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  1. Damn good show tonight guys. Cheers.
  2. We are lucky as a fan base to have a guy like Luke representing our team and the Carolinas. Cant think of a better way to kick off the NFL season than getting him locked in for 5 more years. @mcdadester
  3. Rockahype

    About those 5 Things ...

    Fair enough as I was on and off cooking duties and did not see every pass last night. It seemed last season when we needed him in position to pick up a first he could be counted on. Maybe I'm just a homer. Not saying don't give Byrd every chance possible. It's just with Ginn/Brown already taking care of speed Byrd doesn't bring enough for me to give him a roster spot over Bersin/Boykin (minus a really bad showing from both of them over the next 3 games). A year on the practice squad wouldn't hurt Byrd at all. So far after game one I'd like to see.. Benjamin/Funchess/Bersin Ginn/Brown/Byrd If Cotchery has to make it... Benjamin/Funchess/Cotchery Ginn/Brown/Bersin
  4. Rockahype

    About those 5 Things ...

    Bersin catches everything thrown his way and is very aware of where he is on the field. He would have made the catch Byrd dropped on that comeback route and very possibly moved the chains. That grab in the end zone is business as usual from what we've seen out of Bersin under actual game pressure. IMO he has an upside in having to prove year to year that he belongs on the this team. With Proehl leading the crew Cotch's experience upside isn't necessary so a decision between Bersin and Byrd makes more sense. Regarding ST I see what you mean in Byrd's potential value. He looked comfortable and ready to do damage given some space. I just think it's too soon to give him a roster spot over a proven valuable possession receiver who is familiar with our system. I am though excited to see more Byrd on the field over the next few games and hope he at least makes the PS.
  5. She's hot... Can she play LT?
  6. Rockahype

    Pie Leaderboard

    I just like the Huddle in general. I'm sorry you are too "old" to enjoy it as well.
  7. Rockahype

    Pie Leaderboard

    Why do we all want the Panthers to win football games? Because it brings the good feels...