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  1. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Gilbert. Sign camp arm or 2.
  2. That 50+ million number doesn't count Poe or Shaq, Real number will be low to mid 30s. This years draft (plus consideration for next) and we'll be in about the same shape we started this year.
  3. Why not go after Eric Reed for Safety?

    So, you believe the son of a career commissioned officer in the military that we have as a head coach would be OK with signing this asshat. No Just NO
  4. Had some Alphabet soup and...

    Apparently is was trying to tell you something else. Did you notice the "B" & "O" right there in the lower right section?
  5. What is Hurney's plan?

    The Colts would be stupid to take that deal.
  6. Round 2 Safety - Kyzir White - WVU

    FS's . The first SS was Mikell at 33
  7. It wouldn't. But current contract terms would be Richardson's only possible mechanism to influence the decision buy a new owner. It may only be peanuts to them but still more than road apples.
  8. Round 2 Safety - Kyzir White - WVU

    Actually, I don't think we started getting the geriatric SS until Gettleman arrived on the scene.
  9. Guaranteed money in contracts doesn't just go away. If Hurney has a multi-year deal it's with the Panthers, not Richardson. The new owner will have to decide if he wants to buy it out to replace Hurney or any others.
  10. 2018 Roster turnover

    already accounted for on Spotrac
  11. DeMarco Murray?

    Royce Freeman
  12. DeMarco Murray?

    never leaving SF. Lynch loves him.
  13. Only 3 people have more NFL coach of the year awards. Shula the elder, Knox, and Belichik. Just sayin. giphy.mp4
  14. Perceived to be available, recognizable name, at position of need.
  15. It's washin' day

    A stiff bristle brush always seems to knock enough of the crust off for me.
  16. It was AT&T wanting to discuss switching/upgrading from your current plan
  17. JN24?

    If he's on the roster on the 5th day of the 2018 league year, his entire 2018 salary is fully guaranteed. That puts his 2018 cash at close to $14M. I'm thinking he has a hard time walking away from that especially when a new team would be looking to cut $4-5M off that for a starting point.
  18. You forgot to mention that he had a daughter
  19. Can We Start a Poll

    So basically, you now are the first to publicly pick the panthers by saying "We are beating NO next week". Wouldn't that make you the first to be banned?
  20. So now we have to cheat again only to lose this time in order to keep both the Bucs and the Seahawks conspiracy theories going?
  21. Actually, if we finish with the same overall record, we also finish with the same conference record which would bring us to the common opponents tie breaker. Common opponents being SF, NO. minn and philly. We're 2-3 in those games, they're currently 2-2. with their game this week pending. If we both win to keep even overall and conference records, they'll get the #3 seed based on their 3-2 in common games. We'd be 4 or 5 depending on NO.