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  1. *FreeFua*

    Ron tells a Luke story

    Film to Luke is porn
  2. *FreeFua*

    Ron tells a Luke story

    That was a lay up
  3. The tone needs to be set and a point needs to be made. You hit our “guy” we’re coming after you. Like I said before, maybe if these pussies did something a long ass time ago we wouldn’t still be talking about these type of things
  4. After reading this maybe we’re talking about two different type scenario’s. I’m just speaking about keeping your star player safe. Other than that yeah, take advantage of the dudes that can’t keep a cool head. I love watching guys like Jalen Ramsay and Josh Norman provoke some of the WR’s into dumb penalties. Sports are just as mental as they are physical, you can literally beat someone up so mentally bad that you know the physical part is done before it even starts.
  5. Again, we’ll just have to disagree on this one. I’m not saying to do this every time someone gets hit but when it’s your “guy” you MUST hold that other guy accountable or hit their “guy”. I know you’ve played sports so I’m surprised you see this the way you do. Like I said before 15 yards, 5 minute major or whatever is a small price to pay when it comes to keeping the guy who carries your team safe. Someone I know playing in the NHL is literally employed to keep certain guys clean.
  6. Disagree. Players need to hold other players accountable. Just like in hockey if someone hits your star it’s up to you to hold that player accountable. Either that same shift or the next you must make it be known that it won’t be tolerated and hopefully that guy or whoever has second thoughts next time they want to take a run at your star. A penalty doesn’t do sh!t in the big picture, you take the offsetting majors to make a point. If more guys were willing to stand up for Cam like Torrey did Sunday in years past and now, maybe Kazee doesn’t even take a shot at Cam there. Same applies in baseball. Someone hits your star, whoever is up first that next inning better be ready to take one in the ribs. No one should give a crap about 15 yards when it comes to head hunting your star QB
  7. *FreeFua*

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    Oh yeah and deep down I know he does but I just assumed he’d leave him off to troll Newton a little
  8. *FreeFua*

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    I totally expected to come into this thread only to see that Cam Jordan left Cam Newton off his list
  9. Meh if we’re in it again I’ll have most likely have walked out by the time half time rolls around again anyways
  10. *FreeFua*

    Riddle me this...

    Tre Boston is freaking garbage. The same people wanting Boston back are most likely the same people who were happy we resigned Captain Midget
  11. Sightseeing wise I’d reccommend hitting up a local Wal-Mart, I got some good snaps in that place