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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Looking forward to a smart and physical game , with no injuries. 
  2. I'll let all the other teams take the media glory but we'll have the real glory with the Superbowl Win. Especially beating the best team, QB, & Coach in the last 15 yrs. 
  3. Here we go....who wins and the final score

    Panthers 27 Dallas 17  1 TD  Stewart 1 TD  Olsen 1 TD  Ginn 2 FG Gano
  4. Maturity.

    RG3 has poteintial to be a Good QB, just needs to be in a good system that uses his ability. 
  5. Patriots-Giants Thread

    Take off time for the Panthers run to the Suberbowl Win. Air Traffic controller: Riverboat Ron Pilots: Capt. Cam & Luke Announcement: " Good morning everone, where getting ready to take off  for the Golden City , some of you might experience pressure along the way as we reach cruisng allttitude. The flight has several scenese along the trip  to right and you will have glimpse of lake norman, and to the left you will see Mount. Davis. Your hosstess for the flights  are J-Stew and Tolbert who will be pounding down the aisle to refresh you with deeznuts and pepsi.  Please fasten all QBs to the seat for a smashing flight"   Cam: "This is your Captain speaking We got the ok from Traffic Controller , Time for take off" Luke: " Keep Pounding Bitches"  The Crew - DL (qb pressure) -OL Run & Pass Blocking -J-Stew, Tolbert, & Cap -Olsen, Ginn, Funchess  -Davis, Norman, Coleman    
  6. we can go 16-0, but is 15-1 even better to rest the starters for the last game and be prepared for the playoffs!
  7. Thinking back to the draft...

    I believe he would have been successful here like KB was. The panthers have the right formula with a great defense, franchise QB,  and a top running game that almost any WR taken in rounds 1-2 would have been successful. Hell just look at Ginn & Brown.
  8. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    He should take on some of Brady's demanor and subtle trash talk and he will be winning with the Refs. 
  9. Refs......again and again

    The team needs to beat every team with 2 a score lead and carry the momentum into the playoffs. Killer Instinct mode. 
  10. Patriots-Giants Thread

    Doesn't matter he still got the job done because they stayed aggresviley smart. But the good thing is they want have this luck in supberbowl agianst us.
  11. Patriots-Giants Thread

    Thats why you dont settle for FG's agaisnt a elite QB. 
  12. Ealy needs to start with C.J

    He wasn't for a moment when he was failing to make plays.
  13. Conference Standings, #1 by at least 2 games

    I agree Cardinals needs get this W and take all the hope out of Seattle. Our offense matches up better against them. 
  14. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Defense can create a another TO and put the nail on the coffin. 
  15. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Why run to the outside when they have speed, should have smashed it in between Kalil and Turner.