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  1. Cam was let down by his offense

    When I saw the first offensive series I was praying we hadnt gone back to Shula ball. The opening second half series confirmed my worst fear. Shula was going to Shula.  Game plans are great until you take the first hit. Shula was not prepared at all. This offense looked like a deer in the headlights. For 2 weeks, all we heard about was the speed of Denver's d, and Shula designed a game plan that played into their strengths and didn't exploit their weaknesses. The offensive play was predictable, poorly planned and even more poorly executed. 
  2. NFL Rigged?

    I knew when Talib wasn't ejected we were in trouble. That play was so bad even the Broncos fans I was watching the game with said he should have been tossed. I knew then the refs were going to do us absolutely no favors.  That in no way takes away from the dominant ass wooping laid on Shula and the offense. Our oline was outmatched and Shula didn't adapt at all and that had zero to do with the refs.
  3. When the poo got bad Shula went right back to what he has always been, predictable and unmoving. I was sitting with people who didn't know much about the Panthers and even they were making comments about how we were doing the same thing over and over. It was flat out hard to watch. I know the offense was amazing this year, but i believe that was more Cam than Shula. This was a flat out ass whooping and it starts with the OC. I saw enough tonight to believe Shula needs to go. I believe we saw Shula panic tonight after the first half, and his inability to change ruined an epic performance by the D. If Carolina is going to try and effectively build a dynasty, Shula isn't the long term solution.
  4. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    I'm feeling more deflated than a patriot football.
  5. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    And in other news, a football has laces. Per Adam Schefter 
  6. This Is A Sign

    That's my avatar
  7. It's all Jase's fault. If only he hadn't done that Huddle Kitten photoshoot... 
  8. what is political correctness and why is it bad?

    To me, political correctness is controlled manipulation of action through guilt. Politicians have found a way to lie to us about how they truly feel,  made us embrace their lies as truth, and we do it even when we know better. With our political correctness, we have taken our position as sheep and allowed someone else to tell us how to think and feel. If we can't think for ourselves, then we are easily controlled and can be turned from sheep into slaves with a chain of guilt we have placed around our own necks. Guilt is one of the worst feelings we can have, and people have found ways to use that guilt and manipulate millions of people into doing something that they normally wouldn't agree with just because they don't want to feel guilty about the possibility of hurting someone's feelings.   
  9. Rodney Harrison is running his mouth again.

    Too bad the NFL can't suspend him from NFL events for making stupid comments like this. 
  10. Peyton was studying film and dosed off. His head hit the window causing the bus to veer suddenly and the driver to momentarily lose control causing the accident. 
  11. Which way would you prefer to win?

    Sadly, I think the only way the Panthers get the critics to finally shut upfor a week or so is to absolutely destroy Denver. Otherwise, all people will talk about is how the Panthers didn't win, but rather the Broncos gave it away.
  12. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    I can see why Deion would be a little salty towards the Panthers, especially considering what happened to him last time he played them in the playoffs.
  13. Which way would you prefer to win?

    I want to be up so big at the end of the 4th, Cam gets to go in as a LB and be the first QB in Super Bowl history with a sack. 
  14. Poo

    Still not enough for SCP.