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  1. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    I believe WR will be a strength with the return of KB. That will also open up the Run game even more.
  2. We will sign/extend Norman, KK, Star, Tolbert,etc.  Where gonna keep the core first then worry about filling the voids with FA.
  3. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Panthers offense relies on timing and when there is pressure  its affects the whole offense. whether if its cam throwing earlier than he has 2, not able set his feet properly or that extra second  for WR to get pass  his man for better catching oppurtinity it matters. OT was the biggest issue. 
  4. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    The OTs doesnt have to start day one but your only good as your depth and that increases your chances of winning. Just look at how investment in LB corp paid off. 
  5. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Wrong Daryl Wiliams, The key is finding the guy for your SYSTEM. 
  6. #gettlemagic No one will DRAFT and prepare us better : I BELEIVE

    Yes we just need the prospect that fits the Panthers System. Gettleman is a great scout and if he can find Star and KK he can find us a OT in 1st or 2nd round. Williams is a ideal fit for RT so we just need to hit on 1 prospect. 
  7. Panthers have avoided this issue for several years & it always comes back to bite us in the biggest moment.It cost us the game vs Seattle last year and IT sneaks back in for a SB suprise. We know big boys allows you to compete  and the investment in the DT's paid of significantly we must make the same commitment to the OL.  The 2016 OT class is strong this year with several prospect right for the Panther's system? most hudddlers point to the fact that most first round OT's have failed in the recent years but knowing the success we have had in 1st & 2nd round with GM like Gettleman we can surely find The Kawan Short of the OTs in this draft that can be left on a island or move the pile in the run game. Most of the core positions have been filled on this team and its time for quality over quantity.  The key is drafting a guy that fits Panthers system and there should be several prospect this year that can be molded. Other areas of position CB, TE, C, DE Its no good to have shiny toys like Kelvin, Funchess,Brown..etc when your QB doesn't have time to throw. In a way your setting your prior investment for failure. Yeah the OTs we have now will get it done in the regular season but come play off time  where gonna be facing elite pass rushers (hence they are in the post season).  Possible Prospects. We just need 1 prospect. OT: TAYLOR DECKER, OT, GERMAIN IFEDI, OT  
  8. Big Daryl Williams....

    Offense reverted back to the stone age, There needs to be somekind of shake up in the offense we have too much potential  & pride to play like that. 
  9. #gettlemagic No one will DRAFT and prepare us better : I BELEIVE

    He needs to hit big on a OT this draft and shore up the secondary with a CB, then work our way for depth at TE, DE,DT & S. We got dominated on the outer edges and we need to shore that issue asap this our biggest weakness.   
  10. Making a banner for training camp. "Remember Denver"

    Never soon, the players should be reminded of those feelings constantly where not going back to that place. Keep Pounding!
  11. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    Close to the goal but not good enough.I have no doubt in my mind this loss is going to make the team 100x better. Disclipine, hunger,respect, focus, & and the drive to become better everyday so we never feel like this again. From here on out where never going to fail in the biggest moment. Keep Pounding bros. 
  12. That image of Josh Norman crying

    This was a hard loss but this will make us stronger than ever, next year we will get it. 
  13. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Looking forward to a smart, physical, aggressive,& disciplined game for 4 qtrs, with no injuries. Keep Pounding!
  14. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    He is more agile, but Cam should have a some nice scrambles after taking deep shots with Gin and Funchess.