleman has played his role but the glory is not all his.
  3. Gettlemens Negotiation with Norman

    Ron Rivera , Cam, & Luke accounts for 65 % of the success rest is Gettleman my friends
  4. CB:Taveze Calhoun | Will Redmond

    Remeber Gettleman's philosphy not to pick based on need but BPA, I still see panthers going DE or TE with the 1st & 2nd round pick. As for Josh Norman I hope to god he pulls a CJ and takes the long term dealDave has offered & is still on the table. "Home is where the heart is" Taveze Calhoun Will Redmond
  5. RB: Terron Beckham

    Its not about weight lifting its about turning a "athlete" into a football player. Not the greates success but a risk worth taking on , more so than turning a candian league OT into a NFL caliberLT
  6. RB: Terron Beckham

    Its a camp invite if thecoaches see potential then he could be molded into a RB, if not he is cut.
  7. RB: Terron Beckham

    Doesnt matter if he can perform during training camp and earn a spot thats the only thing that matters.Hell he could end up just being practice squad player and develop in couple of years.
  8. RB: Terron Beckham

    Quit football to help his family for financial reason
  9. RB: Terron Beckham

    Too bad you dont get to make the decision.
  10. RB: Terron Beckham

    A distant cousin of OBJ who could be a late round pick or a UFA. If he has inherited same genetics as OBJ its worth a shot for a future J-stew replacement.He did 44 reps of 225lbs one of the highest for a running back and showed good footwork in his combine workout. Also like his mindset with a little bit of humility, mabye worth a roster spot on 90 man team.
  11. Cam Newton "Forever I love Atlanta

    Hidden message that CJ is coming back.
  12. Bears seeking trade for Martellus Bennett

    Rather draft Hunter Henley.
  13. Coples visiting, taking physical

    He is a natural fit for 4-3 and its not like where asking him to be a starter. He will learn a lot from Coach Washington & CJ as he gets acclimated back to 4-3 DE this off season.
  14. Coples visiting, taking physical

    Bruh you stole my line, the rule for using the term bruh is after making a counter argument and ending the post with one bruh.
  15. Coples visiting, taking physical

    Disagree,maybe in 2-4th round but I see us picking up offensive player in the 1st or 2nd Either TE, RB, or WR.