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  1. Probably the next biggest leap for mankind as we understand more about gravitional waves and the ultimate mystery of whats really inside those black holes ?
  2. Cam Newton now ranked 4th all time.

    I rather see him break passing records any day. Karate Chop it!
  3. We are taking Nick Chubbs in 2018
  4. Need someone badly to stretch the defense out deep so we can play Hi-Lo concept , need to use Samuel on deep crossing route wiht CMC as underneath dump off
  5. Run Game Woes - Ted Ginn Jr.

    The issue with Samuel is that he needs to get stronger and break through contact faster. That should happen towards end of the season with more conditioning & live reps. He is due for a breakout game hopefully its this Sunday!
  6. I personaly dot give a fug what Fox has to say, get the run game going and control the game for W. Need to start racking up wins, Philly is going to lose couple of game and we can take #1 Seed for NFC still.
  7. We badly needed one vs Denver in the SB though.
  8. Lines to pick up girls .

    Beer or Wine?
  9. With Aaron Rodgers possibly out for the season and Packers season is a lost cause this would be a good opportunity to pick up a dual threat TE and FB to help Cam & the running game. Would you make this trade for couple of mid round picks (4-7) ?
  10. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    Yes like Panthers are run first team that helps the stout defense. When Panthers rush for 100yds+ they win 80% of the games. We like to use TE/FB for blocking We like to use TE in the receving game We need a 2nd TE that can block and catch. We should use Captain more but coaches seems to think base 4-3 defense is the best?
  11. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    700 yds & 7 TDs says so otherwise. Maybe try to watching some football, you might learn something? Wasn't I right abou Palardy > Lee?
  12. But CAP & CMC can be on the field at the same time just audible one to slot or dump off this way you can pass or go power run.
  13. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    Come on man his sole characterstic isn't possession its actaully his versatility that would make this offense more efficient. First of all he can actually block and when he blocks he pushes ppl around that creates lanes for you running back so average of 3 yds alone on his blocking per play. He can line up X, Y & Z and run any routes with minimum drops & produce YACs 700+yds & 7 TDs Blount had 1,161yds & 18 TDs running behind him.Blount didn't have 1,000 yds season since his 2010 with Bucs. Its not a conidence that when you have one of the best blocking TE the RBs produciton goes ups significantly. @Jeremy Igo
  14. I have seen several years of Colin Jones and nothing really stands out. When was the last time he actually used his speed and made a negative impact play on punts/kicks
  15. Southward can do play special teams as well & his upsides is beating out Adams at SS.
  16. Yes especially blocking wise. He jad 700+ yds & 7 TD with the Patriots in 2016. Panthers should trade DA/ Kaya for Bennett.
  17. True , but I still prefer Southward who has upsides over Colin Jones, hopefully he is back on the team in the near future.
  18. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    4th round pick is not selling the farm (Which DG has traded away several time :p) , nice propaganda spin though. If your FUPA man would have addressed certain positions on the offense instead of falling in love with certain position on defense and stock piling them the run game wouldn't be a issue. 1.700 Yds 7 TDs yea that's hardly any contribution. 2. He is in the wrong scheme & they don't take advantage of his skill set
  19. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    Yep and having Cam & Coach of the year Rivera who usually has top 10 defense along with defensive player of the year in Luke doesn't sound bad. Then you have a supporting cast of CMC, KB, Funchess, Dickson, J-Stew ... Did I tell you foundation of this team is running the ball & defense and dual threat TE is important to success of both. Work with your personnel as they say.
  20. Panthers interested in Bowman

    One is outside vs the inside but Shaq plays like flat footed MLB when in coverage recently.
  21. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    & that's what Patriots spent to get Martellus Bennett and won the SB with Gronk down.
  22. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    Oh look another Shula/Rivera hating sheep.
  23. We are a power run team & always will be. The personnel is same besides Matt Kalil that J-Stew rushed behind for 800 + yds & 9 TDs. The issue is calling run plays on different downs and more power based. Also CAP should get the nod over CMC as pure HB, keep CMC in dump offs & short game to stretch the defense out.