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  1. Sasquatch

    random question...

    Year and team is all you need. Search for preseason gamebooks. If he's not listed under start or substitute, he never went in the game. He may have still been riding the pine though.
  2. Didn't even make it 10 posts PS: OP should look up the definition of "coup".
  3. Sasquatch

    Troy Aikman at OTAs

    Yep, 8 in the post season. But see in my chart 23 regular season TDs, not 15 as you stated.
  4. Sasquatch

    Troy Aikman at OTAs

    Uh NO
  5. Sasquatch

    Possible Huge Addition

    Easy to do but hard to justify, especially for another end of career player, two in your Kalil scenario.
  6. Sasquatch

    Possible Huge Addition

    Great idea! Now all we have to do is convince him to take a 1 year deal for $1,021,549
  7. Sasquatch

    Player reactions to the sale

    THread move to Tinderbox in 3 ...2 ...1
  8. So apparently, I can assume my bid of a dollar three ninety eight was rejected? No body told me.
  9. Sasquatch

    CJ Anderson Film Breakdown

    This is it
  10. Sasquatch

    A desert gem?

    And Houston. They signed him for a while then got him to their PS but ended up bailing out on him.
  11. Sasquatch

    Delete me oops