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  1. Huddle Workout Warriors

    how do you forgive yourself for skipping leg day when something comes up that you must cancel your workout?   f'n eh.
  2. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Thanks.   I hate to admit it but I pretty much stopped working out my arms weekly because it did not accomplish anything.  I would have to work the crap out of them which hurt my professional life and they'd be too tore up to even pick up a hammer.   Just curious, is the body builder guy a legit lean body builder or just a big hoss with a belly type of a body builder? 
  3. Huddle Workout Warriors

  4. Huddle Workout Warriors

        Its not made up, it's like the forearms and necks.  Those muscles are used so often and so thick and dense that they do not respond well.  If you want bigger calf muscles or a bigger neck you have to work them daily and at least 5 times a week.  Your forearms are little more lucky.  You're working them out at least twice if you're doing back and arms in your workout regime.  Adding just one exercise to them will improve a lot.   There are some very effective and simple calf exercises you can do, though.  The easiest is just dumbbell calf raises on a 45 plate.  Put your toes on a 45lbs. and a dumbbell on your knee to do your calf raises.   With the thick and dense muscles you have to work them out until exertion.  The bad part - if you work your legs out a lot, including running, your glutes will end up this way.  
  5. Huddle Workout Warriors

    No Sunday game for the Panthers.  There is no excuse you can't pinch in a workout Sunday from 1-4, or at least take a walk, go to the Zoo, go on a hike...
  6. Huddle Workout Warriors

      try arnica gel.  it works.
  7. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I have a bad memory with details like this, my bad. Take an anti inflam, if you haven't already.  Your back, or any muscle, knots up when it loses tension.  Your back was/is normally tight more then likely and when the muscle loosened it likely did so suddenly and in your movement.  As soon as it loosed it tensed up and and made the knot that is causing the pain.   Most people do not understand the whole knotting up, contraction of muscle is actually often due to the muscle relaxing and releasing.  The massage will relax the muscle and reduce the knot and tension on your back.  If you keep it tensed up and you hobble around in a manner which reduces the pain on the area it is keeping it tensed up.  Allowing your back to loosen up by laying flat with a heating pad under the area while raising your legs to a 90degree angle will relax the lower back and be extremely painful but it is a surefire way to get it to subside quickly.  It will be tender for a while but laying down a good 30-45 minutes will help.   Heat it up and warm it up for the first 24-36 hours to keep it moving and functioning.  Leaving it locked up and putting further pressure on it could lead to herniated discs and other long term issues.  After 36 hours begin icing it to help the muscle heal.  Don't plan on working out for at least a week.   ***I am no medical expert.  I am not trained in medical anything and can hardly tie my shoelaces.  This idea is a suggestion and might not work for everyone.  Take it at your own risk - (((but it will help))) and just be careful.
  8. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Find a good chiropractor.  It'll help heal faster.  Don't rush back.  Find a chick to give you a good massage or pay for a real one.   If you're not far from Asheboro I can recommend a good chiropractor.
  9. Post a pic, any pic.

    first question, what are you doing on adult friend finder?   and second question, how come i never saw the same chick?
  10. Post a pic, any pic.

      whats the sauce on your avatar??!
  11. Post a pic, any pic.

      I see this becoming her face in 10 years and gaining 40 lbs.  She is a midwestern girl, for sure.  I can spot a midwestern chick a mile away.   hair band, lanyard, and north face unzipped over a tee.
  12. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Sooo, where is this gym you go to and am I correct to assume it is standard hours for the hotties?  Monday-Wednesday between 6-7:30?
  13. Huddle Workout Warriors

      thought it was called the lunk alarm     i may find your gym and visit it.  it's so easy and fun to go to a random gym and pick up a chick or two since it is not your home base.
  14. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Does anyone by chance go to LifeTime Fitness in Charlotte?  I've never been to that location but been to another.  That's a damn nice gym, at least the one I visited was.   Also, anyone ever seen someone bail out from squats?  Anyone ever done it themselves?  It's scary as poo.  I saw a dude fail and fug up on squats - dude about poo his pants and fell completely backward - the cage caught him, luckily.  His form was awful and he was destined to fail.     God.  I cannot join that place.  I walked in to one once while on vacation just to try to do something when I was bored.  I had some gym shorts on and a not super tight but body forming tshirt.  I was told that they do not offer trial memberships to people not interested in fitness.  I was confused and said I would be glad to pay for a days use.  They declined my offer saying that I was not dressed appropriately for their facility.
  15. Huddle Workout Warriors

      I think I read what you said backwards and what I said was backwards  Confused myself there.   With C4 I increase the repetitions because I do not feel as strong as I do when doing creatine or other supps.   A good supplement to use as a preworkout is Endothil.  I also like one that is coming back out Gakic.  It increases torque.  I know that is not an easy term to use in lifting and that's how they tag themselves, but I notice all around strength throughout my entire lift when I am on that stuff.   Post workout I swear by Afterglow.  It has the BCAA's needed, supercissis and proteins that make for a great postworkout.  I take 1/2 what they recommend and do just fine.