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  1. Les Bowen ✔@LesBowen My understanding is that it is likely, though not certain, that the #Eagles will release cornerback Daryl Worley. Discussions being held among various parties.
  2. Worley Arrested

    El. Oh. El.
  3. Poe for 9 mpy for 3 years >>> Star for 10 mpy for 5 years especially since Poe is younger by a year
  4. SB 53 Champs. Its happening.
  5. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Allen. If Lamar Jackson would make a good WR, idk why Allen couldnt make a nice TE
  6. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    He'd make a nice TE of the future to replace Olsen
  7. Landry is overrated as fug. Dude has scat back receiving numbers as a WR
  8. This. We just need NFl Caliber WRs. Just average WRs. Nothing special lol
  9. Lord i hope he passes on us and we get a young innovative coach
  10. Cam wont be coming an injury this offseason and his shoulder can fully heal. BTW is there anyway we can cut Matt Kalil without too much damage this offseason?
  11. LOL your obsession with TEs is hilarious man i love it
  12. PDiddy is a Criminal with a background

    Op is a snowflake
  13. We have a lot more women posting on this site than when I first joined this site.