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  1. Jase added a post in a topic Bluetooth everyone?   

    just wait until they figure out that bluetooth causes cancer :(
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  2. Jase added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    Worker pay up 0.2% last quarter, smallest gain on record
    Thanks, Obama?
    if you've felt like a wage slave for the last 10 years, well, it seems like you'd be right.
    whats it going to take to have a good labor market again?
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  3. Jase added a post in a topic THIS FORUM NOW PANTHERS ONLY!   

    This year I'm forgoing the usual lock-thread-and-ban method for violators and moving on to finding your home address and bringing a paddle.
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  4. Jase added a post in a topic Long Story short....   

    Sorry, I sneezed and pushed the update button instead of the "ban panthro" button
    also, I think the huddle might be at war with the Mongols.
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  5. Jase added a post in a topic The Republican candidate is apparently going to be chosen this weekend   

    I see nothing about virgin sacrifice in that article, so I doubt any decisions are being firmed up this weekend.
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  6. Jase added a post in a topic The Piesman Trophy?   

    Aw hell naw!
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  7. Jase added a post in a topic The Bucs official hype video   

    Success. It gets me pretty hyped.
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  8. Jase added a post in a topic What are the rules regarding toddler in maternity ward?   

    we have a similar age spread and we didn't have the older child come to the hospital.  I don't think there are hard and fast rules, but it's a good idea not to bring them in if you can help it.
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  9. Jase added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    Burrito bowl, double chicken, pintos, brown rice, hot salsa, corn salsa, cheese, lettuce.
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  10. Jase added a post in a topic I love the Tinderbox   

    As the one on here that is correct most often, I concur.
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  11. Jase added an answer to a question Signatures?   

    They're still here, however they are only viewable to all-pro platinum level members.
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  12. Jase added a post in a topic Harvard - Panthers bottom 10 team in 2015   

    Those boston nerds are still mad about the 2013 pats game, I see
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  13. Jase added a post in a topic Kepler discovers Earth sized planet in habitable zone...   

    well, there WERE aliens there, but they died off 6.4 billion years ago
    Sorry about that.
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  14. Jase added a post in a topic We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)   

    This concept that he's a good rebounder in the NBA doesn't pass the eye test for me.
    Hopefully he won't see the floor much.
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