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  1. apparently he's been eating at a pro-bowl level for quite some time.
  2. upon further research, there is also a wet substance called "water" that can help improve not dying in the heat by 38%
  3. probably used lasers to do it originally TBQH. Over time, though, due to normal wear and repeated re-sodding, the playing surface becomes irregular and areas of ruts form.
  4. Obama kills...

    This isn't right, because obama is a muslim and islam is the religion of peace. Ergo, he couldn't have commmitted this violence.
  5. SF 49ers join fight against HB2

    they are welcome to use the BoA stadium ladies room on 9/18 en lieu of pissing on themselves when they see luke
  6. I have gotten pie from mr Scot several times. He must not care enough for me to compliment me directly. :(
  7. Got a relationship question...

    This thread is a real cold stream of water up the ass of the OP. The posters who tell him the truth are harsh, bidet are telling him what he needs to hear.
  8. credit card problem

    I had a debit card and a credit card compromised within a month after christmas. One was used in virginia, but one was used in antayla, turkey. Both with in-person transactions.
  9. Got a relationship question...

  10. Panthers ass whoopings will remain free
  11. Damiere Byrd "living in the weight room"

    Sounds about right for a slender guy under a pro weight training program. Lofty goal should be a pound per month in the hopes you see a pound every two months.
  12. Last season according to them we should've gone 6-10 so
  13. Own a piece of history

    so this guy is a dirtbag, I can see that this is news.