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  1. Benjamin

    He is not a TE and he wan't be able to block
  2. Benjamin

    TEs & small shifty WR w/ 1big outside WR. Power/Finess Running game.
  3. I doubt that happens my sources say Panthers value the draft picks more than a overpaying a WR. Plus injury was major factor on WR production and of course Shula.
  4. Big Business ppl like to keep negotiations under wrap until the right time. MJ has enough money w/ his group. (NFL will even help MJ group w/ finance similar to MLB deal with Jetter) The bigger question is will NFL push for a minority owner due to changing customers & landscape of America aka more diversity.
  5. We can draft a cheaper & better option
  6. Hell no, wasting money on STs is stupid when you need it for DL & OL.
  7. Remember Palardy was found in middle of the desert.
  8. fug no, wasted money when you can have Star or Norwell
  9. Crowell & Lee are perfect pieces to complement this offense for reasonable price.
  10. The case for Billy Price....

    Troy Fumgali or Nick Chubb
  11. The case for Billy Price....

    Or move Moton to center who can take DTs & NTs on 1 vs 1 blocking which frees up 2 of your All Pro Guars to do pulll and down hill block. AKA best running game in the league.
  12. https://teapainusa.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/data-patterns-suggest-trump-towerspectrum-health-ran-a-stealth-data-machine-with-russia/
  13. Trump Tower’s “Stealth Russian Data Machine”

    President can authorize anyone to have security clearance... so Daddy want to make he has it to cover his back. Kelly has to a play fine line to stay under Trumps good side to “maintain” some form of control for govt operations. A lot of officials should be given oscars for their acting and duty of course!
  14. Trump Tower’s “Stealth Russian Data Machine”

    Yea multiple times like fight night and would to like to make sure his scum bags affiliates are there get some as well lol!
  15. Ruh roh - indictments

    Say what , you been hiding like a bear in hibernation. Remember the indictments for the big fish comes towards the end ... we are about 1/3 or 1/2 way in.
  16. What does a GM need to be?

    This guy scouted that Remmers should be the starting RT over Daryl Williams This guy scouted that Shepard should be starting over Byrd etc,etc This guy doesn’t really know what he is talking about majority of time but wants to feel like he has superior knowledge than your lowly average huddler. This guy is a average joe trying live off the fantasy of being a GM through the huddle. You would suck as a GM lol @panthers55
  17. What does a GM need to be?

    A coach is a scout and better scout than a scout a scout is someone who’s couldn’t make it as a coach
  18. What does a GM need to be?

    Nope the real method is giving your coach the GM power
  19. Josh Gordon will be...

    I'm down for this
  20. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    Dude started 30 threads about new ownership the hate is real in this one. Just look at his post history via activity, its all negative stuff about Ron , GM & owner...... its sort of like he is obbsessed with it like I am with 2 TE set.
  21. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    The Internt is the best source @mr.scot.and.janglerarefat