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  1. Servant of Cthululelei added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson a deal in the range of Cam Newton's   

    Another NC State grad here - I haven't paid a lot of attention to the goings on of this negotiation, so maybe I missed something major, but ultimately I believe the people who think they can glean the true character of a person based on the actions they take during a multi-million dollar contract negotiation are the ones who are blind.

    Yes, Russell Wilson's squeaky-clean persona is calculated.  I stopped reading articles written about him and interviews with him a long time ago because, to be perfectly honest, they are boring as fug. That's definitely intentional on Russell's part. But I don't doubt for a second the guy's faith is an integral part of his character, as that's how he was all throughout college too, when it looked like he didn't have much of a real chance at an NFL career at all, let alone such a wildly successful one.  Russell's faith doesn't necessarily make him good or bad on it's own - I'm not religious so that doesn't register as a pro or a con in my book. And yeah, I'll admit that the amount that he talks about his religion is annoying. But he definitely DOES use a significant portion of his time and resources in a charitable fashion - that's not disputable. Whether or not that's all "fake" doesn't really matter to me, because it's still using his influence in a positive way. So Russell is still a "good" person in my book.
    I personally think people are just sick of how much praise the guy gets, which is understandable.  He's not perfect, or even anywhere close to it, but a lot of the media likes to paint him that way.
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