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  1. Oh, so you're one of those. Can't discuss an OPINION without resorting to insults. Far too many like you around nowadays. Peace out
  2. Your challenge was "Find a single YouTube video of a quarterback taking a killshot that didn't lead to retaliation from his teammates to the guy that did it." No mention of disregarding some teams etc. Like I said, you made that challenge like it would be difficult. It was the first video my search returned. There are a few on that video. The first mentions the Texans bench coming on the field of play but taking no action for back to back roughing penalties.
  3. DO YOUR FARGING JOB AND KEEP IT FROM HAPPENING. IF YOUR QB IS CONCUSSED AND OUT OF THE GAME, YOU'RE ALREADY IN TROUBLE. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GIVE AWAY YARDAGE 15 AT A POP. If the officials are calling the game in a way that allows that play, you certainly should adapt to it.
  4. You're not keeping him safe. You would have done that by making the blocks. If he's already on the ground, you're just retaliating pure and simple, and possibly hurting your own team more.
  5. Wouldn't it have been nice too have a few seconds more at the end of that game? It took over a minute of game time to recover the 15 yards that we would have received if Smith had controlled himself. Would that have changed the outcome? No way of knowing. What we do know is your way resulted in the "L". Play smart disciplined football. Leave the blood for blood crap for the punks on the streets.
  6. Sasquatch

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    B. The hit for a team trading for Brown would be his salaries, Steelers keep the hit for bonuses. That lowers the average hit to the $9-10 M per year (maybe even less) C. Totally agree
  7. Sasquatch

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    There are 2 factors to be considered in the cap hit. The 8 million is the Steelers' hit with him on the roster. If traded, the Steelers retain the cap hit for all signing and roster bonuses paid and the prorated portions accelerate onto the cap now. In other words, the team trading for Brown would have to manage only a 915K cap hit this year, the Steelers would get a hit over 28 Million. A lot of teams may be prompted to ask based on the rumor but a trade is unlikely UNLESS there are big names in return. Mack's trade is different since he was at the end of a contract leaving no hit with the Raiders.
  8. I poo'd you because I disagree with the retaliation mentality. Far too often you see the retaliation get the penalty while the instigator gets off scott free. Play disciplined football.
  9. Sasquatch

    More run plays?

    https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/04/3-things-c-j-anderson-brings-to-the-panthers-offense/ "Thing" number 2
  10. Sasquatch

    Is Eric Reid invisible?

    "Person also reports that coach Ron Rivera, who himself is the son of a veteran, believes players should find different ways to protest but is concerned about making sure the Panthers locker room does not become fractured; hence why he reportedly spoke to his team on Monday about the issues." https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/frustrated-panthers-to-reportedly-meet-with-owner-about-protest-restrictions/
  11. Sasquatch

    Is Eric Reid invisible?

    I can't believe so may think the players are different than the general population in the USA. This protest by kneeling during the anthem is clearly divisive based on various reports and message board content. No team wants that sort of divisiveness in their locker room. It doesn't matter how good they were or how good anybody believes they are going forward, their talent cannot overcome the negative impact on the TEAM.
  12. Sasquatch

    Is Eric Reid invisible?

    As divisive as their protest is among fans, one has to expect it to be somewhat divisive in the locker-room. Not gonna happen.