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  1. It's gone snow.

    you kidding right? No one lives inWNY anymore? Don't you notice all the Bills fans that come out of the woodwork for games? There are more Bills fans in this state then any other state but NY and Canada and maybe Texas .
  2. It's gone snow.

    oh yeah, !an. I live here in NC. Family is in town. My sister lives near Detroit and is going to the game. WNY is clearing up a little but 2-4" of rain to fall this week on top of the 10-12' snow= 8+" water. The stadium may not b ready for next weeks game against Cleveland.
  3. It's gone snow.

    More snow headed to WNY. Thundersnow going on - 30" for Orchard Park en route.
  4. It's gone snow.

    Politics. Let me explains NY politics to you. They're very different then anything you've ever heard. (see: NY's gun laws) In NY you get someone with a crazy whacky idea. We'll use heated bridges. Then you get that person trumpeting up the idea thinking of the children. Then there is a committee formed at a huge expense. Then the committee finds it would be a good idea to suggest this idea to the NY State House. At that point it is then examined again for millions of dollars and studied to make sure it does not discriminate against homosexuals, minorities, religion, non-religious beliefs, women, men who may one day be women and women who may one day be men, as well as smurfs. If it is alright by them then they suggest make some new bill. At the point that it gets to the next level the entire State looks at it and realizes it is West of Albany so they do not want to do anything with it. So, it goes back to the House. The House amends it to include building a new art studio for transgenders Dutch Authors of the 14th century and then passes it back up. At that point it flies to the Governor. Cuomo then looks it over and decides that the road may allow cars to carry bullets, but not guns, and then strikes it down. In a huge plea with everyone it gets all the way back up to Cuomo with the Dutch Authors and now a re-educational program for Cubans to remember their heritage complete with a new annual parade in NYC and an act to clean up the Hudson (again). Voila, the Gov signs it. It's a law. Then Elaine and her life partner, Susanne, sue the state because the new road has crosswalk signs that feature a man and a woman and take it to court. The State is then ordered to pay the couple $1.7mm in damages and the road is scrapped.
  5. It's gone snow.

    http://instagram.com/p/vmIFfium26/ Kiko Alonso... I don't know if ya'll know Alonso much, but he is pretty much ...dense.
  6. It's gone snow.

    Jim Kelly doing an instagram as Mario Williams (yes, that Mario Williams, who is his neighbor) clears his driveway on his skidsteer. http://instagram.com/p/vmOki0rI8V/
  7. It's gone snow.

    I think anyone raised in WNY has a photograph of themselves walking down the street doing one of the following: A) Touching a street light Holding a street sign in their hand C) On top of a vehicle. D) Standing/Jumping off their roof in to snow. (if you've never done this, do this.)
  8. It's gone snow.

    There are rednecks in NY, too.
  9. It's gone snow.

    The board for volunteers to get paid $10/hr and free tickets to shovel snow is overloaded right now, taking dozens of attempts to get someone. If it is like the past: You'll reserve your name and they'll tell you a time to show up. They'll work 24/7 on multiple shifts, turn on the lights and shovel at night. Then use giant custom made slides to make it go down to the field where it will be trucked out. They are off Tuesdays normally, the roads will be open by tomorrow (probably tonight). They'll practice tomorrow, did a lot of film today, some players still got together. This is not all of Buffalo. This would be like Matthews and Balentine getting a blizzard with the rest of the area having nothing but blue skies or a little bit of dust.
  10. It's gone snow.

    @buffalobills Field level and waist deep at a pristine Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  11. It's gone snow.

    220,000 tons of snow on RCW Stadium. It takes 1/2 a day to remove 1 foot of snow from the stadium. The snow could fill our field house 8 times. If you want free tickets go up there, shovel snow for $10/hr and you'll get tickets. Bills cancelled practice today, players stranded, vehicles buried. Anthony Dixon walked to the grocery store and pulled 4 sleds of food back to his house to be prepared for this; having been born and raised in the SE he had no idea it was like this. His interview on NFLN was great! It's hard to understand if you do not know weather or live in the snow belt. Imagine being downtown, at the stadium and getting 4", maybe a literal dusting. Not far away, maybe South Park Mall there is 5-6'. Then go to UNCC and it's clear skies and sunny, 15 degrees warmer. This weather pattern stays for 1 full day. Over the course of the day the snow falls at South Park all day, Panthers Stadium gets off and on flurries and the college is just any other winter day, sort of like it is here (at least in Davidson Co.). This is being called the worst snow storm in Bills history, which is sort of accurate. The stadium wasn't being used during the Blizzard of 77. Some of you young'ns may not know about it but it was like the Atlanta snow storm last year times 100 inches of snow, 40 foot snow drifts and 80 mph winds. It came on that fast, stranding people on the side of the road, in their offices and wherever they stood. 23 people died as a direct result. The City of Neighbors did everything they could to take in stranded residents and provide for them as the military airlifted special snow removal equipment. In 2003, WNY received 11' in one blizzard, in 2010 there was a 5' blizzard that covered a larger area. This happens about every year in WNY - most people are only hearing about this one like they are because it is a little earlier then normal and the NFL is making a big what-do about it. Feel free to check our Bills board - here - about it, with pictures and info about our Bills family friends, neighbors and family still there. It was more like 60 inches in 24 hours and 10 inches since. It began Monday at halftime - those that went to the Panthers @ Bills in 2013 likely remember Pinto Kenny's tailgate area - that area had 5" at halftime MNF. It now sits with over 5' and drifts over 9', entirely covering some houses.
  12. It's gone snow.

    Bills Kicker, native Monatanan, let's his neighbors out. They are 87 and 88, one a former POW http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/buffalo-bills-dan-carpenter-bails-out-snowbound-neighbors-111814
  13. It's gone snow.

    Over 6 foot in less then 24 hrs in Orchard Park, Ralph C Wilson Stadium. God I wish the game was played in this. Not as bad as some in the last 5-10 yrs but go out there and look at the pictures. Blizzard of 77 people were walking on top of snow that was over tractor trailers. Lake Effect Snow Time Lapse 2:
  14. It's gone snow.

    I am better then an almanac, it's going to be a bad winter, worse then last year. I checked the simmons, checked the wolly worms (when i can even find them this year!), added the foggy days, checked with ironwood. We're fuged But, it's not like Buffalo. This taken this morning. Wall of snow. Yes, it's real. Bills players reacting to the snow, including Mario Williams' and his badass truck and using a skidsteer to clear snow.
  15. Post a pic, any pic.

    first question, what are you doing on adult friend finder? and second question, how come i never saw the same chick?