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  1. UNC Academic Scandal

    understood. So in comparison the NCAA should be more strict in this case since this is exactly in their realm of responsibility.
  2. UNC Academic Scandal

    but that has nothing to do with the NCAA and their responsibility in college sports. Focus just on what the NCAA is supposed to be about not what they overstepped in the PSU case to do. It should have been left to the legal authorities and state of PA. The NCAA should have only had a role in making sure the athletic staff and facilitators not be allowed to rejoin other schools and such.
  3. UNC Academic Scandal

    we are talking sports in academia. Not crime. The NCAA is tasked to regulate sports in the college ranks not crime.
  4. UNC Academic Scandal

    I missed this as I posted but will focus on this because this is the jist of what Pro UNC and Anti UNC arguments are making up.   You know who should be the most upset about this?  3,100 people.  Then the figure of other students that attended that school in the same time.  Then no one else.  3,100 students got a handout they did not deserve and nothing for it but a piece of paper.  The students who did not get this opportunity should only be upset because this tarnishes their school but happy because they actually earned their education.  The rest of us should just realize this is not an isolated incident, it happens everywhere.  Corruption happens all over the place.   For the record, I was a Division 1 athlete in a semi major conference for a short time before quitting to focus on school.  I saw enough in the year I played.
  5. UNC Academic Scandal

    Amazing that I have followed this thread.  I would bet 100% that 95% of you UNC fans were ready to put pitch forks in to Penn State after Sandusky yet are making so many apologies for this that it is pathetic.  To be honest, Sandusky was just a few notches less amazing then this.  This is a half mile worse then Penn States issue because it was known about in all areas and all sports and just like a liberal - was thought to help a student by giving to them.   The irony, of course, will come when the punishment is handled and you UNC cronies can still be happy.  They'll punish every sport, every program and then minimize impact to UNC Basketball then Football despite likely being the most guilty.   I just hope they run that bastard Dean Smiths reputation in to the ground the way they did Joe Paterno's.  That would make me very happy and I moved to this state a fan of the ACC and UNC (Duke, NCSU, Wake Forrest and Clemson, as well).  I now hate UNC and laugh at Wake Forrest and pity Clemson.