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  1. Gettleman's next find

    Rodney McLeod 
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    Vernon is going to get a huge contract. By paying Vernon we'll have to lose one guy from our core group. Is Olivier Vernon worth losing a core guy for? I initially laughed off the whole Mario Williams thing at first just because everyone likes to always connect the dots to a players hometown but the more I think about and check out the defensive end prospects the more I want Mario. Mario checked out last year but with Rex in charge I don't blame him, he had a great year in 2014 and at 31 still has a few years left. I say we go hard after Mario! Mario Williams / Rodney McLeod / Trumaine Johnson  It'll be the Panthers cheaper version of the Broncos Ward / Ware / Talib trio since we already have Norman. We can still grab a DE in the draft but there will be a lot less pressure to grab one early. This draft isn't very deep imo and DG may even trade up to get 1st round value ("rather have a dime than 2 nickles"). Either way that DE will need time, I think it'll be crucial to move on Mario quickly if Buffalo does release him.  
  3. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    Although I do agree with Bene's weaknesses make him better suited for the outside I like Bene in the slot due to his ability to make plays on the ball. 
  4. Big Boards

    Anyone else feel like it's overall a weak draft? Could we see Gettleman pull the trigger on a big deal to move up and get a legit 1st round talent guy?  We have some money to play with so its possible Gettleman could address some back end needs in FA and pull the trigger on a move to get a legit pass rusher. I also like the idea of Karl Joseph and move Coleman to SS or getting Cravens and him being a way better version of Roman Harper
  5. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    I'd like to address S/DE/CB as well but that'll be expensive... Bene is nothing more than a slot guy, McClain played alright and may be given a shot to keep his job. In my dream/unrealistic off season we sign Trumaine Johnson. In my more realistic offseason, Patrick Robinson may be worth a look as he had a nice bounce back year in SanDiego after being terrible in NO.  But Josh Norman + Trumaine Johnson on the outsides with Bene in the slot sure looks nice! Reggie Nelson or Eric Weddle in the back and slide Coleman over to SS. Nelson can still play and is still physical, he has aged quite well.  Even though I'm against it and his arrow trending in the wrong direction we'd restructure CJ since we need bodies at the ends. JPP pending his hand could be a nice get since teams may hesitate on him. I know people want Mario Williams but with guys questioning his effort last season I'm not sure that's a guy we want.  There's some nice WR's that may be fringe 1st rounders early 2nd rounders we can draft so spending our money on D isn't the worst thing. There's some nice FA WR's out there like Marvin Jones, Rueben Randle, Jermaine Kearse and Travis Benjamin but I'm willing to bet they all get overpaid so we'd be better off drafting a guy at 30.
  6. Big Boards

    I'm slowly getting around to watching cut ups now and maybe I'm blind but I'm just not impressed with Ogbah one bit. Also his effort against the run is suspect as well.  I'd be disappointed if he was the pick at 30
  7. New Punter

    Mopeds special teamer of the year in 2014
  8. New Punter

    My boy Swayze!    He kicked field goals in the CFL as well as punting. He'll kick Nortman and Gano to the curb! If I'm remembering right he was one of the better field goal kickers 2 seasons ago but so was Medlock when we signed that bum
  9. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    Cotchery did this to himself after Sunday's disgusting performance As for Harper, he has always sucked
  10. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    Reggie Nelson
  11. Getting Benji Back

    I think we need to fill Philly's role more but I'm thinking Tyler Boyd would be a nice piece to this offense. Solid route runner with hands who will line up in the slot.  Agree about TE, if the defensive market gets too pricey for us Dwayne Allen would be a nice grab I know everyone thinks we go pass rusher in the 1st but I think the better value may be WR once our pick comes up. Plus I'd prefer we address pass rush in FA. The WR FA market is always over priced. I like Marvin Jones, Jermaine Kearse and Travis Benjamin but watch those guys get PAID.
  12. "Saying that doesn't make you a hater" you're right, it makes you a retard
  13. The media has done nothing but bash Cam since day 1. It's amazing how entitled they think they are when it comes to a post game presser with the man they constantly bash. Cam went over and congratulated Manning, he owes the media absolutely NOTHING.  
  14. There has been an awakening...

    Cam is at his best when he's smiling and dancing. Cam had the same look on his face Sunday that he did for most of the Falcons game in week 16.