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  1. Brees in Carolina???

    Next we will trade for Bobby Wagner
  2. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Allen. If Lamar Jackson would make a good WR, idk why Allen couldnt make a nice TE
  3. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    He'd make a nice TE of the future to replace Olsen
  4. Landry is overrated as fug. Dude has scat back receiving numbers as a WR
  5. This. We just need NFl Caliber WRs. Just average WRs. Nothing special lol
  6. Lord i hope he passes on us and we get a young innovative coach
  7. Cam wont be coming an injury this offseason and his shoulder can fully heal. BTW is there anyway we can cut Matt Kalil without too much damage this offseason?
  8. LOL your obsession with TEs is hilarious man i love it
  9. PDiddy is a Criminal with a background

    Op is a snowflake
  10. @thebigcat still think He's innocent? fug that racist hypocritical pervert
  11. Exactly lol "Well he called some people the n word and groped and possibly raped a few people but LOOK WHAT HE HAS DONE WITH OUR COMMUNITY!!!!!"
  12. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Jerry bout to get the Donald Sterling'd
  13. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    I bet this is race related. Probably called someone the n word and some more racist poo