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  1. *FreeFua*

    McCaffery's pace

    I’m always needed but what am I needed in here for exactly?
  2. I know Rivera is terrible at evaluating talent but if Torrey is still starting after this bye week I think that’s a little worrisome in regards to Moore. Maybe he isn’t looking very good at practice either?
  3. Duh. Said so the night of the draft. Ridley is a legit #1 WR who can play outside. Moore is a slot WR who can’t even play his way onto the field
  4. Tell me again how we’re “good” at WR... Morons
  5. Gaulden should’ve jumped that route
  6. Yep that one will sting for quite some time
  7. Calvin Ridley 5 catches 129 and 2 touchdowns. Thanks Hurney
  8. This coaching staff doesn’t deserve to win when they think it’s ok to march colin jones out there
  9. Good thing we continue to invest so much money in our front 4 smh
  10. I can’t believe people actually defend that useless bum
  11. This one is going to be week 3 Saints ugly for last season
  12. Just take me out back and put me out of my misery
  13. *FreeFua*

    Game Day Menu

    I think I’m doing the 10 Big Mac challenge today @RoaringRiot