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  1. Top 3 remaining needs?

    Not a good DE draft after Chubb and maybe Hubbard .. So unless we go Hubbard I can see them going with a development project after the 3rd..
  2. Top 3 remaining needs?

    1. I wouldn't spend higher than a 3rd round pick on a guard.. 2. Bad WR draft .. Wouldn't take one until later rounds.. 3. Deep RB draft a solid starter can be had in later rounds..
  3. Top 3 remaining needs?

    Safety CB Te/RB/Young Pass rusher OL WR lB
  4. FA CB - Ross Cockrell

    Now I wouldn't say all that.. Competition at that spot is a good thing..
  5. FA CB - Ross Cockrell

    Insurance signing.. Good move..
  6. The word of the day is insurances... You need insurance when you draft young players.. I'm expecting a safety and CB early in the draft that are coming in to compete for a starting spot..
  7. Still like Royce but this guy does add the big play ability Royce doesn't. .. Royce is more of a bruiser but this guy has home run threat as well as some inside run ability
  8. I Don't want to use such a high pick on a RB.
  9. He has breakaway speed and is a tough runner.. Like him better than Royce now..
  10. FA CB - Ross Cockrell

    Dam Good call Soul!!
  11. God there is a lot of younger option out on the market.. Who are better .. This contract better be low...
  12. I have to wonder did the Breeland situation damage Hurney spending.. He jumped right into dumpster diving after that..
  13. Very Meh about this .. Could have gotten a better player at this position .. But if Secondary is the focus in the draft than okay I guess...
  14. I Don't have to be his agent to know the fuging market is giving less than WRs that type of money.. Not to mention dumbass you're not his agent either so your 4 to 5mil isn't set in stone moron.. Again You're to dumb to realize this is the guy Norv pick personally.. It doesn't take Neil Degrasse Tyson to see what happen here.. Guy gets released and 2 days later he is here.. Wallace has been on the market since day 1.. Norv wanted Wright.. Norv doesn't want Wallace.. Wallace does the same things Smith does.. We already have Smith.. Wright is a different type WR.. Norv wanted that type of WR.. Get it..
  15. I'm a little worried Hurney will sign Gunther (who is okay) but could probably get a better option for close to the same money..
  16. Wallace isn't signing for less than 7mil .. Maclin is a injury risk and Hurns has 10 other teams with more money after him so he won't be here... Plus a major quality you negate to underrstand... Your new OC has worked with this guy and wanted this guy for his system.. Which one of the others has that??
  17. So who can we get that will take 1.5 mil a year.. Don't worry I'll wait.. Also making generalization out of somebody else statement is a a-hole move as well.. Not one time did anybody in here say he always gets open..
  18. Even in a lost watching the younger players play and Batum on the bench .. Was actually fun..
  19. Sorry to say as this drags out it seems as others have the same opinion of you.. But you keep thinking that nobody knows anything..
  20. You should see the NJpanthers is a fraud list.. It's pretty long.