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  1. And in fairness to Remmers the backs deserve some blame for some piss poor protection during the SB. Didnt Tolbert miss a chip on Miller for the first fumble? Fozzy wasnt much better.
  2. Best Positions to Target in Each Round

    TE was the worst position to draft I believe. Data suggests you'd probably be better off addressing it in FA like we did with Olsen and the Pats just did adding Bennett and just recently Clay Harbor too. Guys like Gronk and Eifert have elite traits. I dont see anyone like that in this draft.
  3. Possibly the best laugh of the offseason

    They must be drinking buddies, there is zero basis for believing the Browns will do anything but regress. Their current season is in the hands of an RG3 and Gordon reunion and one of them isnt even eligible to play again. If they draft Wentz he instantly has increased his bust factor by at least 50%. Goff will then become a super star due to sods law.
  4. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    And it feels like only yesterday that Brady was signing his praises. Anyone else remember that fluff piece?
  5. I honestly thought there was a point during the season where they should have starting working him in more. But how do you bench a starter when we were on the run we had. I dont think that would have been a great locker-room move. I would never wish any Panther injury but that was likely the only way Daryl got in there his rookie year. Im rewatching the games for last yeay and im at the point where Norwell is injured ans Amini is filling in, nothing against Daryl but continuity is key. Its like Amini drags both Kalils and Oher play down.
  6. Bucs coach admits they're chasing the Panthers

    Interesting nugget on Kwan, he was selected with the 124th pick which originally belonged to us. We traded it to Oakland to move up for Daryl Williams. Oakland then traded that pick to the Bucs for an extra 7th rounder.
  7. Bucs coach admits they're chasing the Panthers

    Kwan is their MLB, not David. He ended up being a steal in the forth round last year.
  8. Bucs coach admits they're chasing the Panthers

    As good as David is I believe Dirk was refering to Kwan Alexander in that piece.
  9. ESPN's Field Yates thoughts on the Carolina Panthers

    He missed Soliai as an addition.
  10. I could see a top CB getting a very good shot at starting over Bene.
  11. Kyle Love talks continue

    Iknow you're kidding but nobody is getting an extra MM with Gman around. He knows he has more big contracts coming and he he isnt overpaying for role players. If anything the Boykin and Soliai deals will mean he signs relatively cheap.
  12. Strong Safety

    Is the guy we picked up from Washington a FS or SS?
  13. William jackson was getting alot of love on TV yesterday. Was rated very highly by Louis Riddick yesterday. He and DJ seem like the better analysts to me.
  14. Not trying to defend Chip but if you're going to ding him for drafting Smith you have to also give him credit for drafting Lane, Ertz and Logan the previous year, Mathews after Smith. Hicks looks loike a nice find in round 3 last year and I know a bunch here were in love with Aghalor. Sounds more lIke sour grapes, he just left the college ranks and obviously felt good about what he saw himself first hand. Cant blame him for wanting to do it his way. His drafting looks above par even if Smith is a bust. I think chip has history with Baalke and Gamble is there now too. It might not be the disaster some expect in SF. Philly did have 2 10-6 seasons before things went sour. Gotta keep that D off the field tho Chip.
  15. Kuechly a bust? One Bucs fan thought so

    Man, they gave up on Barron quick making it even funnier. But his style of play hinted he'd be a better fit at LB.