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  1. Poll for the psl owners sb lottery

    Got my rejection letter.  2 nose bleeds since 2011.    
  2. Yeah..I want to love the shirt.. but I just don't for the reasons stated above. I understand they are using two colors.. but even the black guys don't have black features... it's just a bit odd. 
  3. Went to most games in 2010 and PSL owner since 2011 (Thank you Jimmy for bringing the price down where we could afford them!).  Last night was the most alive I have seen the stadium since I have been going.  In the 4th, the stadium (518 nosebleeds) was literally rocking so much it was unsettling to my wife.  Only second time we have felt it rock like that - the first being the Monday night win over the Pats a few years back.  No one sat for either of the last two games other than for halftime.   As for the giveaways... I disagree completely.  I love the bandannas given away last night.  Something different.  And even better - not "sponsored" so no annoying ads on them.  There is only so many towels that one can have although we do use our stack for napkins during various football themed parties at the house.  The bandanna is second only to the non-sponsored Keep Pounding flag they gave away earlier in the season.   Fortunately that game was a game where there were a lot of opposing fans which means we were able to grab more on the way down at the end of the game.    Now have one hanging in my home office, work office, and gave some away to friends.  
  4. Breathtaking.

    I think we found the Keep Pounding drummer for the weekend! 
  5. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    No one sat at all last week other than during Half-time. Which is AWESOME!  But - hard to use a blanket and stand and cheer.... so I suggest just layers. Layers.  And more layers.  
  6. Richardson, Marty Hurney, or KB.  
  7. NFL needs to allow an increased game day active list during the playoffs.  Increase it to 50 - or heck - all 53. It makes sense in the playoffs - no team (nor the NFL) wants to get knocked out because of an early game injury when you have a healthy sub sitting on the bench in warmups.  This is my concern with Allen - "wasting" his game-day spot just to see him further injure the foot early on.  Of course because I also selfishly want to have access to Allen, Horton, Delaire, Bersin, and CAP.      
  8. Panthers sign CB Robert McClain

    Partially torn acl for Peanut - I take my Mayo prediction back... crap  
  9. Panthers sign CB Robert McClain

    Yes but a Hammy can easily take weeks to heal.. hard to keep a roster spot for a STer with an injury. 
  10. Panthers sign CB Robert McClain

    I'm thinking they would put Mayo on IR instead of Tillman... and then bring up Young and find someone else to take Mayo's roll on ST...  
  11. Maybe they just bring in a QB to have someone to throw the ball to the WRs and TEs they are trying out?