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  1. Update: MKG Out 6 months with Reported Torn Labrum

    We should be ok i think, he is a valuable member to the team, we can still make playoffs, i mean it is the eastern conference... but we arent winning a title this year anyways right so MKG or no MKG the outcome of losing is a lock
  2. Hornets Rank #2 In Grantland's Logo Rankings

    when i read the thread title and was thinking of who could be #1 over us, miami heat was the only one that popped into my mind
  3. Who is Ready?

    Excited, but it seems so far away
  4. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    I have a feeling we aren't going to hold on to hawes
  5. We signed Aaron Harrison

    Everyone in here would've taken noel at 4 that year.. I was enraged when I heard cody called rather than noel. In my mind the basketball gods finally gave us some slack and let a projected #1 overall pick fall to us and then we take cody..
  6. We signed Aaron Harrison

    Don't need any more mods in here right now lol.. diddy does fine and now Igo has an eye on the place
  7. Kantor signs max deal with Portland

    You think Westbrook is not a defender? Lmao
  8. We signed Aaron Harrison

    He earned it with his play and showing potential. He played great at PG for it really being his first true PG experience in his life
  9. Logjam in the backcourt

    Batum got plenty of time at SF in portland.. more than sg.. 1. Lillard 2. Matthews 3. Batum
  10. Jeremy Lin signs with hornets

    Good backup PG. Like the signing
  11. Summer League Thread 2015

    Troy Daniels went HAM
  12. Summer League Thread 2015

    PJ with +13 & Harrison with +10 leading team in +/-
  13. Summer League Thread 2015

    Nationally televised on what channel
  14. Your childhood NBA team?

    Was always more a fan of players before I decided to claim the bobcats as my team.. Loved KG, Shaq, Baron Davis, Tracy McGrady, and LeBron never really rooted for a single team to win it, just wanted one of those guys to get a chip with whatever team they were with
  15. Free Agent signings/rumors/post whatever you got thread

    Clippers 2012