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  1. Who made the decision?

    Dude it was Rivera , the man is the best coach panthers had in franchise history. The players never quit on Rivera no matter the record speaks volume for itself.
  2. Cams 62 Yard Run Gif

    Cam probably runs a 4.5 after gaining steam. The most iconic is Auburn run vs LSU when he accelerates aways from Patrick Peterson. https://youtu.be/awArqOfxiNA
  3. Eagles at Rams

    Dilly Dilly
  4. Eagles at Rams

    Matter of fact fug the entire NFL
  5. Eagles at Rams

    fug the Steers , Patriots, Jaguars & Chiefs
  6. Eagles at Rams

    fug you Rams
  7. Eagles at Rams

    fug Dave Gettelman
  8. Eagles at Rams

    fug Atlanta and Seahawks as well.
  9. Eagles at Rams

    Refs helped them out for 4qtrs. They are lucky they won the game. fug the eagles and fug the saints
  10. Possibility Wentz tore his ACL

    Not against the Panthers.
  11. Haters ain’t hatin today

    No it didn’t , again what was the margin of victory?
  12. Haters ain’t hatin today

    Stop overblowing it was for one series
  13. Haters ain’t hatin today

    Coaching staff did hell of a job besides few conservative calls
  14. Props to Bersin

    He is a solid # 4/5 WR & ST players. Will need him to make similar plays in the post-season.
  15. Greg Olsen didn't seem right today....

    Don’t care long as he is healthy and getting back into game shape.
  16. Something Understated

    As Ron mentioned before, Byrd only came in for deep ball and defense knew his routes. But now with more snaps coming his way he can run different varites of routes that defenders have to resepct. This will open up the deep stuff going forward.
  17. Coaching Staff was good for majority of the games , we learned things that they will improve on. Loved the rushing #s but we have to get the passing game going and feed it to all the weapons. Time for Elite level play! Keep Pounding!!!!
  18. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    Exactly the soft coverage before is the reason they came back in the game. Love the off coverage but still send LBs and to blitz.
  19. Come on dude you have an all pro TE
  20. Like I said to somebody he is better than Lattimore 24/7