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  1. All the Westboro Baptist Church's funeral protests are peaceful demonstrations that end peacefully. What is the problem? No one's saying these kids can't legally petition that their school be a safe space. We're just laughing at them for having shitty ideas about how the world should work.
  2. cwg pretending he gives a poo about spending 
  3. The Panthers are an odd beast. No one will deny how stout the defense is, but analysts see an offense that rides Jonathan Stewart into the ground with a hot-and-cold passing attack. Newton goes firmly against the grain of a dink and dunk 3 yard check down threat like Brady. His greatest success this year has come when passing for 20-30 yard gains on deep routes. This makes him look awful statistically, since he usually throws three times the incompletions as other pocket passers for the same yardage. It's a feast or famine offense with a quarterback more reminiscent of Brett Favre than Aaron Rodgers. By all accounts, this team shouldn't be able to function in 2015. Yet here we stand.
  4. Not a fan of this move, but we'll see what happens.
  5. anything resembling a bye week still terrifies me, but eh I'm not worried about the Saints.
  6. they're letting queers marry now, too these are bad times
  7. Sunday night game thread

  8. Sunday night game thread

    Pats are mad as hell
  9. Sunday night game thread

    and the walls come crumbling down
  10. Sunday night game thread

    lol nice play
  11. Sunday night game thread

    burn and die Pats
  12. Sunday night game thread

    Pats need a new strength and conditioning coach. These receivers can't take a hit.
  13. Sunday night game thread

    God I get so sick of seeing Brady bitch to the refs every fuging time his team gets a penalty.
  14. Sunday night game thread

    I'll cum if the Broncos somehow win this after failing to get that TD