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  1. Jeebus...

    can't wait to see my royalty check from this
  2. Coach Rivera just chillin

    Impressive trouser bulge for wearing black, Stephanie's a lucky woman, coach.
  3. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Lots of short, floaty passes into the middle of the field.  sounds good.
  4. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    That's my LB   Watch your back, rodney.
  5. this has got to be killing him.   I love it. lolololololol
  6. Super Bowl recipes...

    Ever since I was introduced to buffalo turds by teh huddle, its been my choice for big games. http://blog.bbqaddicts.com/recipes/atomic-buffalo-turds/
  7. did they replace his arms with chainsaws yet?
  8. I'll just leave this here

    Kiss of death
  9. Sounds like a normal commute to me
  10. Did you say dominate his sport?
  11. kids these days, never even heard the song "conjunction junction, what's your function?"
  12. Broncos player sent home....

    if prostitution is wrong, I'm not sure I want to be right.