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  1. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    My bad on defending Hardy, yep he definitely did it. Still want him to be a panther though our Dline would be nasty with him. Nobody cares who is on your team when you are winning Superbowls.
  2. When I think about Luke I touch myself.
  3. The Answer is on the Roster

    This sounds good and all but we wont end up doing any of it because.... Shula.
  4. Yeah as long as Harper is starting we have a weakness at strong safety.
  5. ​Seattle's decision to throw the ball on the one, is still better than 95% of Shula's play calls. Our offense is successful in spite of him not because of him. Collectively the talent we have on the field is much greater than the talent we have on the sidelines coaching.
  6. Neg Rep

    Neg Rep is not worth it if you can't also leave a hateful message with it. Simply giving someone poo is not satisfying. You need to be able to leave a note to inform your neighbor why they are getting pooped on.
  7. Rookie Camp - Day 1 Wrapup

    ​This is like the kiss of death for Mayo. Zero chance he is on the team in two years. Why do you hate our young prospects? Kid could have been a special teams contributor.
  8. Winston-Salem

    Just joined up for the Winston chapter. I can confirm that Hams is a legit spot, tons of beer on tap. They also have tables with pour it yourself taps which is nothing to complain about. Lets do this thing. Go Panthers!
  9. I am 27 and can not remember a time when I wasn't a panthers fan.
  10. In twenty years, what's your favorite win to date?

    Yes almost forgot about that game. Tampa was coming off their Super Bowl run and came running out on the field with world champions flags before the game. We dominated all game but couldn't get the ball in the end zone, late in the 4th quarter it was 9-3. Tampa had one last chance to score a TD and win the game and did. All hope seemed lost when they scored but we blocked (I am not sure but I think it was peppers) the extra point to force overtime. The good guys won in OT. The game before that was the Jacksonville game which was great to. We were down 17-3 to Jacksonville and Jake took over for Rodney Peete, lead the comeback, and never looked back. So many awesome moments. God I love being a panthers fan.
  11. In twenty years, what's your favorite win to date?

    I think Dante Rosario caught the game winning touchdown in the back of the Endzone on 4th down. Was a good game and in San Diego I believe. My favorite though was the Rams game. That game sealed the deal for me, I was young and really liked football. After that game I loved football. Watched the game with my dad as well so it was a special moment. Also Monday night 2008 against Tampa Bay. It was a big game for both teams and we ran the ball down their lifeless throats to a absolutely rocking BOA. Maybe the loudest game at that stadium.
  12. Yeah I would be fine with that. Much rather us do that than trade up for some scrub app st. Qb in the third.
  13. Guilty Pleasure drinks

    I drink cheap beer guilt free. There is very little difference between Busch and Budweiser or Coors light and Keystone. They are literally made in the same factory, just put in different cans. The reason why a Keystone is cheaper then Coors is because there is marketing dollars in Coors. Guilty drink of choice, Mikes Harder. It's embarrassing but good.