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  1. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic JAX Events for all Panthers Fans   

    We're all still blacking out by the pool Saturday afternoon right?
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  2. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Panthers choose Fozzy over Todman   

    Fine with me! Was all for keeping all of them but if I had to choose one to go it would've been Todman
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  3. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic On numbers at each position - specifically RB   

    After last season's RB disaster until Stewart came back I'm more than fine with this. No more calling guys like Chris Yokozuna (or whatever) to get off his couch and fill in. As much as I love JStew you can't rely on him to stay healthy for a full season (not blaming Stewart either, dude takes some serious hits to the legs).
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  4. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Wegher to make final roster per Jonathon Jones   

    Was almost going to start a thread about Wegher resembling Stewart but too lazy. Glad you see it too. Wegher has the power to run people over and also has the speed to turn the corner on the outside. There aren't many backs that have that combination and that's why I think Wegher is a future number 1 back. As far as power goes Stewart's obviously in a class of his own but Wegher definitely reminds me of him!
    Wegher had some impressive 3-4 yard runs on Thursday and his pass blocking was impressive as well. Like you said, Todman too often fell on first contact and reminded me of a back we just finished getting rid of!
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  5. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Keeping a eye on other team WR'S battles..   

    Its happening...
    @RapSheet: The #Giants are cutting WR James Jones, source said. The #Packers have a need..
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  6. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Marcus Lucas Cut   

    Whatever. I liked Lucas but he's a tweener and they got other guys like BWill that provide more with blocking. 
    They kept Wegher that's all I care about he's the future
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  7. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Wegher on the 53   

    Well deserved! Stoked about this!
    Check out his pass blocking on Funchess' second reception to see the kind of effort this kid brings! 
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  8. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Brenton Bersin Cut   

    Now keep Wegher and I'll be happy
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  9. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Other Teams Final Cuts   

    Neal Sterling was released by Jax, guessing Gettleman won't need a little blue pill tonight
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  10. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic A Name To Keep An Eye On   

    My guess without seeing any cut ups or highlights...
    With his measurables  playing at a D2 school he never had to learn how to run anything other than a go route. Probably can't run routes very well, he slipped on his comeback route last night resulting in the game ending INT. just a guess...

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  11. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic A Name To Keep An Eye On   

    Chargers reporter...
    @UTkrasovic: Even with 3 dropped passes last night, I'd be nervous about losing WR Tyrell Williams to waivers. Talented. Shades of Floyd/Danario.
    @UTkrasovic: New to specials (Western Oregon didn't use him there), Chargers rookie Tyrell Williams has done good things there, too. That matters.
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  12. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Other Teams Final Cuts   

    @taniaganguli: The #Texans have released Louis Nix III per @MarkBermanFox26 and @AaronWilson_NFL. That one surprises me.
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  13. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic A Name To Keep An Eye On   

    Ah sorry PD but I just don't see how the Chargers cut him, he's done quite well for himself the last 3 weeks. However if they do try to sneak him onto their practice squad for whatever reason I'd take a shot on him for sure. Nice find though.
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  14. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Around the NFL   

    @ProFootballTalk: Mike Pettine says Dwayne Bowe isn't in danger of being cut http://t.co/FLm1opOJka

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  15. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Final Panthers Cuts   

    Please let today be the day they finally cut Amini. 
    How anyone ever thought he'd be better than Alshon I have no idea, thanks Hurney 
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