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  1. Tom Johnson. Smallish DT
  2. You probably have it backwards. The question is more likely "how much does the Huddle have to pay Anheuser-Busch?".
  3. dilly, dilly BTW, hey Mods, how about doing away with pie and adding a dilly, dilly selection?
  4. Calvin Pryor is available... again

    There are 7 teams 8-3 or better. That means the best we could hope for on waivers is 26th.
  5. Some folks just like bitching and refuse to enjoy a win.
  6. Revenge? For trading him to a perennial Superbowl contender for a minimal return? Whatever it takes to fire you up I suppose.
  7. Trading KB, the silver lining

    We picked up that option months ago. The Bills own him through 2018.
  8. The Lions

    Beat the Cardinals, NY Giants, and the Vikings That's right, They haven't beat anybody with a winning record. Just sayin'
  9. VFW and American Legion speakout about protest

    There are a lot of people who pledged "allegiance to the flag of the United States of America" every day for many years. Many went on to serve what that flag symbolizes for many more years as members of our armed forces. Bottom line is there will be passionate responses to protests directed at the flag or the anthem. That in no way means that protesters are not within their rights but they must accept that it is also within the rights of others to criticize their chosen method of protest. Some react to the criticism by labeling those criticizing as racist (which is what i read into your post). That tends to end discussion and end any movement toward resolution of any issue. Kaepernik turned a light on the issue, The Cowboys and Browns and a few other teams have demonstrated ways to keep that light on without the perceived disrespect to others. I didn't vote for Trump, but I don't disagree with him on this issue. If you choose to label me racist based on that, then you've pushed some support out of the discussions opposing discriminatory practices by police. The kneelers linked the two issues.
  10. VFW and American Legion speakout about protest

    Gee, that makes a lot of sense since I didn't watch last night nor will I Thurs. But tell us what exactly did they disrupt? The games went on as schedule despite all the attempts to direct attention toward the "protesters" not all of which were black,
  11. VFW and American Legion speakout about protest

    There are ways to gain respect for a person or a cause without disrespecting others. I now have a large block of time time to fill Thursday nights, Sunday, And Monday night until I quit hearing about his from. PS, I'm also a vet.
  12. Replace Shula with Henning in these threads and it's 04 - 06 all over again. BTW, Are you folks slamming on Shula aware that he's been awarded OC of the year twice in the last 5 years? It doesn't appear NFL folks agree with your opinions.
  13. 8 carries 10 yards.......

    I guess that's one way to look at it. I prefer to see 1 game 1 win. Try it, you'll feel better.