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  1. Rushing Stats through 13 games

    And if Cam had as many carries as Fournette he would’ve had 154 yards rushing! But that’s not how this works
  2. 18

    My dawg Just give him time. He’s always had the ability and he’s a natural hands catcher which is a HUGE plus with this group. Byrd was really only a one route guy coming from college but he’s a smooth athlete. He’s added weight and has made huge progress in his route tree ability. In a perfect world Byrd would be the perfect number 3 but instead he’ll need to step up and be a 2. I really hope we target a Davante Adams or Paul Richardson (Calvin Ridley would be my ideal but doubt he’s there when we pick) this offseason so it would allow Byrd to the slot.
  3. Haters ain’t hatin today

    Asking him to stop being stupid would imply that he’s not actually stupid... He’s stupid
  4. Always some sort of backhanded compliment with some of you
  5. Single handedly keeping Shula and Ron employed from day 1
  6. Serious? Cam and it’s not even a question
  7. Oh Cam please save us *Cam winks*
  8. So this is what always happens... Go full conservative mode get offense out of rhythm and them with 3 to go you ask them to turn it back on...
  9. Watch Minny show Carolina how to get 7 after a turnover
  10. So our 8th pick overall who is only a slot WR just did that
  11. Pretty sure it’s Sanjay lol
  12. Yes a ball that should’ve been caught is popped up right into his hands is a great play by Bradberry. I know you’re one of those blind homers that doesn’t understand football but try harder.
  13. My biggest gripe with Shula is he ALWAYS plays for 3rd down. He leaves absolutely no room for error ever