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  1. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic Game Of Thrones Grown Up Talk. Do Not Enter Unless You Have Finished All The Books   

    My theory on ASOIAF is that GRRM will die before he finishes the books and that he's willing to let HBO finish his story.
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  2. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    I do not see a problem with this and its not something new. They have a freaking spanish broadcast for fugs sake.
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  3. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic Cam is Back There Ladies and Gentleman.. (Gettlemagic)   

    two trailer park fans go 'round the outside, 'round the outside, 'round the outside

    Guess who's back, back again
    Cam's back, tell a friend
    Guess who's back,
    guess who's back,
    guess who's back,
    guess who's back
    guess who's back
    Guess who's back...

    [Verse 1]
    I've created a monster, 'cause nobody wants to
    see Cameron no more they want Cam I'm chopped liver
    well if you want Cam, this is what I'll give ya
    a little bit of passes mixed with some hard running
    some Gatorade that'll jumpstart my heart quicker than a
    shock when I get shocked at the hospital by the doctor when I'm not cooperating
    when I'm rocking the table while he's operating (hey!)
    you waited this long now stop debating 'cause I'm back,
    I'm on the field and operating
    I know that you got a job Ms. Payton but your husband's vicodin problem's complicating
    So the NFC won't let me be or let me be me so let me see
    they tried to shut me down in the SEC but it feels so empty without me
    So come on block, block your ass f*ck that,
    hand on your face and some grass on your ass and get ready 'cause this poo's about to get heavy
    I just ran the ball fifty yards F*ck
    YOU Ryan!

    [Chorus 2x:]
    Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me
    'Cause we need a little controversy,
    'Cause it feels so empty without me

    [Verse 2]
    Little hellions kids feeling rebellious
    embarrassed, their parents still root for the Falcons
    they start feeling like prisoners, helpless,
    'til someone comes along on a mission and yells "bitch"
    A visionary, vision is scary, could start a revolution, polluting the NFL a rebel
    so just let me revel and bask, in the fact that I got everyone kissing my ass
    and it's a disaster such a catastrophe for you to see so damn much of my ass you ask for me?
    Well I'm back [batman sound]
    fix your bent antennae tune it in and then I'm gonna
    enter in and up under your skin like a splinter
    The center of attention back for the season
    I'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling
    Infesting in your kids eyes and on the field playing
    Testing "Attention Please" feel the tension soon as someone mentions me
    here's my 10 cents my 2 cents is free
    A nuisance, who sent, you sent for me?

    [Chorus 2x]

    [Verse 3]
    A tisk-it a task-it, I'll go tit for tat with anybody who's talking this poo, that poo.
    Ryan Fitzpatrick you can get your ass kicked
    worse than them little Saints bastards, and Winston
    you can get stomped by Johnson, you 21 year old overhyped rookie blow me
    You don't know me, you're too bad let go its over, nobody watches the Bucs
    Now let's go, just give me the signal I'll be there with a whole list full of new insults
    I've been dope, suspenseful with a football ever since
    Brees turned himself into a clown prince
    But sometimes the poo just seems, everybody only wants to discuss me
    So this must mean I'm corrupting, but its just me I'm just erupting
    Though I'm not the first king of quarterbacking
    I am the worst thing since Peyton Manning, to do quarterbacking so enchanting
    and use it to get myself wins (Hey)
    there's a concept that works
    20 million other quaterbacks emerge
    but no matter how many fish in the sea it'd be so empty without me

    [Chorus 2x]

    (Hum dei dei la la Hum dei dei la la... la la la) [2x]
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  4. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic Trades for WR   

    I hear Vinny Testaverde is doing nothing these days. Why not try and convert him to WR? done deal.
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  5. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic ben "josef mengele" carson performed horrific experiments on murdered babies   

    First of all, the plural of pansy is pansies. Second of all, punctuation is your friend. Third,

    All the left is trying to do is turn Dr. Ben Carson into Herman Cain 2.0. The man is a genius yet you and the left are trying spin it to say he's a dumbass who performed abortion on babies when in fact, he did not.
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  6. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic ben "josef mengele" carson performed horrific experiments on murdered babies   

    Every pansy liberal in America is scared of Dr. Carson. That must mean he's a good person.
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  7. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic TWC Rolling Out Faster Internet Speeds   

    We had the upgrade 2 weeks ago. Shortly after they sent me the new modem to support the faster speeds, our internet went out for 4 days because the booster got fried somehow.
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  8. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic -Game of Thrones-HBO-
    Possible Young Ned cast for a flashback scene next season on GoT. Could be a way of introducing Lyanna and his relationship.
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  9. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic Fantastic four   

    This film was made only because Fox wanted to keep the film rights for the Fantasic Four. They waited the full amount of time to make it before it reverted back to Marvel.
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  10. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic Republican Debate   

    I'm just glad they let Carson talk. I want to hear more from him. 
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  11. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic Amazon Prime day...   

    I got me a really good pet know, for my dogs.
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  12. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic New Hornets Jerseys   

    Yeah, I'm in the RDU area and Ive seen exactly 0 in stores around here. Maybe i'll just have to drive down that way sometime since they refuse to sell them online anywhere.
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  13. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic New Hornets Jerseys   

    Where? Ive look on store, the Hornets online store, amazon, dicks and the only ones Ive seen are pre-game shorts and other random ones. 
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  14. Hugor Hill added a post in a topic New Hornets Jerseys   

    Really wish they would sell the shorts. I need all the Hornets game shorts in a bad way.
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