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  1. Who is Ready?

    Kemba hates Portland
  2. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    So that's why Hendo was traded...
  3. Frank Kaminsky looking good in summer league

    Mitch McGary with the horrible pick and roll defense.  Frank had open looks all day.  He looks pretty smooth in glorified YMCA ball.  Hope he develops and is a legit baller.  That's all I wanted at 9, and with Winslow there it seemed so obvious to me.  Well maybe ol' Frank is gonna prove a lot of us wrong.  And then promptly not re-sign with us because of it.  J/K, bird rights.
  4. Frank Kamisky has changed

    So we drafted him to boost JCPenny sales at Carolina Place Mall?  South Park already has Cam and Belks.  It's all making sense now (tinfoil hat mode is ON)
  5. Hornets Forum Revival...

    I'm down for constructive dialogue, but since it's the offseason will there be leniency?
  6. Honeybees in Bikinis

    I'm calling dibs on being you in my next life.  Huddle will be better too.
  7. They threw in some Bitcoins late I hear too ... but seriously, even w/o the offer rumors, I'm still pissed.  Fug this team and fug all you ... fuggers Edit: No.  We'll be just fine.  I can't wait to watch Frank ball out and make me look bad.  ROY, here comes Frank the fuggin' Tank
  8. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Justise Winslow or 16 and 28 ... hmmm .... how stupid is this FO ... screw the deal, there shouldve been contingencies in the agreement
  9. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    I want to rage quit this so bad but don't know how ... I'm gonna go watch some Frank Kaminsky highlights I guess
  10. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    lock this thread up ... i cant even watch the highlights ... james harden 2.0 i'm callin it
  11. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    its jordan not cho
  12. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    fug you frank kaminskys dad
  13. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    did that just happen?
  14. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    are u fuggin kiddin me, he better turn into dirk or im gonna stop watching the hornets