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  1. I beg to differ on the tackle breaking.  If you get Cotchery the ball on 3rd down, he GETS to that marker, no matter how many defenders are between he and it. But yeah, we don't have any Julian Edelman, "catch the ball and make defenders look silly" types.  But just like you, I don't think those are necessary.
  2. Last night a good thing for us?

    This is the only thing I believe when it comes to ref "conspiracies".  Pivotal holding and illegal contact penalties come all too often on drives that could put the game away early for one team or the other.  Particularly in marquee matchups, I believe the refs have been encouraged to put a finger on the scale to keep things close.  These are the types of penalties they could call on practically any play, so there's already reasonable subjectivity built-in.  The NFL would be crazy to attempt significant tampering with their product, and they would likely face lots of unwanted lawsuits if any hard evidence was found that indicated intent to influence outcome.  I'm not a lawyer so I don't know if those suits would have any merit, but you better believe they'd come flying in.  On the other hand, it would be real simple and good for the game (in excecutives' eyes) if refs were just aware that they should "do their best to call the game fairly and as the rules are written...but if a few calls help keep a matchup interesting, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world."  The first part would be their official stance.  The second part is the unwritten knowledge.  Kinda like how people at an office might know that circumventing certain rules that are inconvenient for their company is actually good for their career.  They don't have to be directly told to know they should do it.   Edit for clarity:  I think they other stuff you mentioned still happens, but that's just because reffing is hard, and a lot of them are bad at it to begin with - not because it's encouraged by the NFL.  However, the NFL definitely doesn't have high enough standards for its refs, so these mishaps due to either incompetence or personal ref bias (like Hochuli vs. Cam) are allowed to persist.
  3. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Yo are we gonna internet fight these fools?  They better be scared, I'm a fuging keyboard WARRIOR.
  4. Good poo, though I'm curious as to what the hell "impressively desperate throws" look like.
  5. Week 11 WIN against Washington - Stats & Analysis

    I mean, I agree, but the way you made your point is a bit counter-intuitive, as the PFF grading system is exactly that.  They watch film and study each individual player and grade them on every play.  I think the problem lies therein, though.  They grade EVERY PLAY.  Guys can get negative or positive grades for plays they weren't really even involved in.  Norman doesn't get off his WR block on a run that doesn't go to his side of the field?  Negative run defense grade.  Newton throws a swing pass that is slightly off target so the receiver has to adjust to it, but still picks up about 5 yards?  Negative pass grade for Newton, positive grade for receiver. The system has value, but it sometimes does a bad job of capturing how a player played in terms of what actually matters.  Like that game Rodgers had several weeks back where his stats were incredible in a dominant victory, yet his grade was negative.  It's because when they reviewed the tape, most of the big plays Rodgers got were "routine", and "easy" completions, so he got either barely positive, or neutral grades on them, while he earned negative grades on a bunch of plays that didn't really matter.
  6. Thank You Carolina Panthers! KEEP POUNDING

    If I say it's been a really crappy year for me too, will I get pie? But for real though, crappy year or not, this Panthers team has made this Fall incredible.  I'm loving every moment of it.  And I hope some of you down on your luck huddlers can get things turned around.  I hear Gettlemagic might do the trick.
  7. Top 3 teams in the NFC. (Be thou Pissed)

    Lol.  Timing is everything.
  8. Honestly, I think the argument can be made that this team wouldn't be undefeated right now if KB hadn't gone down.  I am NOT saying that KB is bad or makes the team worse, but like OP, I think Cam having his safety blanket removed DID force him to put all his skills to the test.  And he's passed with flying colors.  Had KB been around in some of those tight games at the beginning of the season, I think it's likely that Cam pulls the trigger on a contested pass to KB and it could have cost us.  Would it have?  Maybe, maybe not.  But it certainly could have. Now all that being said, I think getting KB back next year will be a huge boon.  Cam has elevated his game, and getting his best weapon back will definitely improve the team.  I just think having it taken away for awhile might have made him better.  Again, Cam has put in all the work.  He deserves all the credit for his fantastic play this year.  We can never know if this evolution of Cam would've played out the same with Benjamin around as a failsafe option.  I think it probably does, but as I said above, there's a significant chance teams would've keyed on Benjamin in critical situations, and it might've cost us a game or two.
  9. Panthers playing for each other.

    Remember when some folks here were panicking because Cam and Josh got in a fight in training camp?  I hope this season helps those people understand how ridiculous that was.  But then again, headless chickens are probably always gonna headless chicken.
  10. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Booooooo.  We don't need to lose to win.  Haven't yet, don't need to going forward.
  11. About that Newton vs Wilson debate

    This board's obsession with comparing Cam to Wilson and Luck is lame.  We all know Cam is great.  Those other QBs are great too. And believe it or not, there have been times where they absolutely WERE playing better than Cam. This season thats definitely not the case though.  And yeah, it sure seems like the media is quicker to criticize Cam than the others, but some portion of that is almost certainly confirmation bias.  But no matter the reason, it doesn't matter.  It's just great to have a great young QB who will carry us to tons of victories over the next 8-10 years.  I don't care if Seahawks fans would rather have Wilson and Colts fans would rather have Luck, because they should love their QB the same way we love ours.   I believe ours is the best, but it would be ridiculous to expect them to believe it too unless the disparity we've seen this season persists for another 2 or 3.
  12. What is a "Catch?" I No Longer Know

    Lol, except it's not at all.  When is the ball "secured"?  Beckham clearly caught it and got both feet down, and then the ball was swatted out a half second later.  If it had been a whole second is it a TD?  The ref said "he had not yet become a runner".  How the hell does he become a runner when he's in the endzone? The rules are not clear on this anymore.  It should be as simple as catch, two steps without bobbling = catch, but it's not.  They've also made a lot of fuss about completing the catch to the ground.  IMO, this should only apply if the receiver was going to the ground before taking two steps.  Yet somehow it's being applied to plays like the Ginn "interception" against the Eagles, where he had clearly taken two steps while being tackled. 
  13. Week 10 WIN against the Titans - Stats & Analysis

    I can't tell if you're eating crow or not because you said you still think you're right.  Right about what?  If you honestly thought Stewart wasn't capable of this type of running, I don't know where you got that idea.  His only issue since he's been with the team is a tendency to get himself injred.
  14. Bad Juju

    I'm gonna be in-flight during the game this Sunday as well.  So I can share your blame should the worst happen. But lucky for us none of this matters, because SCP's helmet was the real key.