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  1. I am a positive person so I rarely underestimate...but I have to admit, Marty Hurney has really surprised me. I didn't want him back because the same reason that re-marriages don't work... I really thought Gettleman was THE STUFF until he did one of the dumbest things I have ever seen someone with his intelligence do, with the Norman debacle. It was pride or ego that made that decision. At least that is the only thing I can come up with for why someone would do what he did without a plan in action. People in his position just can't do things like that. Its way too big to make quick emotional major decisions like he did. I know he was trying to set a mood that he wouldn't be pushed around, but he did it with maybe the only position and caliber of player that he couldn't. So what idiot didn't know we were picking CBs in the first few rounds....we reached. I still think that if a man is fixing his toilet when his name is called, then he probably went a little too early. lol BUT, this wasn't supposed to be about Gettleman, but there is NO way Gettleman has us in this good of shape going into the season. We don't have CJ Anderson, Torrey Smith, and we would still have Benji so we probably wouldn't have picked DJ Moore. Marty Hurney, I am sorry. I thought you would have us in worse shape and darn if you didn't flip the script. Instead of us being the dumping grounds, you sent an oft injured, not motivated Kelvin Benjamin to Buffalo and made a deal that made you look pretty darn smart when you sent a ticking time bomb to the Super Bowl Champs for needed vet presence in the WR room. I remember Marty Hurney as the man that would let Peppers go and give his money to Charles Johnson. Then have two RBs making way too much... What in the world happened? Did you get smart from Local Fan Radio? Honestly, I thought Mr. Richardson had truly lost his mind when he made you the interim GM and then even with the restraining order and that mess out there, he still promoted you to the same position that he fired you for a few years ago. I have to hand it to you, you learned from your mistakes and didn't let pride or ego get in the way of that. You were smart enough to figure out where you went wrong and corrected it. Please forgive me for not giving you the benefit of the doubt! Oh and I usually just read the forum and don't post much, I would have started a new topic, but I am not allowed to since I don't have enough posts. I am going to try to be more active so I don't hijack someones thread and maybe someone can move it, but when I read that quote by Kary Collins, I just realized that I was happy Marty Hurney was our GM!
  2. kmgreensman

    For the Monk Haters

    How in the world could anyone judge or blame Monk for his play this year? You don't play him and when you do, you play in at a position he is not comfortable. WOW that is not a high success rate but the perfect mix for killing a kids confidence! I remember the moment it started. They played the Bulls early season and Kris Dunn (one of the leagues best one on one defenders) picked his pocket a couple of times. They jerked him out of the game and shoved him on the bench and every night pushed him farther and farther down. I don't care how much swag or confidence you have in yourself or your game, a 19 year old isn't mature enough yet not to be effected by that. I saw a look on his face a few times at timeouts and him on the bench that I recognized. I had been there! Now here is my disclaimer....I am, in NO way, trying to compare my personal basketball talents to Malik Monk, or any other NBA player. I played Division 2 basketball back in the day. (NAIA when I played) I had a dozen or so offers but choose this school because I was promised I would start all 4 years.( I still can't believe that I didn't pay a dime to get my college degree and all I had to do is do something I would have done for free.) I recognized that look on Malik's face because I had been there! I was a really good shooter. AND I knew it! Not cocky just very confident. I shot a better percentage from three than from two. I was 45% to 46% from that distance throughout college but I played in the wrong era! Today coaches would have encouraged me, but when I played, Three pointers were new to the game and coaches really didn't know what to think of them yet. Mine, oh he didn't like the new rule at all! . We didn't even have threes till my sophomore year. So the year before, and in high school, my shots from out there were good shots, but when that line was painted, all of a sudden, they weren't anymore. And I am not talking about bad shots.I'm not talking one pass and shoot with a defender in my face. laughing saying this I did not DARE ever come down on a break and stop at three point range and shoot. I am talking moving the ball around to where I have a WIDE A$$ open shot! I averaged more assists than our point so it wasn't like I wasn't passing the ball. SMH! So starting my sophomore year when I pulled up for my first shot of the game (form three range, all my shots were basically from there), I KNEW I was coming out of the game if I missed it! At first you don't think about as much, but after a while its like having the yips in putting....its like that little man inside yells, "HEY WAIT!!!!! You know if you miss it???" BUT anyway back to Malik...Lack of confidence causes you to try to "question yourself" while you're playing and there isn't enough time to play AND question yourself. You have to be able to react. You play timid and this causes awkward moments. I could see some of those with him where he would have normally just reacted and shot it or drove to the basket and now he is hesitating and then trying to make a pass. No one is happier than me to see him playing like he is now because he is WAY to talented to be on the end of the bench. His development should have been more of a priority than winning games in my opinion. Playing MCW in front of Monk was crazy! Monk has the chance to be a very special player in this league! When you jump 43 inches being 6'3 vs being 6'5 isnt that big of a deal to me. I loved seeing him get his old self back and his play is proving it. Just the fact of him being interviewed before the game last night That tells me a lot about where he is now. Compare that to how he spoke during that span when he had a reserved seat down there next to Marcus Paige! Different man now! Sorry for the long post, but I just saw a very, very talented kid starting to question his own talent level and it made me sick inside when I would see those moments when I knew he was just trying not to mess up. This kid is going to be special if they keep developing him and please don't EVER or make him watch MCW play in front of him. Another disclaimer....This is only my opinion from my own personal experience. I was no where NEAR the talent of Malik Monk! His vertical is 43 inches, mine wasn't 43 sheets of notebook paper!! I really am pulling for him. Now if MJ will just let Mitch Cup-Check do his job we may just start seeing other talented players getting drafted! Just want to see my Hornets play good basketball. You can tell by my status I don't post much. The way they handled Monk this year is just a touchy one for me and just wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks,
  3. YES! If MJ will let him draft players and stay out of that, we might start to build a solid franchise!
  4. YES.. Ginn does need to go up and fair catch it.. Why is he not? Maybe that is why its been a problem..
  5. This is the third time this has happened this season! at least 3.. How can we be so dumb and not fix this????
  6. I know this isn't how he does on the field, but he did pretty well! I like him a lot! I think he will play a lot in the next few years... Curt