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  1. Packer fans today at BOA Stadium

    Section 511. I do not exaggerate, the whole row in front of us was Packers fans, end to end. It felt like an away game. The girl behind me to the left sat with her legs over the back of the empty seat next to me so I couldn't bang the chair. When I commented on what she was doing to my buddy she made a remark about "say it to her face" or something along those lines. They wanted to cheese it up until we took the lead then proceeded to mope and complain about our cheering until things got close at which point they re-became super fans. Its beyond me how any away fan can complain about how someone is cheering for their team at HOME. I haven't even seen Steelers/Eagles/Failcons fans do that. Fug Packers fans from here on out. Go back to your shite hole town.