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  1. Ya Boi da GOAT is actually pretty damn reliable under 15 yds.
  2. Kelvin Benjamin We Hardly Knew Ya

    first good Hurney move you mean
  3. With Adams out

    To clarify, if he's been out for 5 weeks how about a designation that's not a nebulous "sore neck".
  4. With Adams out

    Dafuq is up with Ryan kalil man this is ridiculous
  5. Updated Madden Roster

    So you didn't notice Daryl Williams at an 84??
  6. Falcons Week - Look Alive

    Too bad they forgot there's a 2nd half
  7. We're 5-3, lets tank the season

    Nigga please
  9. Falcons Week - Look Alive

    When the play gets in 5 seconds before the clock, theres no time for hard counts
  10. So...on to the Falcons....

    Radgast smoking that brown schwag hahaha
  11. Why is Igo butthurt over CMC?

    I agree. I think all this hate is a bit much. Its his rookie effing season. Rookie season. Yeah, he needs to pack on some weight, that much is apparent. Put this kid with a competent staff and I think this would be a different conversation. The game hasnt slowed down for him yet, but it will. Jesus.
  12. This thread makes me smile. Andrew Luck is the most overrated QB I've ever seen. I hated him the instant he spurned us, and I have enjoyed watching him fail. Of course the pundits still lick the sweat from his jock. Can't even get a team deep in the playoffs but he's on everyone's list. Fug that guy, fug his perpetual neck beard, and fug chad Pennington II when he comes back from surgery
  13. Hahaha that's why I fugs with you Sanjay
  14. Sanjay. I love you bruh but give it a rest with the 2 aTE thing. Yes, it was great when we had an innovative OC. We don't. Period. He's not reading this forum either. You've kicked all the way through the dead horse. Now it's just flailing against the wind. Again, I fuggin completely agree with you. It just aint gonna happen.
  15. Damn dude. Shitty OL play and 6 games into his career, STFU AND GTFOH