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  1. Panthers sign C/G Gino Gradkowski

    Flight to Houston... Booked.
  2. Panthers free agent possibilities/predictions

    Give me Anquan Boldin! A strong handed possession guy with the ability to still get down field the odd time.If we had Boldin in place of Cotchery in the SB we win that game. On 111 targets last season Boldin had only 2 drops. Cam needs another WR with reliable hands.
  3. Pre Free-Agency NFL News

    Glad Nortman's gone
  4. Pre Free-Agency NFL News

    Choked. Wanted him.
  5. Cam Newton "Forever I love Atlanta

    But you'llblast Cam for us1ng the number 1?
  6. Moved Up To The 6th Seed

    Your guys' best bet is to finish 7th and play the one and done Raptors.
  7. Nice to see we met with Tyler Boyd. I will not be surprised if he's the pick in the 1st round. Smooth athlete with solid hands and above average size for a slot guy. We need a slot receiver and I don't think Gettleman is a big fan of the small guys. Just due to size I think Boyd would get the nod over Shepard in Gettleman's book.
  8. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    What are your guys' predictions for other matches at WM? I keep seeing New Day vs League of Nations but it sure looks like they're building towards a New Day vs Y2AJ. Also like to add that Jericho needs to get in shape, needs to get that gut under control. Dudleyz vs Uso's in a table match but that looks like it'll be a pre show match. Triple threat for Divas championship is an obvious one. They seem to be pushing Ryback right now in all the house shows and on Raw Monday. Maybe him vs Strowman? Im guessing they do a 6 person ladder for IC with Zigler (who like Wyatt should be getting pushed or have a sense of direction), sadly the Miz, maybe Wyatt? Possibly that Sami Zayn guy who's rumoured to be making his debut at Mania. Maybe AJ Styles if they're not going for tag titles.Sure wish they'd stick guys like Finn Balor and Apollo Crews in this match. Balor and Crews in the IC division would boost the IC title big time. I'm not a Kevin Owens fan. What you guys got?
  9. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Ah I didn't know that, hopefully they extend it or the little suspense that there is will be gone before the match begins. Vince did say HHH/Steph would "quit" if Shane wins at WM, maybe those two are planning to take a little break after Mania. With the rumoured brand split supposedly happening after Mania it'd make sense for them to dissapear for a bit with Shane running Raw.
  10. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Damn... I knew WWE was going to turn to sh!t when Rollins went down but I didn't think he'd get this bad. These guys seriously don't have a hot clue which direction they're going with anything right now. I actually fell asleep during FastLane, what a terrible PPV. They just spent an entire RAW episode working on storylines for Roadblock instead of building up WM matches. They apparently just changed the Harper/Lesnar match at Roadblock to Lesnar/Wyatt. It's a damn shame what they're doing with Wyatt still.God forbid they use someone under the age of 40 that can wrestle and actually talk on the mic (which is very rare these days). If they stick Wyatt in the Andre Battle Royal at WM just because I'm going to be choked. At the very least stick him in the IC (I assume ladder) match. Is it possible HHH retains at WM? Unless they can turn Reigns into a heel by Mania I think it's best that HHH wins obviously. But nothing the WWE has done in the last couple years has made sense so I'm done trying to predict anything.
  11. ADD A TE?

    Jared Cook could be a nice add
  12. GDT: Trade Deadline Thread (Thursday, 3PM ET)

    Lots of teams in the East pissing away opportunities this season with the conference being so weak. Charlotte being one of them
  13. Jared Allen retiring

    RIP to the greatest hair of all time. Patrick Kane comes close though
  14. GDT: Trade Deadline Thread (Thursday, 3PM ET)

    Good news for you guys wanting Howard