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  1. Defensive game plan for Arz WR's

    Ealy will get cowboy's snaps. He will have a good game 
  2. Mike Remmers is terrible

    For real tho
  3. We just need our safeties ahem the old man ahem to step it the fug up. Coleman is solid but Harper... Let's see some Boston out dis bitch 
  4. Jerry Richardson just Dabbed....

    This poo has officially jumped the shark. Love the celebration but when 90 yr old grandmas and Jimmy Johnson's embarrassing ass today... Ive seen quite enough dabbing. Excuse me while I take a real fuging dab 
  5. Like others have said, I think this has been a huge year for Cam's development because the fact he didn't have KB, his progressions have improved. I believe he is paying even closer attention to defenses pre-snap(that coupled with his loosening of the reins by Shula and Rivera) because of the necessity to spread it around, has paid dividends. With the addition of KB and whomever else we pick up, its gonna get silly next year. Point blank. 
  6. Rookie Camp Notes

    Idunno man... Focault (sp) looks mighty stiff and slow in the vids that are available. But that was before NFL coaching... for 2 days. Mad early so we'll see. 
  7. Farewell to Jon Beason

    Straight up he will always be a Panther to me! 
  8. Ted "Born A" Ginn

    Star Lotule-LAID YO ASS OUT