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  1. Mike Wallace could be a option as well..
  2. Yes Samuel is the 4.3 speed guy and so is Byrd..
  3. Guess who is the YPC leader this year?? Marques Goodwin.. So while you're using that STAT to make a case against Landry.. Realize that fact and the fact Ginn had a high YPC avg. And is no where near the WR Landry is..
  4. Well... Mike Wallace anyone..
  5. He was in a lot of trade rumors at the trade dead line.. And he might want more than they are willing to offer.. Which probably means he won't be here either..
  6. He might have out price himself as well..
  7. Really?? Lets put it on the table.. Mcvay vs Shula offense LA vs Charlotte for a young single football player.. More money vs less money.. What do you think??
  8. Exactly Watkins has priced himself out of our range.. I agree Landry, Lee and Wallce maybe our option if the price is right..
  9. LA isn't letting him go.. I thought we might have a chance at him early on but now he is showing how good him and Cupp can be as a duo so I don't think we can pay what LA will to keep him..
  10. Wow so simple.. I bet Sarc hates Welker and Eldelmen
  11. Then keep waiting you won't see that until Curtis comes back or Byrd develops.. But these are your deep threats..
  12. We have deep threats they just need to develop.. We need a vet who is willing to do it all and most importantly can get open and catch the ball..
  13. Totally agree.. If price is right he would fit in perfectly.. I don't know why Sarc thinks he's some out ofthe work scout..