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  1. NBA Finals Thread

    At this point it's obvious you are trolling.
  2. NBA Finals Thread

    ​He shot his team out? Can you tell us who on his team was putting up more points than him. I'll wait.
  3. NBA Finals Thread

    ​Except that he had the most points for his team despite that, and had the 4th highest ppg of any nba finals mvp. I'm not a Lebron fan by any means but I can see how much of a player he is. He needs some help like every other player in any team sport.
  4. NBA Finals Thread

    ​Did you know how many records he broke during this finals series? http://www.si.com/nba/2015/06/16/lebron-james-finals-mvp-cavaliers-warriors-stephen-curry-andre-iguodala   Read more about what he did by himself during this finals. He could only do so much. It's still a team game and he did what most could not do. To say attempt to diminish what he did because they did not win it all is being simple-minded.   Dude was 65% of their offense, the best EVER in history. What more did you expect him to do? The closest was Jordan at 56%.
  5. NBA Finals Thread

    ​That's his game, he just keeps backing into people and then shoots. He's still a beast anyways and could only carry these scrubs so far.
  6. NBA Finals Thread

    Lebron is the true definition of MVP. Without him the Cavs could have only gone so far.
  7. NBA Finals Thread

    ​No, it's a team game. He could only do so much to carry those scrubs. We can't say Cam is a beast with a losing season but Lebron sucks because the rest of his team sucks.
  8. NBA Finals Thread

    You make it too easy.
  9. NBA Finals Thread

    Of course when the double standard has been exposed, resort to personal attacks.
  10. NBA Finals Thread

    ​Because it's not a team game? I'm sure you still think Cam is a beast despite having a losing record.
  11. NBA Finals Thread

    Are you really going to blame the refs? Let it go. Bad calls have gone both ways. I am not a basketball fan in the least bit so I think I can claim I am being objective here.
  12. NBA Finals Thread

    Look at Lebron just shove Igoudala. No foul
  13. NBA Finals Thread

    lmao at Cavs fans claiming the calls are going against them. What is new?
  14. NBA Finals Thread

    Dellavedova is SPENT!
  15. NBA Finals Thread

    Dellavedova playing like poo.