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  1. Excuse what?? Just saying good post dick..
  2. Boy you have been on a role lately..
  3. Hurney and drafting receivers

    This technique would have had way more affect if you just not replyed again.. Instead of the reply to say you won't be replying anymore because I'm sad and wasting your time just so I know that?? You could have saved more of your time and not give a fuged that I know you're done with me.. Honestly I didn't know we were that close that I deserve to know this.. I'm a little touched..hmmm
  4. What??? No he couldn't have played any where else if he was still under the tag... He couldn't even negotiate with Washington at that time.. And his cousin was fired before the Washington deal...
  5. Then why even tag him in the 1st place ... Or wait so long till the point you couldn't filled a competent secondary..
  6. Cool .. Are you on your period? You seem a little snippy...
  7. then I'm wrong ... But I still wouldn't have taken back that tag.. Gman waited so long at that point you had no other FA option.. Then he did nothing else to fix other area of the team (oline).. So no he made a dumb move compounded by the fact he had no plan to fix it other than drafting a abnormal amount of rookie CB and throwing them in the fire.. I just can't call that smart..
  8. It was only 12mil.. I'm not going to even act like I know how the salary cap works.. And since we signed them a year after the tag and he would have been a urfa then.. So I don't get how that would have affected them getting signed if he was off the books.. But beyond that I wanted back to back winning seasons and at least a chance to build off super bowl success.. Being honest there is nothing you're going to say to make me think Gman wasn't a idiot for that.. The timing The not having a plan The not fixing other position All of it was bad imo..
  9. Hmmmm I don't know about the perform "fairly well".. now i agree with the needing time to develop .. All CB usually do.. But lets not sugar coat them beating and brunt regularly.. Let's be honest Ryan Anderson did a promo for pro bowl votes during a game against them this year... Julio 100 player video could have just been the 300 yard game last year... They have taken some bad lumps. Right now they are not good and haven't shown that they couldn't use some serious help...
  10. Hurney and drafting receivers

    It was when you started .. It's pathetic now.. But since you're bowing out it should get better...
  11. If this is a basic opinion we can all agree on.. Then why would such a great GM recind a tag that could have help bridge the gap between the growing pains of learning our system and still fielding a competent secondary??
  12. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Oh and just to inform you Homie .. When I'm wrong I'll admit it... But me and my opinion on football has been way more right than wrong.. When you want to archive opinions .. Let me know...
  13. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Since You're still bother by this.. 1. My point was based on a generalized fact that .. Landry by the mere ability he catches more balls is never Injuried has produced more 1st downs than KB.. "You" went on your stat hunt for the caveat of "per".. When again I was talking sheer numbers.. Landry has played more he gets open more he catches more.. He produces more 1st downs.. Availability is a ability. 2.The question was actually directed at Ginn not Limm. Me and Limm were having a total different conversation than me and Ginn. I quoted Ginn on that because I knew he didn't know the answer.. Limm jumped in and saved him.. That's why I came at Limm and said stop the fug poo you knew what I meant.. Because that question was directed and Ginn and Limm fuged up me catching Ginn flat footed.. Even then I still said Limm was right.. But the greater point was for a conversation I was having with Ginn not Limm.. Of course I live in my own world.. Most everybody here does.. I make enough money where I don't have to live in your world or live my life by your views.. We may share common ground where we can meet.. But pretty you and I and everybody live in their own world with their own moral compass dealing with their own issues.. Once ppl recognize that and stop trying to force their world on others this could be a better place.. That's just a philosophy... But in the case you're talking .. I just don't believe BS when I see it... You trying to piggy back and act like Landry and KB are on the same level WR wise is BS.. No stat you can bring me is going to change the fact of what I see.. Landry has better hands is a better route runner has Better production.. There is no the question of weight effort or mentality issue with Landry.. That is why Landry can command a more than 14mil salary and KB can't.. So the facts are they are not the same and are not on the same level... Thank you for playing...
  14. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Nah I just don't let stat jockey's get away with cherry picking numbers to fit their narrative.. You don't like.... That's your fault.. Pick a better way to frame your argument... I like the way you didn't read thru the conversation but since you got faced in another thread .. You automatically went to your feelings and did a psychological break down of me.. Thanks for the free session Doc..
  15. What kind of Pies do we need big mama to make IGO??