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  1. Someone please tell me why Fozzy Whitaker is still taking up a roster spot. I'm serious.
  2. Yo... I like this. Seems dependable and damnit, that's what the eff we need
  3. James would be a box safety. He's not the best in coverage honestly
  4. Welp, last time I checked we have pretty good OL coaches.
  5. I would like willson too but he might be turning around since the jags brought in Sefarian-Jenkins
  6. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Man the Panthers need to send all the cheerleaders with female viagra to the Honey Badger's lair right effing now with hidden video cameras and a threat haha
  7. I will be sitting in a pool of white hot splooge if we somehow land Matthieu
  8. Well honestly with the additions of more speed guys, an injury or two won't kill us. Hopefully we have enough NFL caliber bodies that we're not trotting out practice squadders in a playoff game anymore SMMFH
  9. Chris Simms on ESPN ranked Cammy Cam #6 QB

    My junk is still leaking with the thought we have an actual OC now
  10. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Dude you about ruined my 2nd cup of coffee and my desk LOL
  11. I was happy with this being one of the moves. I'm getting worried AF that this was the move. If that's the case, the glass is getting less and less full by the hour today. C'mon effing Moncrief.
  12. IDK man I'm starting to get pissed off today. 4 Hours of sleep doesn't help. But Berger? GTFOH!!!!!!!