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  1. Lewd dancing ... when can I expect national outrage?

    I'm here but I left my pitchfork at the office.  Anyone got a spare?  All I know is that this short context-less clip has got me OUTRAGED, and I definitely wanna raise hell about the way the media treats Cam!
  2. Predict this conversation

    "Come on dawg, why you always lookin so angry out there?  You need to chill out, bruh. I think I might could hook ya up wit some stuff that'd do da trick, nawimean?"
  3. Josh Norman tips off our coverages presnap

    For all those who are saying it's easy to see if a defense is man or zone by sending a receiver in motion, that's mostly true, but you're missing a bit of the point here.  For one, defenses sometimes mix up man and zone coverages or disguise them pre-snap.  And two, the QB isn't the only one who benefits from this information.  The receiver directly across from Norman can benefit from this much more significantly than the Quarterback. Overall, I'm not worried about this.  Norman is a beast and maybe he's even aware of this and that's why there were some cases where he didn't do it.  In poker, sometimes your opponent thinking he knows your tell can be worse for him than not having a clue.
  4. Interesting comments from Bronco CB Harris

    As someone who also gets annoyed by this, I can assure you that you're fighting a losing battle against Panther fan hypocrisy.  Sadly, it's the natural order of things when it comes to sports.  When fortunes are reversed, the fans of the previously downtrodden team will act just as haughty and superior as the fans of the previously successful team.  Not everyone will fall into that trap, but most will. Not that I'm saying being confident in our team is being hypocritical - it's not.  I think we'll blow the doors of Denver based on what I've seen this year.  But mocking one of their players playing the disrespect card is kind of dickish.
  5. The Whole State of Washington Hates Us

    Those first two years of fandom must have been rough.  We didn't win a single game!
  6. N if L What if Luck came out as a junior?

    This video is really old.  I realized about halfway through that I'd already simultaneously hated and been disgusted by this video before. Edit:  Or maybe it's not?  Maybe I'm just having some weird deja vu?
  7. We win the SB, does C.J call it a night?

    I'm more worried about Kalil, honestly.  His best friend on the team was Gross, who hung em up early.  He's also a big family man, and he's talked about how big a toll the NFL Season takes on his body before.  I just have this feeling that he surprises us with an unexpected retirement if we win.  I really hope I'm wrong, because I think this team could handle losing CJ a lot better than we could handle losing Kalil.
  8. Why the Cardinals Lost

    Finally!  Now it all makes sense!  Meanwhile the Panthers probably got to start the game on time, therefore not losing any of our fire!  Not to mention the actual fire from the pregame introductions and the roaring crowd.  It really is unfair to Arizona that they let us play in our home stadium because of what I can only assume was a random coin toss.
  9. The entire Cardinals fanbase greets the team

    Mad respect for those two fans.  The rest of the Cardinals fanbase should be ashamed that there were only two of them willing to show support when their team was at their lowest point.

    I am so fuging pumped that I don't even know what to say. Except....KEEP MOTHER fuging POUNDING!!
  11. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    Nah, not takin it too seriously.  Despite being an NC State grad, I often find Wilson and his antics to be annoying nowadays.  I just tend to agree with EightyNine insofar as that I find it a bit embarassing when fellow Panther fans try to unreasonably discredit good players from other teams.  Because the same thing has been done to us for years. However, after reading your responses, I don't think you're being unreasonable, so my beef is not with you.  And even if it were, my "beefs" are all pretty minor, as I can't be bothered to try too hard to change other's opinions on an internet forum.  We all should know that's a pretty pointless crusade.
  12. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    But like, honestly, what do you think he should have done?  They were in a 31-0 hole.  No matter how he tried to motivate his teammates, it was gonna sound disingenuous.  Because the situation was so dire.  I mean, he could've gone the "we gotta play for pride" route.  But I doubt that works for most guys when you're in the playoffs and losing means your season is over.  And to be perfectly honest, after all the poo that Russell Wilson has pulled off, I honest to God believe that he really thought they WERE gonna pull off the greatest comeback in history.
  13. I feel like we just lost. Coaching a major concern going forward.

    Jesus Christ, OP.  Enjoy something for once in your life.
  14. Jared Allen Out???

    This.  Delaire has only one move - the speed rush.  Because of this, he is terrible at playing the run, and containing.  Of course, contain is way less important against a Carson Palmer than a Russel Wilson, so I imagine we'll see him in on some obvious passing downs.  But if it's 3rd and medium and I were the opposing team's OC, I'd run it right at Delaire every time.