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  1. Hahaha that's why I fugs with you Sanjay
  2. Sanjay. I love you bruh but give it a rest with the 2 aTE thing. Yes, it was great when we had an innovative OC. We don't. Period. He's not reading this forum either. You've kicked all the way through the dead horse. Now it's just flailing against the wind. Again, I fuggin completely agree with you. It just aint gonna happen.
  3. Damn dude. Shitty OL play and 6 games into his career, STFU AND GTFOH
  4. Don't get me started... Why the fug aint we brought him back as OC
  5. Shula unrest

    Or you know, watch the games......
  6. Shula has to get fired

    Fug me running
  7. Steve Young

    "Shanahan is good with quarterbacks" blah blah blah. Please tell me where Julio Jones and Freeman are on this offense. Man, GTFOH
  8. This..... doesn't help.

    jayson Whitlock, please KYS
  9. Some trash talk from 49ers fans

    That dude looks like he has a couple of special needs. First one being help in finding his baseball
  10. Possibility of no fullbacks making the team

    Yes, because the hope was getting an actual fullback with lead blocking skills. Not a declining fat tailback
  11. Still don't understand all the Worley hate TBH
  12. Feel free to spend within reason Hurney...
  13. Saturday Carolina Panthers Cuts thread

    i prefer Ganouttahere hahahaha