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  1. King added a post in a topic Cecil the lion   

    Anyway, the moral superiority you get from animal lovers on this nonsense is revolting.  We've reached the point as a species that most people can live off the hard, dirty, and morally questionable acts of others without having to lift a dubious finger themselves.  Even if you go Galt and stick to eating grass-feds, you're subjecting an animal to death so that you can feel full.  I don't think it cares how it died after it's dead.
    Same goes for every historical issue.  You're only alive because, at some point in your family line, your forefather captured a woman from an enemy tribe and raped her into motherhood.  You only get to live in America because a few ships full of convicts came here and brutalized the colored natives.
    Benefiting from the amoral acts that it takes to build a civilization while condemning those same acts makes you worse than a child molester.  A child molester is at least honest with himself.  He knows what he is and what he does.  But now we have a whole population of higher-than-thou morons who don't remind themselves every day that they're reaping the benefits of slavery, rape, mass slaughter, and politicized deceit every time that they buy a Whopper at Burger King.
    fug that.  Own who you are: a child of violence and suffering.  If you refuse to own it, or if it makes you uncomfortable, then pay reparations.  If you're not going to pay reparations, then shut the hell up and get off your fuging high horse.
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  2. King added a post in a topic Cecil the lion   

    Chimpanzees are, as a whole, psychotic gang bangers.
    Dolphins kill and rape the dead bodies of other dolphins for no reason other than pleasure.
    Animals get more violent as they get more intelligent.
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  3. King added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    As someone who's pro-choice, fug Planned Parenthood. Let women pay for aborting their fug trash themselves.
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  4. King added a post in a topic Racism is Dead Part 89108392083: Black woman found dead in police custody   

    Who gives a fug? Racism is still dead. Get over it.
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  5. King added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    Punishing the coal industry is asinine, especially if we're trying to encourage the same internationally. poo peasants in the third world would rather have an industrialized country than a green eco-friendly shithole. Wanting to reduce emissions globally is literally America trying to keep the world poor.
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