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  1. OTAs start Tuesday

    DE and Secondary...
  2. Panthers Release Boykin

    They were in shorts thoe doing glorified walk thurs... I hope we aren't basing our decision on that and forgot about competition decideding who should play..
  3. 6 Wr's with 4 being 6'4 and up add Olsen is truly playing basketball on grass .. No secondary can match our size and physicality on the outside...
  4. Of course.. the point was ppl are putting him in a pass rush specialist category .. when he has the body type to be a everydown player..
  5. Everybody Delaire is only 15 to 20lbs and a offseason from a full time starter size and weight and not just a specialist.. He's 6'4 264 now.
  6. Gettleman: We drafted a pass rusher

    Ryan Delaire will shock ppl this season with more opportunities and snaps..
  7. Yeah 3 draft picks doesn't count as big moves I
  8. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Olsen was a top 10 prospect regardless of position in his draft.. He was 1 of the top 10 best prospects not just TE.... if Henrey was like Olsen we wouldn't even have a chance at getting him.. The fact that at the 30th pick we do let's me know he isn't in Olsen or other top TE prospects category as far as talent is concerned.. Again i'LL trust Gettleman whatever pick we make.. I just don't think as highly of this player as some of you do...
  9. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Okay let me refrain that for you.. I have my own opinion.. I don't think he's that good anyway and in a better TE draft he would be a 3rd rounder like Gary Barnidge.. Who he actually reminds me of...
  10. Would love this draft .. Other than the 2 guards this would be solid and a foundation to a good secondary for years to come..
  11. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Not a fan and hope Voth is wrong.. Will trust in Gettelmen who ever the pick is.. But will be happier working on the Secondary or getting another pass rusher.. Getting a TE in a bad TE draft is a meh... for me..
  12. Is OL the pick?

    Wouldn't have a problem if we use 1 of the 1st 4 picks on oline...
  13. Brandon Boykin playing outside?

    Please NO!! Let the man succeed in what he is.. Stop trying to make him into something he is not.. He's excellent as a nickle CB and struggles on the outside.. Just bring in a stop gap vet draft a rookie and strengthen the pass rush...
  14. Ppl falling in love with a TE in the worst TE draft in years is funny.. And like others have said RB's mostly have a 3 to 4 good year shelf life.. So why spend a 1st where you have a 5th year option on a devalued position?? I'LL trust Gettleman like always but have my own opinion on certain moves.. We definitely need to bring in a veteran CB because even a 1st round rookie could struggle in our scheme.. Like I said this draft is right down Gman's alley with hog mollies and defensive talent .. I see more impact in strengthen the the trenches and getting some secondary help.. Than adding a RB or TE to sit the bench..
  15. Yeah but there were a lot of context to that game.. That team is not on our level..